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How to work from home and get stuff done


All the buzz today is working from the comfort of your own home and not having a set time to go to work and instead to be able to choose the time that fits you the most to work. And, once you’ve been given this chance, and you leave your office, you realize that it actually is pretty hard to get things done. Yes, you are in the comfort of your own home, and you don’t have to wake up at 9:00 am, and you can even work in your pajamas. These are the main things that are stopping you from doing proper work. Suddenly, you are able to notice every little thing that happens in your apartment, the moment you start working is the moment when you remember that you need to take your dog out for a walk or give your pet something to eat. And, in the middle of all this, you realize that you’ve lost your motivation for work. So, you want to find out how to work from home, and find a way to get things done? You’ve come to the right place! Read on, and find out my preferred techniques to achieve total motivation and work ethic at my home office!

Prepare your Workspace

Bad habits and loss of motivation are one of the most common things that happen once you start freelancing, or when you start working from home. By not having a specific workspace, and without the boss continually yelling at you to finish your work, you start getting a bit lazy, and you tend to procrastinate.  But, if you decide to lay down on your bad, and start answering emails from there, you will quickly realize that your working hour has turned into a napping hour. Try and set up your home office in a space far away from your couch, entertainment center, and your bed. This way you will be much more productive… Trust me!

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To-Do Lists and Timetables Are Everything

By creating a to-do list and a timetable, you will be able to set your tasks and goals for the day. This way, you will know what you need to finish for the day, and it will be much easier to do it once you plan out your time. This way, you know how much free time you will have that day, so it will be much easier for you to stop yourself from procrastinating. And, once you slip back into the bad habits of procrastinating or simply slide off course, you can have some kind of punishment system that will make you want to finish your job.

Airplane Mode and Web Site Blockers are your Friends

By working from home and not having anyone watching over your shoulder if you’re actually working or laughing at the cute cat video on your Facebook timeline, you will spend much more time on your social media. So, stop thinking that you have the whole day in front of you to do the task because you don’t. Stop thinking that you’ll only spend ten minutes on your social media because you won’t. Stop procrastinating and start working. The best way to do this is by using the airplane mode on your phone or use the notifications blocker, and for your computer, you can easily take advantage of the website and social media blockers, so you can do your work distraction-free!

Reward Yourself When You Finish your Work

If you’re working from home, you can oftentimes find yourself lost and without any motivation. This is simply because of the fact that you don’t have somebody that constantly tells you that you have done an excellent job, or that you messed up. You surely cannot get the employee of the month, well you can, but each and every month you would be the one that gets it, so that’s how you lose your motivation to get things done. The best thing you can do at this point of time is to find a good reward system that would work for you, and use it to award yourself when you finish the work you should’ve completed for the day. And, if you don’t finish the work, think of a punishment system to use instead!

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Positive Mindset is Key

Working from home can be depressing and lonely. So make sure that you have the right mindset to achieve ultimate productivity. A lot of people that are working from home think that they are not doing good enough work, and to that I say. If you got the ability to work from home, you surely are doing something right! So, start believing in the work you’re doing, and you will start improving immediately!

Working from home is not an excuse for you to sleep in and procrastinate your whole life. You should look at it as a possibility for you to get more time for yourself (when you can afford it, of course). These couple of rules are an excellent start for the ones of you that can’t seem to find the motivation to work from home!


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