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Homeless Man Finds Something On The Street That Changes His Life Forever


Being homeless is tough, especially during harsh winters with no shelter around to keep you warm. You are forced to spend it outside wearing as many layers of clothing as possible, praying for the cold to be over soon. One homeless man called Elver Alvarez from New Haven Connecticut was living this life for years until one morning he found something that completely turned his life around…

Severe Weather Conditions

If you have ever been to New England during the winter season, you are probably aware of the harsh weather conditions in the region. The residents are used to seeing meters of snow accompanied by freezing winds during the winter months.

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The layers of snow make it difficult to get from point A to point B, whether this means driving or walking. The cars get piled up in snow in a matter of hours, which is frustrating when you are trying to get to work on time in the early morning hours. But what about those who aren’t fortunate enough to own a vehicle or even a home?

Elmer’s Story

Of course, those who are lucky enough to own a home and a car can wait it out by remaining indoors and turning up the heat a little more. Elmer, on the other hand, didn’t have that luxury. He was homeless and was forced to spend each winter outside with no roof above his head.

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Alvarez didn’t have to worry about cleaning his vehicle from snow every morning or paying skyrocketing heating bills during the winter season. Elmer had something much more significant to worry about: to survive this winter season. So how did Elmer end up on the streets?

A Difficult Past

Previously, Elmer had struggled with drug addiction which significantly affected his well-being, but this man decided not to give up on his life and kept pushing forward. Alvarez started attending NA meetings and managed to overcome his drug addiction!

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Many people who struggle with drug addiction end up giving up on themselves, especially when they don’t have close friends or family to support them. Elmer was different. Despite being alone and vulnerable, he kept pushing forward no matter what. And soon, Elmer kicked his drug addiction! Though he had more difficulties on the way…

Helpless Moments

Alvarez did overcome his drug addiction once and for all but was still struggling to find his way out of being homeless. Leaving the streets and finding a permanent home was indeed a challenging process. However, Elmer didn’t want to give up on himself, and he was desperately looking for a solution.

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At that time, Elmer was not sure how to get out of being homeless. Finding a place to live required having a stable job and lots of documents which he didn’t have. Alvarez felt miserable, but not for long…

A Big Change On The Way

Elmer didn’t want to spend the rest of his life on the streets. He was seeking to have a home and perhaps a stable career. But how could he achieve it starting from the very bottom?

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Most individuals would assume people like Elmer were just lazy. However, it’s impossible to understand his situation if you have never been through something similar yourself. Elmer was feeling helpless until one November morning he came across once in a lifetime opportunity.

One Chilly Morning

While Alvarez was roaming the streets of New Haven as per usual, he noticed a small piece of paper lying in the center of the path. Most people passing by in a hurry would probably not even see the paper, but this homeless man decided to stop and check it out anyway.

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He thought it was a piece of garbage that someone dropped on the way, but he was very wrong…This small decision to look at the paper ended up completely changing Elmer’s life. So what was written on the paper?

A Fat Check

Alvarez had all the time in the world and sparing a few seconds to examine a forgotten note wouldn’t hurt him. So he kneeled and picked up the small piece of paper.

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To his surprise, it wasn’t a piece of trash or a receipt; it was something much more valuable than that. Elmer was looking at a freshly signed check. Someone must have accidentally dropped it on the way and hasn’t come back to look for it yet. His jaw dropped when he read the amount written on the paper…This check was the perfect chance for Elmer to start over!

Incredible Discovery

The amount written on the check was $10,000! Moreover, it had already been signed and was ready to be cashed out. This discovery was the perfect opportunity for Elmer to change his life once and for all.

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Not a single person was nearby. Lavarez could easily pick up the check and take it to the nearest bank. He realized that if he took the check and used it now, no one would suspect a thing.

Elmer’s Choice

The street was almost empty; no one was paying attention to Elmer and what he was holding in his hand. So, what did he end up doing with the $10,000 check?

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Unlike many others in Elmer’s shoes, taking someone else’s money never even crossed his mind. Instead, he carefully turned the check over to look for its owner’s contact information. And there it was, a phone number written in pen. He wanted to return this valuable finding to its owner.

