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Hilarious Photos Captured At The Supermarket


There are lots of unique places in the USA, but one of the weirdest and most unique places you can visit here in America is the southern states. This region has a lot to offer, and you sure will find out that it’s one of the most special places you visit. There are tons of things that separate the Southern parts of America from all of the others. Start from the favorite snacks of the people who live in this region. Continue with the politeness of some of the people, all the way to the patriotism and the love for their country. And, many other things that make this region one of the most unique places that you ever visit. And, one place where you can notice all of these things together is if you go and visit a supermarket in the southern regions.

No matter, if you decide to go to something like Publix, one of the more famous supermarkets that’s only famous in the southern states, or you go to some of the more traditional chains of supermarkets such as Costco and Walmart, there sure will be some unique sights for you to see during the time you spent in the supermarket. What’s the first thing that you think of when you hear “The South?” Well, some of the first things to come to my mind are Mardis Gras, Jean shorts, Cowboys and other similar items. Well, these are all things that you will be able to see at southern supermarkets.

It Gets Hot in the Summer

The weather during the summer, in the Southern parts of the country, can oftentimes get pretty hot. And, for those of you that haven’t felt this, let me explain it to you. It starts getting pretty gross once you mix in all the temperature and the humidity that these parts of the country have to offer. The weather in the southern states can get brutal pretty fast, and out of nowhere once, the temperatures start rising.

Image Source: World Nation

Luckily, fashion companies know how hot it can get in these parts of the country, so they have fantastic clothing inventions to help people keep cool. One of these inventions is the jean shorts, and it is not an uncommon sight to see women walking down the store aisles in these amazing denim bottoms.

Stock Up on Cereals

The people that live closer to the beach in the southern countries are considered to be really lucky simply because of the fact that it is easier for them to beat the heat. All they need to do is get to the beach and hop in the water. But, as they get to the beach, most southerners would always make a quick stop at the nearest supermarket so that they could stock up on their favorite snacks.

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And what’s their favorite snack you ask? Well, I must say that this one is pretty easy, southerners love snacking on cereals. Apparently, the woman in the photo is one of the rare people who go to the supermarket in swimsuits. She must’ve been so hungry that she just had to go into the supermarket in her swimming suit and get some Lucky Charms to snack on.

Mayonnaise is Made in Heaven

Another thing that southerners love eating is Mayo. This is a well-known fact about them merely because of the fact that a lot of their favorite recipes include it as the main ingredient. But, they don’t like mainstream brands such as Hellmann’s and Miracle Whip. Apparently, they have their own favorite brands there, and some of the better-known brands in the South are Duke’s, Bama, or Blue Plate.

Image Source: World Nation

They love mayo, and they don’t try to hide this fact about them. So, each and every home must have at least one jar of mayo at any time. So, if they’re so keen on using mayo in each and every recipe, they must stock up on it regularly. Yes, it is a common sight to see mayo in lots of shopping carts as you walk through the supermarket.

Getting Famous in the South

You can think of tons of things that remind you of the southern states, but, there’s only one thing that they love to brag about the most. This is the fact that country music originated from the southern states. A lot of the stars and big names in the industry are coming from these states, or they’ve moved to these states in hopes of getting bigger recognition and becoming more popular. One of the most popular country singers is Carrie Underwood. You might remember her as the winner of American Idol’s fourth season.

Image Source: World Nation

Underwood was not only born in Oklahoma, but she now lives in Nashville, Tennessee – pretty much the biggest haven for country stars. Because she has been a Southern resident her whole life, there is a huge chance those living in her neighborhood have bumped into her at the supermarket. Celebrities, they’re just like us.

The best Suiting Outfit for Grocery Shopping

These parts of the country are recognized for two clothing items that each and everyone should own. These two items are cowboy hats and cowboy boots. You’re not a southerner if you don’t own a pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. You will see a lot of people walking around the streets wearing these two clothing items.

Image Source: World Nation

If not the two of the clothing items, you will either see someone walking in a cowboy hat or they might only be rocking the cowboy boots. Either way, everybody owns these items, and there is a big chance of seeing one or the other, or both in a supermarket.

The Main Ingredient in many Dishes

Some might not like this food item because of the fact that it is not really good for your health. It is proven that it can increase your calorie and cholesterol, but this ingredient can sure up the taste of any food. Yes, we’re talking about butter, and southerners seem to understand how good of an ingredient butter is.

