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How to Travel Cheap and See the World


A lot of people nowadays refuse to go on holiday or travel the world because they have the thought that they don’t have the money for that or if they do it seems they have to pay too much for it. Traveling and seeing the world doesn’t have to be expensive, and with the following tips, you can see that traveling can be cheap, and when doing it, how you can also save money.

Chose the Things you Need

The people who tell you all the stories where they have been and how much they travel and visit places around the world, they don’t necessarily have to be rich. People who are always popping up on your social media taking photos in different areas have prioritized a good chunk of their earning on those vacations. They certainly plan out their travels beforehand and decide to cut on some other things in their life that they don’t need that much. This is an excellent way for you to save up for that vacation you always wanted to go to. Consider that, if you choose to do it this way you have to get rid of something that you don’t need or don’t use that often, like selling your expensive phone and getting a mid-priced one, getting a cheaper television package or stop going to work with your car and start going by bike and save gas money.

Find Cheap Locations

If you want your vacation to be not so expensive, the first thing you should consider is not to be picky. You should take a look at places that are not that popular, and not everyone knows about them. People have the perception that if a place is not that popular, it must be boring or not beautiful. But if you search the internet for a while, you will find places around the world that not everybody knows of, that a beautiful place to visit and they won’t cost you your yearly salary. When you go to these places, you don’t have to be worried and always thinking about how much money you have left. They can be cheap and still, you can have a great time. If you look at some of the places that don’t require you to pay a lot of money, they have the same beautiful beaches, forests, nightlife and kind, funny locals as the mainstream places that will cost you a fortune.

Find Cheap Accommodations

Another way to save up when you are going traveling is finding accommodations that are a reasonable price. One way of doing it is to go traveling when it is not the peak season at that destination, if you are planning to go on a summer vacation, you can find lower prices in a hotel and private rooms if you go at the end of August of the start of September. At that time of year, it is still warm, and you can always have a good time. Hotels and private rooms at that period of the year in some places lower their prices because not a lot of people visit that time of the year. Also, if you can find housing a bit away from the center of that city or town, it is also a plus. You will be a little far from the main attractions, but taking 20 minutes or half an hour to get there isn’t much. You can also experience more if you are a bit further and see more of that city you are staying in.

Don’t Over-Spend when you Have a Cheaper Option

When traveling, take as much time as you can. We all can get a plane and get to our destination in a couple of hours. If you don’t have the time or you can’t put aside that much time a plane ride is always the answer. But if you want to pay less and experience more, taking the train or bus is always the right way. For somebody, it can be hard taking a 5 or 6 hours trip on a bus from one place to another, but you definitely see more of the country you are in. You talk more with the locals, and you can get the best advice on where to go from the locals, maybe they can tell you a place that isn’t in the brochure, or it is not even on google maps. You experience the culture more, see more shops, eat different food, and have conversations with different people. Also not getting that taxi from your hotel to the city center, can be beneficial, the best way you can put it is, you just see and experience a lot more.

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You Don’t Need A Lot to Travel

And last but not least, travel light, stop bringing things with you that you don’t need. The ideal thing is just that a backpack. We all have seen people carrying large suitcases and struggling to carry everything at once. Traveling only with a backpack can save you money and can be so much less stressful. You don’t pay extra for the baggage on the plane or for the bus and most importantly, when your plane lands we all know that it takes ages for you to reclaim your bags from baggage claim, just throw your backpack on your back at you are out of that airport in a second.

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