Doing The Right Thing

Elmer didn’t have a cellphone he could use to contact the person whose phone number was written on the back of the check. Despite not being unable to make a call, Elmer was hoping he would eventually find someone else with a phone and get in touch with the check’s owner. He grabbed the check and continued walking the streets.

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Elmer needed to borrow someone else’s phone to contact the person, but there was no one nearby. In addition, he also didn’t speak English…Despite going through so much trouble, he kept searching for a solution and soon he found it.

Getting In Touch

Eventually, Elmer did find a friend who had a cellphone and explained the situation to him. Alvarez was a Spanish speaker, so his friend phoned the number for him.

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Elmer and his friend were hoping the owner would answer the phone as soon as possible. It was a very valuable possession, and they assumed whoever lost it was grieving. But they were wrong, as it turns out, the owner wasn’t even aware of her loss yet.

The Owner

Just a few blocks away from where Alvarez and his friend were standing, a well-known businesswoman heard her cellphone ring. The check belonged to Roberta Hoskie, who was a self-made real estate magnate as well as a CEO and president of Outreach School of Real Estate and Outreach Realty Services.

New Haven Register

Roberta, who was in an office at the time, immediately answered her phone. It was from an unknown number, but she answered it anyway not suspecting a thing…Roberta thought it was probably one of her clients calling about an inquiry. But she was wrong.

The Unexpected Call

Elmer’s friend quickly explained that her check was found on the street and he wanted to return it to her. Roberta couldn’t believe her ears…How could she lose something so substantial? There was no way she could have let something so valuable out of her sight.

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After all, it was a check for a whopping $10,000! Maybe, the real owner of the check made a mistake while writing the number down and the caller dialed her by accident?

In Shock

At first, Roberta assumed the caller might have dialed the wrong number. Maybe the check belonged to someone else after all. Hoskie couldn’t believe she dropped one of her checks on the floor without even noticing. After quickly searching through her purse, she realized, the caller was right. She was missing her $10,000 check.

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Hoskie was shocked to discover she was missing her check and wasn’t even suspecting it. How could she let this happen? She was mad at herself, but at the same time, very grateful for the person on the other end.

Meeting With The Stranger

Roberta was delighted that the person who found her check decided to inform her in hopes of returning it instead of simply taking and using it. A lot of people are greedy, finding such a valuable check opens the door to tempting opportunities.

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The person who found hers was different. He had morals. She wanted to meet and thank this kind-hearted soul as soon as possible. She still had no idea that the person who found her check was homeless…

An Instant Connection

Hoskie wanted to record this wonderful meeting with a kind stranger and started a Facebook Live once she united with the two men. She was endlessly grateful for these strangers’ good deed. Roberta couldn’t stop thanking the men for what they had done for her. But she still had no idea the man who found her check was living on the streets with absolutely nothing…

Credits: New Haven Register

Roberta didn’t know Elmer was the one who found the check and wanted to get in touch with her until the friend who called Roberta mentioned it. Alvarez was too polite and didn’t want the attention himself. He was happy he could help the lady, and that’s all he wished for at that moment. Also, the friend shared with Roberta that Elmer was also a homeless man. This fact instantly hit home for Hoskie, presenting an incredible opportunity for Elmer…

Roberta’s Past

Roberta Hoskie also had a problematic past. And no, she wasn’t always as successful as she was when she met Alvarez. She didn’t have wealthy parents who supported her through every step of the way. In fact, when Hoskie was only 17 years old, she became pregnant. How did she manage to raise a baby at such a young age?

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Hoskie felt utterly alone and weak. She was already experiencing financial difficulties before learning about her pregnancy but decided to go through with it anyway. The young mother had to drop out of school to take care of her baby. Now, with another mouth to feed, Roberta had no choice but to join a housing shelter to avoid living on the streets.

Lucky Girl

Roberta was lucky enough to get herself out of debilitating poverty when she received a crucial internship at Yale University. Even though she managed to leave the housing shelter pretty quickly, she never forgot her time there. Her life in the shelter was far from enjoyable, and Hoskie couldn’t let another soul go through this tough experience. Roberta was aware that she could help Elmer out.

