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How do minimalists live?


A lot of people are getting in the trend of being a minimalist. But most of those people don’t even fully know what it means to be a minimalist. It isn’t getting rid of all of your belongings and living like a homeless person or tribe in the jungles. Minimalism is basically just owning the thing you really need, and nothing else that you just spent money on or buy on impulse.

Minimalists have a motto which states that owning only things you are really connected with and that is essential in your life and not to spend money and time on a thing that distracts you from your purpose and if you implement this into your life you will grow as a person and you will focus on things that matter. With all this being said, getting rid of most of your things isn’t that easy as you may think.

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As time goes by, technologies are getting better and better and more people young and old are getting hooked to them, addicted even. Everywhere you look around the world people own smartphones that they can’t put down and they glue them to their face all day long, scrolling social media, watching videos and playing games. In this day and age, the more you own and have the better. But minimalists think differently. In fact, they are the complete opposite. They say that those things aren’t essential and that everyone should focus on things such as relationships, understanding yourself, and end the need for possessing more and more.

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Living in a big, noisy, crowded and stressful cities, getting up every day rushing to get to work on time doing your job for eight hours, getting headaches on how much you have to do and getting home and barely having the time to do anything else because you are tired. These are the lives of everyday people in today’s time, but minimalists avoid all of this. They live in areas that are quiet and calmly go by their day and do the things that are only productive and benefit them, using only the essentials.

Most of us have multiple personalities, even though we don’t want to admit. We are different people when we get up in the morning and go back to bed at night, we act one way in front of people that we know, that are our friends and in another way when we are around new people. With minimalists, what you see is what you get all the time, 24/7, they maintain a persona and don’t change in any situation no matter who they are with. With this idea, you become a purer person, and people can see that you don’t alter your personality depending on the situation.

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Minimalism isn’t just getting rid of the things and objects and gadgets in your house that you don’t need. It can also be freeing up your mind. Most of the minimalists participate in yoga classes and practice meditation at home so that they can further get to know their own bodies and then there are minimalists that do both, meditate and get rid of everything in their home that they don’t need.

In modern-day era, people focus too much on what other people have to say about them and continuously require approval of others for their ideas and dreams, and most of the time it is not even their own dream or idea, it is something that they saw on their social media feed or have seen how some of their favorite celebrities do. Minimalists don’t care about any of this. They are always focused on themselves and their relationships with their close ones and how can they improve themselves and their relationships. They don’t try getting in the spotlight and live their lives calmly and peacefully.

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Today, it is really hard to implement minimalist ways of life. Where do you even start? First, you have to be sure what minimalism represents and how much do you really want having that lifestyle. You can try to start with throwing or giving away things that you don’t need at your home. Then maybe start living slower, ditch the job that makes you stressful and finds something that doesn’t require you to worry all the time. Start taking yoga classes, and get a yoga mat at home, start meditating in the morning and peacefully plan out your day.

Image Source: Kiwi Report

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