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Health benefits of owning a dog


Dogs are a big part of our lives, and a lot of us own or have owned a dog. Most of us keep dogs because they calm us and give us unconditional love. But, there are a lot more health benefits that might come from owning a dog. Just a heads up, after reading the post you might feel the need to head to the shelter and adopt a four-legged friend!

Walks, Walks, Walks!

And the thing is, you are more active when you own a dog even if you exclude the walks. But, get used to taking your dog out for a walk at least once every day! Your dog will be satisfied, and they are great for your health too! This is a way to do at least some activities that keep you moving around! Heading out can be a hard thing to do sometimes, and this is a way to keep you motivated to go out every day!

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Meeting With Other Dog Owners!

The first thing we always have in mind when we’re taking our dogs for a walk is spending a bit more time with our pets. But, more often than not it is also a way to head out and just talk to other people. And we all know that dogs are a great tool to make new friends!

Improve Your Immune System and Overall Health!

No, it’s not a mistake! Dogs can actually help you improve your immune system. There are lots of people that actually think that by owning a dog or a cat in their home they might be increasing the risks of their kids developing allergies. But, scientists have proven that this is not the truth at all, in fact, it’s completely opposite of that, dogs and cats can improve our kids’ immune systems!

Calm You Down!

Life is a real thing, and the problems that happen are just a part of it. My point is, there is no way of escaping the problems, you can only strive to stay as calm as possible when you find yourself in a problematic situation. Scientists have shown that dogs can play a big part in calming you down after a stressful day!

Animal Therapy!

Dementia is one disease that dogs or any kind of pet can help. In fact, they might even have a huge impact on their situation. Dogs are great at helping people create routines, relive memories and as it turns out, they’re also good for improving social reaction.

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Keep Your Heart Healthy!

This comes as a given when you own a dog. I mean, take a look at the previous benefits. Decreased stress, healthy habits, fit activities, these things just spell out a healthy heart, there is no need of us telling you that this is also a benefit from having a dog! But, there’s more to this than meets the eye. Dogs are believed to help people lower their cholesterol levels as well as decrease their blood pressure. And even the ones that suffer a heart attack have higher chances at surviving.

How do you feel? Do you feel like just running to the nearest dog shelter and adopting a dog for yourself? Well, we warned you!


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