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Sweet tea might be their favorite thing, but butter is also up there as you can see in the countless brands and varieties that their supermarkets can offer. They put it in almost every dish, but one of the more famous dishes that they put tons of butter is mashed potatoes.

A new Fashion Trend in New Orleans

New Orleans is the main thing people think when they hear Louisiana, and the first thing that comes to their mind is the famous Mardi Gras. For those of you who are not familiar with the Mardi Gras, this is a big celebration filled with parties and parades. This celebration happens each and every year, and the people from New Orleans are famous for the carnival-like extravaganzas at the time of this celebration

Image Source: World Nation

This is the time when people from all over the state come and gather in order to see the things that are happening on this famous celebration. This is also the time when it is completely normal to wear seven beaded necklaces around your neck on the streets and supermarkets like it’s nothing.

Mardis Gras Ice Cream

We can’t speak about Mardi Gras and not tell you what the big deal is all about. Southerners give Mardi Gras such a significance that they even dedicated an ice cream flavor to this event. Now, you know how significant this actually is to them.

And we’re not speaking of the south if there’s not something specific and not mainstream that they love. This time is the brand of ice cream. They don’t like any of the mainstream ice cream brands. Instead, their favorite ice cream brand is “Blue Bell,” and they especially love eating ice cream during Fat Tuesday, this is when you can find the Mardi Gras flavored ice cream all over the supermarket fridges.

They Love Their Mustard

Mustard is not as easy as the mayo and the ice cream; none of them have a specific brand that they love eating. But, for the people of New Orleans, they have reached a consensus that Creole is the favorite mustard for them.

Image Source: World Nation

This mustard that the people of New Orleans love is a little different than the normal mustard. This is because of the fact that this mustard has a bit spicier taste, and it is a bit grainier than the regular one. And, if you see somebody from New Orleans eating a sandwich, the chances are that there is some spicy Creole mustard in it. Just look at the size of that jar, it’s huge!

Selling his Pet Shark

Florida, some people define it as the home of weird things. I mean, have you ever heard some weird news stories on the TV and just instantly know that it happened in Florida? This is what makes Florida different from all the other states.

Image Source: World Nation

And, we understand that Floridians tend to be a bit stranger than everybody else, but this story was just too much for me, I mean, a guy selling a live small shark in front of a supermarket? I just hope that the shark is okay and that it wasn’t harmed in the process.

Waiting in Lines for Palmetto

Yes, southerners might think that their homemade pimento cheese is one of the best, but in some cases, this isn’t the truth, and they need to face the reality that the store bought is better. When it comes to this, they have one brand that they all trust, and that is the Palmetto Cheese brand. Some bigger supermarkets such as Costco and Walmart even have samples, and you will always see a line of people waiting to try this cheese.

Image Source: World Nation

The southern cuisine is well-known for a couple of ingredients that they use in a lot of their recipes. Shredded cheddar cheese, mayo, pimento chili peppers as well as some cream cheese are the ingredients that every southerner uses in their recipes. Parties almost always have tubes of mayo and all of the ingredients we mentioned above, and they never have any leftovers.

Southerners Love Wickles More Than Regular Pickles

We’ve talked about many southern states, but we still didn’t mention Alabama. And you cannot speak about the southern states and not mention Alabama. And, in Alabama, there’s one brand that is exclusive to this state. This brand produces spicy pickles, and people from Alabama love these. Pickles are a famous side dish for many countries all around the world, but Alabamians have Wickles, spicy pickles that have an amazing kick, the Wickles brings a whole new meaning to spicy pickles.

Image Source: World Nation

The late 90s were the times when this brand became famous in Alabama, so people added the Wickles in their diet, and the grocery stores started stocking up on it. In bigger supermarkets like Costco and Walmart, you will find samples of the Wickles for you to taste.

RC Cola is the Best Drink Out There

Like with anything there, southerners also have their favorite (not mainstream) brand of drinks that they enjoy drinking. For many southerners, if you ask them what your favorite beverage is? You won’t get the answer that you’ve been expecting. It’s not Coca Cola, it’s not Fanta, nor is it Pepsi, for many southerners their favorite drink is RC Cola. The bigger supermarkets have stashes upon stashes of this drink, and each and every smaller market is bound to have at least one stash on display. And, besides that tasty RC Cola, there’s another treat that southerners love.

