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Hospital Gives Mini Cars To Children Before Surgery So They Feel Less Stressed


The definition of having a good time surely doesn’t include heading to the hospital. But, this hospital made it a bit more unique and fun for the kids to arrive at their surgery. And, the kids sure enjoyed it and felt less stressed about it!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

A Unique Way of Getting in Surgery

There are not a lot of differences in hospitals around the world. And, the Doctors Medical Center in California is no exception. Lots of patients arrive and even more leave the hospital each and every day. This hospital, like many others, is committed to taking good care of their patients no matter how old they are. The fact of the matter is that surgery can be stressful for many of those patients. Kids are especially scared of surgery. So, this hospital came up with a new, unique way of getting the youngsters ready for surgery!

Choose how you Would Like to Arrive in Surgery

Namely, the hospital decided to give their surgery patients, who are anywhere from two to seven years old, a choice of arrival. They can be just like any other patient and walk into the surgery room, or they can feel unique by rolling into the surgery rooms with one of the mini cars that the hospital has to offer. The doctors decided that they can relieve the stress from their patients by letting the youngsters get in the surgery room in style!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

There’s More to it Than just Choosing Your Car

And, the hospital didn’t hesitate to get many choices for the young ones. They can roll in stealth mode with a black Mercedes, or they have the option to get there with a pink Volkswagen Beetle, and the choices don’t end there, there’s much more! These mini cars come with a built-in stereo system, and this means that the patients can listen to whatever music they want when entering the surgery room. Doctors think that this actually helps both the youngsters and their parents relieve the stress that has built up before the surgery.

The Internet Loves a Great Idea

Not too long after this unique idea of the Doctors Medical Center in California came into practice, people from all around the world noticed this and were amazed by the attention that these kids were getting. This move did not only make people want to go to this hospital, but it also sparked hope into people that this could be an inspiration for other hospitals that have younger patients. And, we hope that this is true, we hope that in a short period of time, lots of hospitals adopt this great idea, and some even might improve it!

Yes, going to the surgery room is stressful but, these youngsters sure have something to take their mind off this stressful event. I mean who would think about the surgery when you have the best ride to the operation room? Be honest, and you would enjoy this kind of ride to the surgery room too, right?!


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