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How to Get Rid of a Smoke Smell in Your Car


I’ve never met someone that likes the smell of cigarettes in their car. Isn’t it just disgusting? Today we’re going to give you a couple of tips on how to get rid of the smell of smokes from your car. Enjoy!

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It doesn’t matter if you have bought a used car in which the past owner smoked their lungs off, or if you’ve finally decided to stop the bad habit of smoking the smell of cigarettes in your car will drive you and the people who drive in your car crazy!

Clean, Clean, Clean!

When trying to eliminate cigarettes smell from your car or any bad odor for that matter, is to clean the car as many times as it’s needed for the smell to wear off. Check the ashtrays, remove any trash out of the car, take out any belongings and get to work!

Vacuum the Interior of your Car!

The next thing that you will need to do is remove all the seat covers and the floor mats in order to start vacuuming the car. Use a regular handheld vacuum, or you can use those ones with the attachment that helps you to get to the hardest to get places easily.

Wash the whole Car

Use vinegar and water in a 1 to 1 ratio to help you clean up your car. You can also use a spray bottle that will help you out with spraying the mixture around your car. Use a microfiber cloth for wiping the interior of your car. Any cigarettes leftover residue can be cleaned up with some glass cleaner from your windows and windshield.

Clean your car’s Ventilation System!

To clean out your cooling/heating in the car you will need to turn on the fan of your car on high and the temperature to the lowest setting. Let it work like that for some time, and after that use some odor neutralizer and spray it into the vents. Repeat this process one more time but this time turn the heat to the highest setting.

A Couple of Precautions:

It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve tried to clean up your car if you’re not doing it right, your car will remain dirty and it will be even more difficult to eliminate the bad odor once the smell sets inside of your car’s interior. So, what would be the best thing to do? Well, if it comes to this the best thing to do would be to get new upholstery, carpets, sit covers etc.

If you’re not feeling like cleaning up your entire car, both the interior and the exterior then the next best thing to do would be to call for some help of a pro! This will cost you somewhere between 125 dollars and 200 dollars.


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