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How the internet was invented


It seems like it was pretty easy for people to forget how we’ve passed our time without the internet. Before looking at everybody’s cats and dogs, and even newborn babies. And we sure lost the ability to think for ourselves as a result of the internet, because we are constantly searching for answers to the questions we don’t know on there. Do you remember how kids went out to play on the street, and how their parents grounded them because they didn’t get home in time! If you are not coming from those beautiful times, then you haven’t really lived your life! Today, we take the internet for granted, especially when we can search it from a small device that fits in our pocket. Believe it or not, the internet had a much bigger goal than keeping people for hours upon hours engaged in scrolling through other people’s social feeds and memes. Today, we decided to pay homage to the internet by revealing to you how it was discovered!

What Sparked the Beginning of The Internet?

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The launch of Sputnik was another time when a lot of scientists tried to keep themselves busy. The idea that a satellite is going to be launched in space in order to monitor how the earth is behaving from outer space… the creation of Sputnik was also the time when people started thinking about what else can we achieve and how we can use those findings in order to improve our lives. People from all over the world started fearing of the idea that the Russians can take down the phone network that they have connected to.

How Was the Internet Created?

Lots of scientists were struggling to find a way that would allow their people to stay connected for longer periods of times. And no one had seen any progress until the moment came. Namely, a scientist has found a way to allow a network of computers to communicate with one another. By 1965 they started working on a way to improve the idea, and someone finally came up with a way to send more packaged information together. They discovered that the information which they send out was safe from any attack, and no one could intercept it. This is where the internet stagnated for the next couple of years. And then, another huge leap happened.

Sending The Actual First Text Over the Internet!

In 1969, the year that we, as people managed to set foot on the moon, we also discovered the internet as we know it today. The computers that the people were using at the time were big, for reference some of them even exceeded the size of a small family home. They put two computers in two different universities, and this is when the word login was sent from the first computer to the second one throughout a message. And despite the fact that by today’s standards this seems a bit funny, but if we take into consideration how much we progressed since then, this was a great leap for the internet as a whole.  They were pronouncing success even though the second computer crashed only after two letters. In the beginning, the company “ARPAnet”, was the one that owned the internet, and only 4 computers were connected. And the next year, Hawaii decided to join in with “Alohanett”

It Started Spreading Like Crazy

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In the course of the next couple of years, lots and lots of people started adopting the internet, it even reached some people that were situated overseas. The people of Norway, England and many other countries started slowly understanding the concept of the internet and slowly but surely they were starting to implement it. Tim Berners-Lee, in 1991 improved the internet and created the internet that we love and know today and, he named it The WWW, (The World Wide Web). This step that Berners made, improved the internet by a lot, and it is how a group of smart students managed to create the mosaic of networks, called, Netscape. And this is when Photos and Words were able to be put together on one page. The link and the scrolling bar were also implemented at this time.

How Do We Use The Internet Now!

Netscape meant that we’re going to see the commercial use of the internet start to improve. And, since back then, the internet today consists of more than 1 billion websites and upwards of 3 billion people using it. And, with the increasing speed of the development of tech, the best thing is that the size of the computers has been significantly decreased. Because if we take Google, for example, they use more than 1000 computers to provide you with fast 0.2-second results for thousands upon thousands of researches.

50 years ago, we’ve sent the first ever message on a computer, and we’ve managed to significantly improve the tech that we were using then, and that we are using now. If we continue to improve at this rate, I think that our children will laugh at the “High-Tech” stuff we have today! And despite the fact that at the beginning, only 4-5 computers used the internet. Today, it is a more widespread thing and more than 3 billion people use it. as mentioned earlier. And they use it for tons of different stuff. Whether it is to check the news, look at some videos, gifs, memes or something completely else. People waste a lot of time on the internet, and we have Mr. Berners-Lee to thank for that.


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