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How to Get Better Results With Squats


Have you ever wondered how many squats you need to do in order to start seeing the results? If you have than this post is just for you!

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The first thing you need to know about squats before seeing the results is to know the correct way of doing this exercise (of course). This exercise activates the muscles known as glutes, on your legs. But, there are more things you need to do before you start seeing results.

How Many Squats

Let’s get real for a moment, you and I both know that there isn’t a magical number of squats after which you’re going to start seeing the results. But, most professional fitness trainers agree on one thing. Doing squats 2-3 times per week for about 8-12 reps in 3-5 sets of squats would be ideal for you to start with the squats.

The Weight You Use

The weight you use while doing the squats, on the other hand, might vary a lot. The gender doesn’t matter here. The only things that matter are your mobility, your weight and the skill level that you’re at. The important thing when doing squats according to Robert S. Herbst is to break up the squat frequency and implement some resting days between your workouts.

The Right Way

The best way to do squats is to lift your chest, and while looking forward, with your feet spread wider than your shoulders, leaning (sitting back), make sure not to sit down though! You should also try and stop your legs from bowing inwards and make sure that you lean forward because if not you might stress your lower back.

You won’t be seeing a lot of results even if you’re sticking to a good squatting routine if you’re not doing them right. Here’s how Paul Kostas, a personal trainer, explained it you need to make sure that you fully load and fully stretch out your muscles. You can get better results by squatting all the way down.

Leave Your Ego At Home

The most important thing when squatting that you need to remember is to leave your ego at home. Namely, don’t try and start big, heavy squats along with an incorrect way of doing them might lead to some heavy injury. Here’s how Ariel Osharenko, strength and conditioning coach, physical therapist, and a USA Olympic weightlifting coach, puts it. He says that it’s okay to slowly increase the weight you squat with because if you do the mistake of squatting with a lot of weight you could injure yourself.

Mix In a Couple of Variations of Squats

In order to get better results faster, what you need to do is to implement a couple of variations of squats in your routine. James Shapiro, a New York-based personal trainer with an MS in Exercise Science, says that if by changing the type of squats and mixing in a couple of variations you will get bigger glutes faster.

Increase the Number of Leg Workouts

When you’re done learning the technique of doing squats, you’re ready to implement some new leg workouts in your routine so that you can grow and strengthen the other leg muscles. So some variation of lunges is going to shape up your butt, as well as improve your joint health, your flexibility and help you gain some more power.


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