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Husband posts pictures of his deceased wife and unborn child who were killed in a car accident


It only takes a moment, a second, if you don’t pay attention while you are driving to change someone’s life completely. While Krystil Kincaid, a 29-year-old, soon-to-be mom was driving on the road, a drunk driver crashed into her car. She was eight months pregnant at the time. She was rushed to the hospital where she was put on life support right away. But unfortunately, she and her unborn baby girl were pronounced dead the next day. Krystil’s husband started posting photos of his wife’s funeral on his social media so that justice will be served to the person who had done this.

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Zach Kincaid, the husband of Krystil, the world would change when his wife and unborn baby were in a car crash back in September 2018. When the ambulance came at the place of the accident, they saw that the car which Krystil was in, was starting to catch fire. They took Krystil out of the burning vehicle and rushed her to the hospital, where she was put on life support. They did a few tests to see if the unborn baby had suffered any injuries from the crash. And they found out that the baby was already dead, and Krystil was pronounced dead the next day.

On the 26th of September 2018, Zach buried his wife and unborn child and posted pictures from the funeral on his social media, which left thousands of people online heartbroken. In the pictures, you can see the family saying goodbye to Krystil and the unborn baby who is laying in an open casket. Zach also carried his unborn baby girl who his other four children never got to meet, and he let them hold her and say goodbye.

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The person who was responsible for the car crash was 28-year-old, Marcos Forestal, the police had arrested and charged Marcos with driving while intoxicated, causing a collision with major injuries. Back in June 2018, the Riverside County district attorney’s office sentenced him to 10 years in prison for vehicular manslaughter while driving intoxicated.

Zach has also made a GoFundMe page, where he has posted a heartbreaking picture of him next to his wife in the hospital saying his last goodbye. He made the page to help his family financially, and any donations are helpful. To this day, sixty-eight thousand dollars have been raised from people online who gave donations to the family.

With the pictures that he posted on his social media, Zach also wrote that he has no idea how is he going to explain the injustice to his kids. He has also spoken about how low is the sentence that was given to the drunk driver who killed his wife and unborn child. Zach continued to say how a drunk reckless driver was driving on the wrong lane and went into a blind corner hitting his wife’s car and causing her to die and brought pain to his whole family. He went on and explained how they had already picked Avalynn as the name for their unborn girl, who was due to be born on the 9th of October. He said that the state of California had to make a change to the max sentence given to drunk drivers when these kinds of crashes happen and that they should be more than 10 years.

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Zach was interviewed by some news outlets and has said that he was on speakerphone when the crash happened. They were having a conversation when Zach heard his wife screaming and right after hearing a loud crash. He said that he listened to the car tumbling, and when the tumbling stopped, there was just silence, he was shocked and knew something went horribly wrong.

Zach has also made a petition on, which has got more than 193 signatures, and in which he hopes that the representatives of the state of California will rethink and change the drunk driving penalties. Ten years is way too low of a sentence for someone to recklessly take a life. After the incident, the drunk driver was barely injured. He went on his social media to blame Krystil for the accident and didn’t even stop to see if she needed help to get out of her car.

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Some things have to be changed, and the sentence of the man that caused colossal pain to one family should be more than 10 years. The family needs to get some kind of justice, and representatives are urged to make changes to the penalties.

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