Identical triplets take a DNA test just to get the most unexpected results

The Story Starts!

On December 12th 1977 started the story of the Dahm triplets, Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn who were all born in this order. We assume that their parents felt blessed discovering that they were going to have three equally beautiful daughters. Each and every other person that saw them was left in awe because of how beautiful all three of them were, with their amazing blue eyes, blond hair and beautiful faces! And what was even more stunning, they all looked so identical to one another. People couldn’t tell them apart at all!

Who is Who?

Even their parents found it hard to tell them apart which lead them to tattoo their children’s bottoms. Nicole – the first out of the three go tattooed one dot, the second one – Erica, has two dots tattooed. And finally, their third child Jaclyn doesn’t have a dot. The triplets were pretty connected to one another, in fact, they were inseparable. So this made it even harder for their close ones.

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