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How to experience life more when you are in your twenties


We don’t have a lot of time in this world and unless you are a cat with “nine lives,” you must make most of life as you possibly can, while you still can. When we say make most of life, we mean go to places you haven’t been before, ask your crush on a date, start doing things you always wanted to do. Make new friends, experience new cultures, and do everything that you thought or didn’t think you have the time to do. People say that when you are in your twenties, you are in the prime of your life, and that is the best time to start doing all the things that interest you. So when you get old, you can look back at times when you were younger and said that you had lived a beautiful, fulfilling life.

It is safe to say that today’s youth have it much harder to experience more things when you are stuck all day on your laptop screen or your phone. A decade or two ago, when there was no internet, people used to go out and experience more stuff in the world and didn’t need to worry about what was going on social media. It isn’t all that hopeless for today’s kids to experience life at its fullest, so here are some ideas on how to make your twenties amazing, and start experiencing life more.

With the invention of the internet, a lot of things have become much easier, and we have benefited so much from it, but it has also caused us to stay much more at home. We can quickly get distracted and lose track of how much time we sit on our computers or phones. And this can affect our real-life experiences and how much time we spend outside and interacting with people. If you want to experience life more, try not checking your social media a day or two in a week or not going on the internet in general. Even if it sounds quite easy, and you may think it won’t change much, but having a clear head and not continually scrolling down, social media can be amazing.

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A lot of people look at Hollywood movies and TV series and get worried when they think about not being in love before. When people are in their twenties, they experience a lot of changes, are confused, and don’t know who they are yet. So before going out and looking for “the one,” start learning and finding out who you are first, and then you can try to find someone who interests you and feel good when they are around.

When we are in our teens, we don’t spend that much time with our parents, and we don’t like it when they are lecturing us and telling us what to do. But when we get in our twenties, we aren’t kids anymore, and we see everything more maturely, and with that, of course, you have a more mature relationship with your parents. The twenties are a great time to reconnect with your parents and talk about what you have planned for the future and what you are expecting to do in life next. Having conversations like this and spending more time with them, you create a more meaningful bond with them.

You just can’t experience life to the maximum if you don’t travel. When in your twenties, it is a great time to pack your bags and start booking flights. Traveling the world and going to new places enriches the soul, and you keep on learning and seeing new things and experiencing cultures that you wouldn’t experience in your city or country. So grab a friend or two and start looking at some locations and places that you can enjoy, have fun and relax at the same time.

Image Source: The Kiwi Report

Not everyone will have this problem, but for the majority of people, we have to start realizing the value of money. When you get to your twenties, you are already a part of society, and you are just getting started finding jobs and stop asking your parents to give you money and start earning it yourself. It is essential to start budgeting and knowing when and on what you spend your money.

At the start in your twenties, you are just beginning to develop and become the person you want to be, and with that, what paths you are going to choose to take. You have to have goals and start figuring out what you will need to do to accomplish them. You have to be ambitious and work really have on the things that will help you achieve your goals. Taking risks is necessary, and if you don’t start building towards your goals when you get older, you will regret not doing something that at that time seemed risky.

The twenties and very important, and in this period of your life, you can do and experience a lot of things, so never hold back because someday in the future, you will look back and proudly say how much you have enjoyed your life. With these couple of ideas on how to enrich your twenties, you will experience life more, improve as a person in the process, and have some great stories to tell when you are older.

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