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Having a plant at work can raise your productivity


Most of us know that sitting at your desk all they can be tiring, boring and with that your will to work can decline. Every day, employers, managers are trying to find a way, so their employees, workers, and co-workers feel more relaxed, productive, and most importantly want to be at the workplace. One manager at a company in Canada found a simple way to increase his worker’s productivity that in fact, is confirmed by scientists that it is actually working. He one day placed one plant at every desk in the office and no so long after the productivity of his workers increased by 30%.

The study that the manager found was done by the National Institute of Environmental Health Services. It says in the survey that adding some plants in the office can boost productivity because of the fact that the plants always keep the air inside cleaner. And that their sole purpose is not just to make the office look more beautiful. The positives are that the plants give cleaner air, which can be polluted by all the machines in the office. Printers, air conditioners, and stuff like old painted walls, cleaning supplies that are used to clean the office after hours, are just some of the things that might be bad for the air around you. And all of these can contribute to making you feel weaker and less productive. Various types of plants can be placed on desks, windows, and shelves to remove unwanted air compounds and of course. It makes the office look more soothing to the eye.

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It is shown that when workers are in an environment that has greenery, plants, flowers, it almost always makes them feel more relaxed. And they focus on the tasks that they are given. A lot of today’s companies and businesses are creating an environment in the office that can improve productivity. So they plant indoor trees, set up shelves with all kinds of plants and flowers that ultimately bring positive outcomes. Research has shown that the working environment in the office will significantly get better if lots of plants and suitable lighting is placed.

Biophilia is a hypostasis that says that people need to be close to nature that they need to be exposed to nature. Because of today’s lifestyles. We are sitting most of the day indoors, using technology and living and wanting everything as quickly as possible. We forget how much nature can help us in completing our day-to-day tasks. When we are working and coming up with the best solutions to problems, we initiate our frontal lobe of the brain, and if nature can be implemented in this, it can calm down our frontal lobe, and that is when we are most creative and happy. People on internet blogs and social media groups have been discussing and confirming how their plants at work help them through the day, how their bamboo palms, snake plants, photos plants keep them engaged at work and boost their productivity. They also have stated that getting a plant that can live longer indoor is a massive plus. Of course, skeptics and trolls were saying even a fake plant can do that. But the same people who wrote that tried having a plant close to them, and they immediately changed their mind.

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Every year companies are losing money and time because their employees feel bored, unhappy, and not focused on the task that they are assigned because they are in an environment that is unproductive. Solutions are being tested every day to boost the spirits in the office, and managers make team-building exercises. After-work activities to make employees want to go to work tomorrow and feel relaxed and ready to work. Companies are always searching for a solution to make the working hours more productive and with that save and even gain money by the work that is done. The idea that a plant can help was suggested by the wife of WeatherSolve Structures owner, Mike Robinson. She told her husband to try placing plants at every desk at the office and see how well the workers feel after a day’s work. After a few days, it was noticeable that the plants were helping, so the owner wanted to add more. Every employee then started to bring at work different types of plants and surly it was noted that they were 30% more productive.

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Everyone loved the idea of having a plant at their desks, and after some time they even started giving the plant names. It only got better and better, and the years went by, and the company has been more and more productive. This is just one example that plants do really improve productivity at work, and more and more companies and offices are implementing this idea. So get yourself a plant and bring it tomorrow at work because it can only be a benefit for you.

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