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Here’s Why You Should Never Kill a Spider


A lot of people think that spiders are some of the scariest creatures that you can find on the face of the earth. But, despite how ugly the look, and how much you hate them, there’s no point in killing them, and it might be worse for your house because they can do a lot of good things both for you and your house.

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Most people find spiders scary just because of their frightening looks and the long legs and small body that they have. But, a lot of people also are scared of a spider’s bite, if they’re not sure for the species of the spider. But, the fact is that less than 10 percent of all spiders have venomous bites. And, the innocent little fellas that you can see crawling around your home are never going to bite you, because they can’t. Most venomous bites from spiders come outside of people’s homes and that is a fact that you should know!

So, let me guess, even after all this, you still would kill a spider if you saw it in your home. Right? But, what if I told you that spiders can help you in eliminating all those nasty pests in your home? Well, this true! Spiders are natural predators and that is why they can help you eliminate the nasty pests from your home. And when I’m saying pests I don’t mean only flies and mosquitoes. They can also catch and feed on insects that carry diseases, bed bugs and more. So, if you do the math, the more spiders you have in your home, you won’t see as much flies and mosquitoes around!

Yeah, yeah, we know you won’t feel calm knowing you have spiders at your home, but think about the mosquito and fly-free life you would be living! But, I know that I can’t tell you to keep spiders at home. If you want to you can catch it in a jar and leave it outside, it will go somewhere near the house and it will hunt the bugs there! Does that feel good enough for you? This is the best way to have the benefits that the spiders can provide for your home, and not keep it at home. It might not be as effective, but it will still decrease the bugs in your home!

If you are amazed by this fact, wait until we talk about other scary bugs that might help you with keeping your home pest free! I’ll give you a hint, they’re the house centipedes, and they too can have a big impact on your house!


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