Image Source: World Nation

Yes, yes, we’re talking about MoonPies. I mean, you probably heard how well these two go combined, southerners love to consume one or the other, but they go ecstatic when they get to consume both of these together!

“Winter is Coming”

We’ve already mentioned it, and there’s no chance that you didn’t know about it, but it gets pretty hot in the southern parts of the country. But, despite that this doesn’t mean that they don’t get to experience some of the extremely cold weather during the winters.

Image Source: World Nation

Southerners get a hit of reality once they go out into the supermarkets and they can’t find any bread or milk on the shelves. “Winter is coming.” That’s what they probably think once they see these sights of empty shelves in their favorite supermarket. Before the months of winter, southerners go out in the nearest supermarket, and they stock up on bread and milk, leaving the aisles empty.

“We’re Just Going to Sit it Out.”

There are some people that decide to get their supplies last minute. And, a lot of the times this means that they might end up being stuck in the supermarket. This picture is from a supermarket in Atlanta, people went to the supermarket to stock up on supplies, but a snowstorm touched down, and they were left trapped in the supermarket.

Image Source: World Nation

They were stuck in the supermarket because of a sudden snowstorm. This meant that they couldn’t get out of the supermarket because of the fact that they couldn’t drive in the conditions outside, and the roads being covered in snow was an even bigger threat. So, they waited it out, but one thing was for sure, they sure weren’t going to go hungry in a supermarket full of food.

The Rivalry in NFL

While you’re probably aware of the NFL pride all around the USA, southerners take these things pretty seriously. Back in 2017, stores in the southern states didn’t sell products that were produced in the opposing team’s town. Now let me hear you talk about the rivalry.

Image Source: World Nation

In 2017, when the New England Patriots played against Atlanta Falcons one supermarket based in Atlanta decided to go so competitive that they would not sell Sam Adams products (Alcoholic Drinks made in Boston) until after the super bowl ended. The Patriots ended up taking the win anyway, so the boycott didn’t have any success after all.

The Definition for “A Prank Gone Wrong”

There are constant changes in the laws with pyrotechnics and fireworks, but in today’s time and age, fireworks, and pyrotechnics are more legal than they have ever been. So, this means that they are a much bigger threat than they were in the past. But, they are the biggest threat when people tend to set them off in the grocery store.

Image Source: World Nation

This bizarre event happened in Atlanta in a Publix store when two Teenage boys decided that it would be funny if they set off all the fireworks in the middle of the market. This is the definition of a prank going wrong. Luckily there were no bigger injuries reported, but things might’ve ended up pretty bad.

At Least their Intentions were Good

I want to think that we still have a long way to go, but, people tend to be more open and more welcoming to new things such as cultures and religions. At this age and time, supermarket owners and store owners want to be as understanding to their customers as possible no matter what beliefs they have.

Image Source: World Nation

Georgia is one of the most open-minded states in the south, and this grocery store there was selling boneless smoked ham, but they wanted Jewish people to know that this ham is not good only for Christmas, actually, as it says it’s also great for Chanukah. The only problem with this is the fact that the Jews keep kosher, so, they wouldn’t be able to eat this. But, at least their intentions were right!

Tie him Up in Front of the Store

Why drive the car to the grocery store when you can go old school and just ride your horse there? The horse on the picture is the property of a person that decided to pick a couple of things from the grocery store and rode their horse there, and they didn’t think twice before tying the horse in front of the store.

Image Source: World Nation

A lot of people all around the world do this with their dogs. But, in the Southern states, they do this their way, with horses. The only thing that I am genuinely interested in is how the person is going to take their groceries home in tow.

What are you Looking at?!

At least the last person tied their horse in front of the store. This cowboy didn’t even think of leaving his beloved horse in front of the store. So, here’s how he decided to solve the problem. He agreed that the best way to solve the problem was to take the horse inside the supermarket and guide him through the aisles. Maybe he thought that his horse was actually his dog and he decided to take it out for a walk.

Image Source: World Nation

And the fact that he brought his horse into the store was not the only weird thing about the whole ordeal. Namely, the man was fully dressed as a cowboy. Maybe he wanted some Palmetto cheese, or he was craving some RC Cola and MoonPies to go with it. Whatever it was, it sure is a weird sight.

Southerners – The Biggest Patriots

All Americans are pretty big patriots, and they love their country. But, the southerners have a special place in their hearts for the USA. Yes, this whole display might be just before July the fourth, but it really fully expresses the love for their country!