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It was clear he was a good person who had been through a difficult period in his life and deserved a fresh start. So how could she possibly repay Elmer for what he had done?

Decisions, Decisions…

Roberta had been through hell and back while living in the shelters, it was a tough period for her and she couldn’t let Elmer suffer anymore. So she came up with an amazing idea.

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Roberta knew she had to help Elmer. What he did for her was admirable, considering Alvarez was homeless. He could have easily pocketed that money and spent on himself, but instead, he went out of his way to contact her and return the $10,000 check. The CEO decided to thank him in a big way.

Paying It Forward

Roberta told Elmer to wait for her outside and rushed back to her office to get her checkbook. Hoskie could have just offered him some cash to make his days a bit more bearable, but this woman knew she owed him more than just some money. She could provide something that could potentially change his life for the better. But what could she do for Elmer?

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Roberta was deep in her thoughts while brainstorming though her Facebook Live. How could she repay Elmer? Luckily, one of her followers came up with an excellent idea. Hoskie smiled and said, “I’m going to teach him how to fish.”

A Big Thank You

Roberta returned to the street where Elmer was waiting for her. She was holding a check in her hand, and this time it was addressed explicitly to Elmer. When she gave Alvarez the check, he couldn’t help himself but shed a few tears. This woman was so kind to him. Little did he know, they actually had a lot in common…

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Elmer and Roberta shared a hug after which he learned Hoskie’s story. He couldn’t believe this powerful, successful woman was once in his shoes too! Her story gave Elmer a little hope. Though soon Elmer would realize that he was about to be given a life-changing opportunity.

A New Friend

He felt connected to Hoskie on a personal level. After a lovely chat, the pair parted ways. At that moment, Elmer didn’t think he would see Roberta again. But he was wrong, as soon as Hoskie returned to her office, she started working on her unique plan that would rapidly transform his life.

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After saying bye to Roberta, Elmer headed to the nearest bank to cash out his check. To his surprise, receiving the money wasn’t as fast and easy as he thought it would be. The bank gave him a hard time.

Some Trouble On The Way

Elmer was on cloud nine after he received the check. He needed money so badly, and now he could finally afford to purchase some necessities. But, of course, helping Roberta was also a massive part of his happy state of mind. Alvarez quickly went to the nearest bank to cash his new check. Unfortunately, obtaining the money wasn’t as easy and fast as he imagined it to be…

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Roberta was planning to meet with Elmer in the nearest future to discuss her offer, but life circumstances resulted in them meeting sooner than she thought. The reason for that was the bank’s suspiciousness. When the man went to one of the local banks, he was asked to provide them with a signature and an ID in order to acquire the money. However even after Elmer signed the check and gave an ID, the bank refused him…But why?

Problem Solved

The bank assumed Elmer’s check was fraudulent, as he wasn’t a typical customer there. Alvarez tried to prove the check was valid, but the bank staff still refused to give him the money. He couldn’t think of any other way to claim the check but didn’t want to walk out either.

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The poor man had no choice but to give Hoskie a call to resolve the problem. Roberta was able to solve the issue immediately, and Elmer finally received the money. However, this was not the end of this fantastic story…

A Life-Changing Plan

Around two weeks after Elmer’s good deed, Roberta arranged a meeting with him to discuss an amazing opportunity. Her Facebook Live video generated a lot of attention and more than 13,000 people learned about Elmer’s beautiful act. News media also appeared to be interested in the story. So what did Roberta decide to do?

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She didn’t want to discuss anything over the phone, but instead, invited Emer to her office for a meeting. At the time, Elmer thought it was nothing but a friendly gesture. But as he would soon find out, it was much more than that.

A Wonderful Surprise

Elmer, of course, was thrilled to meet Roberta again. He wasn’t sure why this woman wanted to speak with him again, regardless, he was looking forward to the day of their meeting. They had a lot in common, and he truly admired Hoskie. Although back then he wasn’t aware of how close he and Roberta would soon become.

