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High School Senior Saves Money For Two Years To Purchase Electric Wheelchair For His Friend With Disability


High school is one of the most memorable moments in our lives. And, everyone remembers their classmates and friends from high school. There was a group for each and every child to fit into, and there were even groups for the unpopular kids. You’ve spent so many months together in the same classroom, and I am sure that most of your classmates will know you better than any other person. Today, we are going to be talking about two classmates who were best mates, and they revealed the lengths that real friends will go through to help each other.

The stars of today’s story are the two seniors at the Caddo Hills School District, Tanner Wilson, and his best mate, Brandon Qualls. And everyone we’ve asked told us that they were really close, in fact, most of the students described them as brothers. They did most of the things in their lives together. And, one of them is a special needs student. Brandon’s condition requires him to use a wheelchair in his school.

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Because of the fact that Brandon’s wheelchair is manual, this puts a lot of strain on his hands and arms, and when he needs to move bigger distances, he feels pain and exhaustion. As we stated already, Tanner was a close friend to Brandon, and they were spending a lot of time together. So he noticed that his friend was putting a lot of effort into moving his wheelchair. So he decided to do something for Brandon, that would change all of that forever.

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Tanner was ready to do anything to help out his friend. So, he decided to start working part-time in order to gather some money so that he could pay for a new wheelchair for Brandon. Tanner said that he had been collecting the money for almost two years, and when interviewers asked him why he invested all of his money into the wheelchair, he said that his friend was there for him a lot of times in their high school years together. And he only wanted to return the favor. Once Tanner finally had gathered all of the money he needed, and he was ready to give Brandon his new wheelchair. The youngster couldn’t believe the generosity of his friend.

Brandon stated that his eyes had teared up once he noticed that his friend got a new wheelchair for him. He said that he was always dreaming of a new motorized wheelchair, and now, his friend finally got it for him.

Tanner said that he felt like he needed to do something for his friend because of the fact that he had shown how good of a friend he is. Tanner just felt like he needed to do this for Brandon!

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The story of the one true friendship in their school started spreading quickly, and the school recognized the great gesture. One teacher even decorated Brandon’s wheelchair with orange flames on the sides.

IN another interview, when asked about his hopes. Tanner said that the only thing that he would like to see is the whole world being more generous and helpful. At the end of the interview, he added that the best gift that he got back for the wheelchair was the smile on Brandon’s face.

If you would like to, you can watch the whole video story of the two boys in the video down below:

What do you think of this story? How do you like Tanner’s perception of the world? Do you think that Brandon did the right thing to spend his money on his friend’s new wheelchair? Tell us in the comment section down below and make sure to share this story with all your friends on your social media. Show them that it doesn’t take a lot to be generous!


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