Image Source: World Nation

This is what people love to call patriotism at its finest. As it turns out most of the caps and the shirts are on 220 percent off so people must’ve pulled them off the shelves instantly.

Say NO to Saggy Pants!

A lot of companies actually have a specific dress code, so people need to be dressed in a certain way in order to be allowed to enter their premises. But, this grocery store took things to another level. A lot of men actually want to wear their pants sagging and pretty low, and some even take them down to their thighs.

Image Source: World Nation

The grocery store didn’t want any of those things, so they put up a sign on the front door that said no sagging allowed. I want just to know if people pulled their pants up as they entered the store.

The Food at Publix is Amazing

As we mentioned before, Publix is a supermarket that most of the southerners love shopping. In fact, southerners love Publix so much so, that it would be at the top of their list of things that they are missing if they ever moved out. They have tons of options to choose from, and there are always lines of people waiting in order to pay for the products that they bought.

Image Source: World Nation

You can oftentimes see costumers taking pictures of the workers at Publix, just as a sign of gratitude for the fantastic food they just got. There was one story that reported on a fight that happened over a deli, that’s how much southerners love their delis.

Give me that Publix Deli

For those of you that southerners don’t love deli as much as we say they do, and you think that we exaggerate, here’s a picture that shows a happy southerner that got the deli sample that he has been begging for at Publix. In fact, they love deli so much that they have to document each and every time that they get a free sample.

Image Source: World Nation

This guy seems that he couldn’t wait to eat the piece of meat that he got from Publix, so he just took it out and ate it on the spot, and not only that he also took a picture of it to document the happy moment. You can notice in his eyes how excited he seems to be over the Publix deli.


Yes, we started it a couple of times, southerners love Publix, but there’s another shop that southerners love almost the same as Publix. And its name is H-E-B. I know, it is weird to hear that southerners have a unique space in their hearts for grocery stores, but it seems that way. Houston, Texas is the place where the H-E-B store is located, and people from all over Texas come to this store and satisfy their needs for groceries here!

Image Source: World Nation

A lot of these people actually stop at the “Heights” sign and take pictures replacing the “I” on the sign. They seem to enjoy shopping in Houston, Texas.

“I Just Need a Breather”

What do you do when you feel exhausted at the grocery shop, and you just need a couple of seconds of a break? Well, this guy has the solution to your problem. He really needed a break, and he found a place to sit down and take a breath from all the grocery shopping he has done for the day.

Image Source: World Nation

He seems as though he is waiting for his wife (like all of us men do while they’re spending hours upon hours grocery shopping.) And, he felt like enough was enough and took a small break on what seems to be bags of flour. Or maybe he was the one grocery shopping for hours and got tired from all the walking around the aisles, and just needed a breather. Whatever his problem was, I won’t be the one who tells him that the place where he’s sitting isn’t for sitting.

Texas has the “Hottest” Hot Sauce

If I am in the middle of a supermarket and there is a cowgirl trying to sell me “The best sauce in Texas” I would sure buy it and try it. I mean, look at how happy and excited the girl selling this sauce looks. She seems to really love her job.

Image Source: World Nation

Yes, it seems as though Texas really has the hottest hot sauce out there, and this leaves me thinking that this friendly cowgirl actually knows her stuff. This makes me want to buy a jar or two and try it out.

How Much do you Love your Favorite Ice Cream?

What would you do if they are not selling your favorite ice cream would you drive two hours to get it from the next store that sells is, or would you settle for the next best thing that they have there? Well, for the person who posted this picture on their twitter account, settling was not a thing that they would do.

Image Source: World Nation

This person really loved the H-E-B ice cream brand, and they loved it so much so that they got to a two-hour drive in order to get 2 gallons of their favorite ice cream. And, despite the fact that I would have to take a plane in order to try this ice cream, this person made me consider it!

You Don’t Take Pictures of your Pregnancy Cravings?!

When women are pregnant, they seem to get the strangest food cravings. And this is not a thing that hasn’t happened to pregnant women before. But, what is unusual is shooting a whole photo shoot themed on the foods that you were craving during your pregnancy. And, making things even weirder is the fact that they did this photo shoot down the grocery shop aisles.

Image Source: World Nation

But, this girl doesn’t seem to care if it is weird to you. It looks like she’s enjoying the photo shoot. The photo shoot was made while she was choosing out her favorite foods such as mayo, butter, blue bell ice cream, wickless, RC Cola and others, and the photographer was taking photos of her enjoying the food at the shop aisles.

