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How to make up with your partner after a fight


Relationships are filled with ups and downs. There is a lot of love, and at times there could also be a lot of fights. But, fights oftentimes turn out to be a good thing in a relationship simply because of the end result. Namely, when we’re fighting with our partner we’re simply brushing off the differences, and sometimes fights might last too long. You fight, you’re both stubborn, and none of you wants to back down and take the first step towards apologizing.

Don’t Hold on to the Argument for Too Long

Nothing good can come out from holding on to an argument for a long period of time. No matter if you think that your partner was wrong, just apologize and go on, if only one of you was to be blamed in the beginning if you drag it out for too long, it becomes the other one’s fault too!

You don’t feel like apologizing if you don’t have anything to apologize for? Well, just get over it, say the apology and don’t postpone the argument even longer. Every story has two sides, and if you think that it isn’t your fault, your partner might be feeling the same for himself or herself.

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We all need Some Space

If you and your partner live together, then the worst thing you could do is stay in the same room, close to each other. You can go to another room, or go outside for a walk to clear your head off, and leave your partner alone for some time. While you’re at it, you can simply try and compose your thoughts and see what went wrong, and how you can fix it.

There will be times when you feel ready to apologize or make up, but your partner is simply not there yet. The worst thing that you could do in those times is to be too clingy or try and push your partner into making up. Give them some space, and leave them alone until they feel good and they come to you to talk. And in that time you can compose your side of the story and think what you would say.

Speak Up!     

If you’re one of those couples that constantly argue over the same thing over and over again, for months, then you should probably read carefully through this paragraph!

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The most important thing that you need to do to put the argument behind you and not come back to it ever again is if you sit down with your partner and speak up what are the problems that caused this argument. If you understand your partner’s feelings and you allow them to understand yours then the argument will be solved, and you will never come back to it again!

Your Relationship is Always in the First Place

When you take everything into consideration you understand that you both love each other. And the main ingredients in a relationship are small fights. So what you need to understand is that nothing is more important than your relationship and you should always put it in the first place. Support each other, try and understand what the problem is and figure it out!

Fighting is good for a relationship. It can be really healthy for both of you. What you need to focus on is to find a way to find a solution and solve the problems that caused the fight.


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