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She would give him something absolutely amazing, something that was going to change his life once and for all. On the day of the meeting, Alvarez walked in the door not suspecting a thing, but what he witnessed completely blew him away…A big surprise was waiting for Elmer.

Initial Confusion

As soon as he entered the room, he was greeted by a crowd of people. Who were all of these people and why were they waiting for him to arrive? Elmer was feeling overwhelmed and totally confused. The sudden attention from strangers was not what he was expecting from his meeting with Roberta.

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Soon Elmer would learn precisely why he was greeted by a packed room of individuals whom he had never seen before. Moreover, he was about to discover something even crazier…

A Path To Sucess

The first thing that Elmer discovered was a thank you certificate from an organization aimed to combat poverty, Ms. Millionare Mindset which was addressed to him. Had he really done something so significant? Elmer thought what he had done for Hoskie was the right thing to do, but why was everyone celebrating his actions? As a shy person, Elmer was feeling a little awkward at the moment, but soon his reaction would totally change. He was about to hear some excellent news…

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Right after Elmer got acquainted with the reword for his actions, Roberta finally disclosed her plan to “teach Elmer to fish.” But what exactly did she mean by that? Surely Roberta wasn’t talking about the real fishing, was she?

New Beginnings

The phrase indeed had a much deeper meaning. Roberta could have easily just paid Elmer for his kind actions and return to her busy work routine. After all, Elmer needed cash more than anything at that time. Nevertheless, Hoskie wanted to give him something more than just a sum of money.

Credits: trueactivist.com

This woman wanted to teach Elmer how to set himself up for success. It was clear that Elmer was a kind person who had a troublesome past and deserved a second chance. She knew exactly how to help the poor man.

Hoskie’s Solution

Roberta offered Alvarez to take classes at her real estate school free of charge. Without a doubt, he agreed to enter the school. Elmer was delighted to be given such a fantastic opportunity

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He was a hard worker who kicked drug addiction, and he wasn’t planning to stop there. Alvarez was always dreaming of having a career, and it looked like soon his wish would become a reality. Though not so easy, as there was one more thing he was required to do before starting the classes.

The Language Barrier

Roberta’s real estate school was taught in the English language, which was a problem for Elmer. He didn’t speak English, which was why he had to ask a friend to make a call to Roberta about the check back then. This man would have to take all of the classes in a foreign language, which would be challenging for anyone. Luckily, Roberta quickly came up with a solution or Elmer. Would he be able to go through with the plan?

Credits: Youtube

Before beginning his studies, Elmer would be taught to improve his English skills. He was on top of the world! The man couldn’t believe how much help and support he was getting from a woman he met just two weeks ago. What he didn’t know that he was about to hear something even more amazing…Elmer couldn’t wrap his head around all of these shocking news. How did he suddenly get so lucky? Just two weeks ago Elmer was a homeless man without anyone by his side. Now he had a whole different life and new people in it.

A New Home

Emotions strained Roberta’s voice as she shared the best part of her astonishing plan with the man. She found an apartment for Alvarez and his girlfriend! And most importantly, he wouldn’t have to worry about bills and rent expenses within the first six months. Everything was already covered for him.

Credits: Youtube

Cold winter days were no longer his biggest nightmare. Now, Alvarez would be able to enjoy his evenings in the comfort of his home. What could be better than that?

Endlessly Grateful

Elmer was speechless. Emotions were overflowing him, and he felt tears running down his eyes. Alvarez gave the woman a tight loving hug, still unable to express himself. He felt so thankful that destiny brought them together. The man didn’t have to worry about spending freezing nights outside anymore. Instead, he was given a life-changing opportunity.

Credits: The Good Men Project

Elmer was very grateful for everything Roberta had done for him. Now he had a home and an opportunity to study. But this was not it…He was about to receive even better news.

Bright Future

As it turns out, Roberta’s plan was much longer than just six months. She carefully thought through every detail, but Elmer didn’t know it yet. After he was done with his real estate classes at Hoskie’s school, Alvarez was set up with a standing job interview at Roberta’s coworker’s real estate office. He couldn’t believe his eyes, was this a dream?