Need More Time!

Image Source: World Nation

If you feel that you don’t have any time left on your plate for yourself, and you need to exercise, this girl has the answer for you. She took it to her heart when she decided that she is going to do yoga every day. But, the problem was that she probably didn’t have time to manage everything that she should. So, she spent her pause at work in order to make up if she couldn’t get to yoga class. As she started improving her yoga, she started switching up the places where she was doing her poses. This is one of the photos that her co-workers captured of her doing the scorpion pose on top of the freezer at her workplace.

It’s just so Hot Out There!

Image Source: World Nation

A lot of people that are continually going to the supermarket probably had this happen to them. We’re talking about getting the last product on the bottom of the freezer or at the highest shelf, and it’s too high for you to reach it. This costumer had the same thing happen to her. So, she had to dive in deep in order to reach for the product that she wanted to get. Or, maybe she had it enough of the hot southern weather and just needed some time in the cool and pleasant freezer.

Maintenance for the Maintenance Shop?

Image Source: World Nation

Things end up broken more often than we would actually be comfortable with, and that’s a well-known fact of life. But, when this happens, you need to be prepared to fix them in order to be usable as soon as possible. Especially when you own a supermarket and thousands of customers enter the premises of your supermarket. And, if you want to be able to reach everything that needs to be repaired, then the best bet for you would be to have a repair shop on the premises. But, before you hire them, you need to make sure that they are able to keep their own shop running smoothly before caring for the other parts of the supermarket.

Their Cute Love Story!

Image Source: World Nation

Not a lot of people get this, but when this couple met in their favorite supermarket, it was nothing less than a classic Hollywood meet. The girl was looking for some of her favorite cereals, and the guy was there looking for the healthiest option for his breakfast for the day. The now-couple bumped into each other, just like in the Hollywood movies, and, the rest is history. And, now, when they finally decided to tie the knot, and she said the most important “Yes” in her life, they made sure to book a photo shoot at the place where they first met. Isn’t that cute?

Why did I Walk in Here?!

Image Source: World Nation

If you’re not planning on spending a lot of money, I would advise you not to go shopping at Target. Namely, lots of people think that once they go into Target, they will get an idea of what they should be buying. And, sometimes, (if not always) that something that they needed turns into two full shopping carts worth of items. And, the funny thing is that you only realize that you’re overspending once you leave the checkout. We’re slow learners, and this trick is as old as Target. The point is that you cannot control the money you spend if you’re entering the Red and White Bulls Eye.

Shopping Store for Celebrities

Image Source: World Nation

So, oftentimes I am wondering why I never see any celebrities in the supermarkets. Do they have some special grocery store or supermarket where they like to do their shopping? And, if you were asking yourself the same, here’s your answer. But, remember, you only get to shop here if you get exposed to a certain amount of people. And, once you get there, you will be greeted at the door by Rihanna herself. But, you’ll need to make sure that you’re visiting when she’s not too busy being a famous singer.

Full Circle of Life

Image Source: World Nation

This picture can be easily explained just by four words – “Full Circle of Life.” When we were kids, we were oftentimes pushed in the shopping carts by our parents. This picture shows the opposite of that. A younger woman is transporting her mother in a shopping cart, just like her mother probably did in the past. Whatever the case was in this weird situation, I am sure of one thing. This family sure loves drinking Coca Cola, because their cart is filled to the top with the drink!

Let’s Test the Waters!

Image Source: World Nation

Emotional support pets are all the trend right now, and if you haven‘t heard about this trend, I don’t know where you have been living for the past couple of years, under a rock maybe? But, since the start of this trend, people have started getting bolder and bolder with the choice of the pet that will support them emotionally. So, one reporter decided to test the waters with how far people can tolerate her by showing managers of stores that she has a doctor’s note for that animal. And, for one of her last stunts, she decided to take an alpaca with her into a drugstore. People there were understandably shocked!

Since When do we Have 9 Days?!

Image Source: World Nation

We’ve heard a lot of things about time being a relative thing. But, this supermarket took things to a whole new level with this sign. If you were in space and put up this sign, it might be understandable, but here we don’t have nine days in a week! It seems like a lot of thought went into the design of the sign, but not a lot of thought went to the logic, obviously.  But, it may be some inside joke that we don’t understand, or maybe they were just trying to make some buzz, and if that was the case, well, they did it!


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