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Heroic Stray Dog ‘Bum Rushes’ Robbers At Gas Station To Aid Attendant


Bad word of mouth is following around stray dogs and stray animals in general until they do something good and everybody starts loving them that is. Randy was a stray dog that was adopted by one Mexican gas station, and when the time came, Randy was decisive to help the gas station workers out and return the love that they gave him! He was quick to step in and save them for what looked like a certain bad ending.

Feels Like Home

Roaming stray animals on the streets of Mexico is not something that they are not used to. There are thousands of stray animals struggling to survive the harsh conditions that they face. So, when the workers at one gas station in Mexico saw a stray dog hanging around their gas station they decided to give this dog a warm shelter and a place where it can feel safe.

Image Source: The Dodo

They even gave the dog a name, they named it Randy. At first, Randy was kind of shy and scared but as time passed by he started adapting to the workers there and eventually he started trusting the workers. The workers at the gas station made sure that Randy got everything that he needed. From the constant baths, food, and the needed veterinary checks to make sure that there is nothing wrong with him. So, not too long after, Randy decided to make the gas station his permanent home.

I Owe You One!

Gas station workers have a pretty risky job, especially during 3rd shift. There are always some shady people coming to the gas station looking to make problems and ruin someone’s day. This is what happened one night at the gas station where Randy was living. Namely, during the gas station worker was closing up the gas station, two armed men approached him and tried to rob the worker, and what happened next is amazing!

Image Source: Gerardo Aguilar / Facebook

Soon after the two men tried to rob the worker, Randy heard the screams and he instantly knew that something was wrong. So he ran to the worker in order to help him chasing off the two armed men away!

Dogs are Loyal!

The workers at the gas station showed some love to the stray dog and Randy sure noticed it. He risked his own life to help out his friend and protect him simply because they decided to give him food and a home. But, as the workers at the gas station explain after they adopted Randy, the gas station started getting more and more costumers. And this is why!

Image Source: WJRR

Frequent costumers at the gas station love Randy. And as Nuria Arellano puts it, she comes to the gas station every day just because of Randy. She said that Randy was always here to make her day better. And the worker that was assaulted that night says that if it weren’t for Randy he doesn’t know how things might’ve shaped out for him, he said that he might not be alive today if it wasn’t for the brave act of the stray dog!

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