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How Much Money Amazon Employees Really Make


Do you know who the second richest person in the World is currently? Well, if you answered no to this question you sure are not familiar with the business world. Most of today’s transactions go through his most successful company. His name is Jeff Bezos, and his company is one that most of us know – the name is Amazon. Have you heard of it?

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As we mentioned earlier, most of the internet shopping for tech, clothes and many other products is done through the internet today, and Amazon is one of the companies that provide the e-stores that enable us as costumers to buy from them. Back in 2017, Amazon shipped over 5 billion products through their Amazon Prime program, and today, that number might be even bigger, we’re still waiting on the reports for that. And, for a company of this caliber to work like a well-oiled machine, it has to have some great workers. But, the employees of Amazon weren’t getting the salary that they deserved back in the days.

Yes, you might get a bigger paycheck if you have a more important role in the company, but even the highest paid employees were not really satisfied with their paycheck. Glassdoor stated that workers that worked in warehouse and fulfillment got anywhere from 12 bucks to 18 bucks per hour. Yes, corporate got higher paychecks but their work has bigger responsibilities. Namely, there are some engineers that make well over 100 000 bucks. There are also some included perks of being an Amazon employee. As every store, they also provide you with special discounts on their site, and you even get paid for overtime work as well as work during the holidays.

In the same year that Amazon shipped over 5 billion products, 2017, half of its employees got paid nothing more than 28 556 bucks. So, that’s more than a quarter of million people getting paid less than 28 446 bucks for the whole year. The company’s CEO, on the other hand, earned more than one and a half million dollars. The second richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos, acknowledged the problem and starting from October 2018, the company announced that they are going to enroll a new minimum wage at 15 bucks per hour for that same quarter of a million people that experienced the wage problem from Amazon. It is going to affect every employee of Amazon. The part-time workers, the people working on temporary agreements, the ones that are full-time workers as well as the seasonal employees of the company, they are all affected by the pay bump that Bezos decided to enroll.


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