Credits: Youtube

Elmer was bursting with excitement once he heard the good news. He spent a lot of time preparing for the big day, and once he felt ready, Alvarez said, “I’m ready now!”. Of course, Hoskie was happy to help the man, but this was not her end goal. She genuinely wanted to pay it forward…And she did, in a big way.

Good News

Roberta and Elmer had a meeting a few weeks later since he started the real estate classes. She wanted to check on Alvarez to see how he is progressing with his studies. Roberta went Live on Facebook during the meeting to update her followers who had been showing great support for Elmer’s dedication. This time, it was Elmer who delivered the news. He was a Spanish speaker studying courses in the English language, which he didn’t previously know. Was he able to pass his exam?

Credits: Youtube

Everyone including Roberta was anticipatedly waiting for Elmer’s real estate exam’s results. Roberta carefully flipped the cover and saw a positive result. Alvarez had passed his exam! This dedicated hard working man managed to learn a new language and pass the test. Now Elmer had only one more test to complete before starting a fantastic career.

Elmer’s Interview

Elmer’s heart touching story continued to gain publicity. But how could it not? These two had something not a lot of people were lucky to experience: a true inspirational bond. In December, Spanish language television station Telemundo invited Hoskie and Alvarez on a show to share their amazing story with everybody. So, how did Elmer end up on the streets? During his interview with Telemundo, Elmer disclosed one very personal issue…

Credits: Youtube

Elmer shared that he hit rock bottom when his 33-year old brother had suddenly passed away. He was at the lowest point of his life grieving for his brother. This was the time when Elmer found himself addicted to drugs and involved in crime. He spent five long years in jail serving his time, and unfortunately lost contact with the rest of his family members. After he got out of prison, he was left with nothing and was forced to survive on the streets of New Haven until one morning he found and returned Hoskie’s check.

An Unforgettable Reunion

Elmer hadn’t been in touch with his family for years and indeed was missing them all very much. Though soon he would no longer have to feel this way anymore. When the host asked him to turn around, Elmer couldn’t believe his eyes…Two of his sisters were standing on the same stage with him. What a precious moment! Everyone was cheering for Alvarez as he rushed to give his sisters a tight hug. But who planned this touching reunion?

Credits: Youtube

The reunion was a part of Roberta’s plan. She had been communicating with Alvarez’s family via a translator and invited them on the show. However, Elmer had another surprise coming for him. As Elmer was still calming down from the big reveal, he spotted his mother whom he hadn’t seen in two years walking down the stage to greet him. The emotions were overflowing! After all these years, he was finally reunited with his family.

 Further Success

It all started with Elmer doing the right thing. He certainly wasn’t expecting to meet such an inspiring individual as Roberta, receive a second chance at life, and most importantly, reunite with his family. Hoskie was very touched by Elmer’s story and decided to fulfill her mission to help end the cycle of poverty. She had a particular plan in her mind, and soon Elmer was also involved it. So how exactly these two were planning to end the cycle of poverty?

Credits: Youtube

Before Elmer and Hoskie began working on the project, he had one more thing to take care of: the final exam. Within the next few months, Alvarez aced his final real estate exam, and Hoskie put him on The Board of Directors of her company. Elmer was about to start an amazing career with endless opportunities. Besides, he joined the ranks of the National Association of Realtors.

Working On A Project

Roberta and Elmer continued to be good friends even after the interview, and all of the hype from the public was over. These two shared a unique blond, which had lead to an amazing friendship. Roberta and Elmer focused on something significant for both of them: helping other homeless individuals. Roberta and Elmer’s project was a non-profit Outreach Foundation. But how exactly were they planning to help other homeless people?

Credits: Youtube

A Friendship For Life

Well, it did take some creativity and brainstorming, but together Roberta and Elmer were able to come up with an excellent plan. They determined to obtain dilapidated properties and turn them into transition accommodation for homeless individuals.

Credits: KSAT.com

The twist is, however, that such homes will offer additional services and much better living conditions than the average shelters for the homeless. The two friends want to give other people in need a chance at a normal life. It’s astonishing how one simple act of kindness completely turned Elmer’s life around. A man who once had nothing currently has everything he ever dreamed about.



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