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High Schoolers Work Tirelessly For 1,500 Hours To Surprise Blind Classmate With Braille Yearbook


These times have made us expect the worst from people. So, when you hear that a group of high school boys is preparing something for a member of their class, and they are keeping it a secret from him, you always think of the worst. Bullying, teasing, and bad stuff like these are everything that surrounds us, and that’s the main reason why we think of these things in the situation immediately. But, we neglect the fact that a group of high school students might be gathering and hiding from their classmate because they want to surprise him in a good way.

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Bullying and teasing make good deeds like this that classmates do for their friends that more special, and when this group of senior class students in the Colorado Conifer High School did something amazing for their classmates, read on and find out what they did!

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Conifer, as a lot of you might know, is a community in Colorado that is pretty much close-knit. Kids and students seem to know everybody there. And, all of the parents know each other as well, a big portion of them have probably gone to the same high school that their kids are now going to.

So, with this spirit and connection in mind, the Conifer High School senior class and staff decided to do something amazing together for a special student there. Namely, they have been working on a special project for more than 1500 hours.

During the year, RJ Sampson was just a senior student that had one question on his mind, and he asked it not even being serious about it. Namely, he had asked when the school was going to make him a braille yearbook, and if he should be expecting it.

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The senior student loved the Conifer High School, he had a fantastic time while he was there, and he loved the group of students that were surrounding him. He even participated in lots of activities that the school organized.

But, there was one problem for RJ Sampson. Namely, he had issues with his sight, and he could never read his yearbooks. And, what made it even worse was the fact that he could never look back on the years that he had passed at high school with his friends. So, he asked the question while he approached his end of high school years.

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So, RJ’s teacher started gathering people to help her make RJ’s wish a reality. But, the fact that the regular yearbooks were a massive undertaking alone to be published, the odds weren’t in the teacher’s favor. But, she went beyond and above to make that wish a reality, so she talked to the yearbook committee, so she and her students had spent more than 1500 hours working on the yearbook that RJ asked for.

Once everything was done, his friends, along with the teacher called RJ and gave him the braille yearbook in the gymnasium, and this was surely a moment that RJ will never forget. They surely made sure he would remember it forever.

Having classmates and friends like the ones that RJ has is a fantastic thing. But, credit where credit is due, the staff and the teacher at Conifer High school sure did a lot in making this wish a reality. I love reading about stories like this. Don’t you? If you enjoyed reading this story, make sure to share it on your social media and let your friends and loved ones find out about this amazing act of kindness!


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