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Identical triplets take a DNA test just to get the most unexpected results


On December 12th 1977 started the story of the Dahm triplets, Nicole, Erica and Jaclyn who were all born in this order. We assume that their parents felt blessed discovering that they were going to have three equally beautiful daughters.

Each and every other person that saw them was left in awe because of how beautiful all three of them were, with their amazing blue eyes, blond hair and beautiful faces! And what was even more stunning, they all looked so identical to one another. People couldn’t tell them apart at all!

Who is Who?

Even their parents found it hard to tell them apart which lead them to tattoo their children’s bottoms. Nicole – the first out of the three go tattooed one dot, the second one – Erica, has two dots tattooed. And finally, their third child Jaclyn doesn’t have a dot. The triplets were pretty connected to one another, in fact, they were inseparable. So this made it even harder for their close ones.

Everybody Knows Everything

The three identical girls were born and raised USA, Minnesota, in a small town called Jordan. They also started going to school in a public school in the same town. And, living in a small town, as all of us living in a small town know, came with the first wave of attention for the triplets. There weren’t more than 30 000 people living in the town at the time, so everybody knew about them. The modeling agencies started noticing how beautiful the girls actually are.

They Are Inseparable

The three sisters were practically inseparable, they did everything together! “We rarely hold our own identity. We were always known as ‘You three’ or ‘The Triplets”. Said Nicole in an interview with Playboy magazine. They all had the same people around them, the all wore the same pieces of clothing, and they even used the same toys to play. And despite all the rifts and arguments caused by their connection, they got through it and stuck together!


As we mentioned earlier, modeling agencies were quick to talk to scout the girls… And there were a lot of those scouting for them, they were rare, beautiful triplets, what else were you expecting?! With just the age of 16 they managed to get on the cover of “Teen Magazine” as the “Great Model Search” winners. This was their first wave in the modeling industry waters, and it didn’t take them a long time before making it on another magazine. This was one of the biggest magazines at the time!

University Opens Up A lot Of Things

Making a career out of modeling wasn’t a thing that the Dahm sisters really had in their minds. They all started studying in the University of Minnesota, they were studying what they loved doing – they were in the nursing school. Their dream was that someday in the future all three of them would achieve their dreams, being nurses. They even had planned out that they were going to work in the same hospital! But, the life had something else in store for them, because on campus they found the flier that was advertising the search for models which were going to be included in the “Girls of the Big Ten Special Edition” by Playboy.

Modeling? Yes? No?

The triplets didn’t think that by applying for the modeling gig would change their live radically. They got to the casting agent and it didn’t took him long to realize that the girls were gorgeous. He decided that he would like to  schedule a test shoot, but the sisters had to decide if they wanted to take off their clothes in order to be on that magazine, and they of course had to decide together! And, after a couple of debates and a lot of talk they decided that they were going to be the first identical triplets to make it in the monthly centerfold of the Playboy magazine!

What To Do…

They put a lot of thought into the decision to take of their clothes for the Playboy magazine, and they didn’t take the decision easy, after all, it was a pretty indecent choice. And when they looked back just a couple of days when they weren’t even thinking of modeling at all, let along modeling without any clothes. “We wouldn’t have done this, ever as individuals” said Jaclyn for the playboy in an interview back in 1998. What they didn’t have in mind is that the modeling gig is going to open up so many doors and contracts for them, while uncovering a shocking DNA test…

Will They Make It?!

The Dahm sisters were doing just amazing after their appearance in the centerfold of the magazine. There were lots of great opportunities for them. At one moment Erica even said that their lives started with the decision that they made, to model for the Playboy Magazine. She even said that she wouldn’t change that for anything in the World, that it was a great experience for her and her sisters. They left university after they got featured on Playboy, and went on to chase their “Modeling Dreams”

Doors Were Opening Here and There:

After the “Big Decision” the girls were met by tons of opportunities. They even got onto a couple of pretty famous TV shows such as “Boy Meets World”. They were playing the beautiful triplets that were living in the proximity of Jack and Eric. They even won $10 000 in an episode of the “Family Feud”.

“Renovate my family” – The Show

Even after that, things were moving so fast and amazing for the triplets. They even at one point won an episode of “House Wars”. So, when they got hired to play in “Renovate M Family” – a reality show playing on FOX their lives got turned upside down without them even noticing. The host of the show was Dr. Phil’s son, Jay McGraw. And this is where he and the middle sister Erica met. He literally fell for Erica the first time he saw her, and went on to knock on her trailer and ask her to watch a movie together. Even Erica admitted that it was love at first site!

“The Doctors”

The chance meeting with Jay McGraw was the thing that led the triplets to finding out the DNA test results that were actually pretty shocking for them. The famous Dr. Phil is best known for being one of the executive producers on the then famous show “The Doctors”. On this show, people would come and talk about some of the medical issues they were experiencing or someone close to them was experiencing. There were a couple of times that some celebrities would get featured on the show and they also talked and discussed their medical issues.

Triplet Health and Health Problems

After the marriage of McGraw and Erica back in 2006, he wanted to take them – The sisters on his father’s show. He wanted them to talk about the everyday health and live in general of the three sisters. The people watching at home loved them, their beautiful and intriguing persona made the public go crazy for them! They even came back a couple of times because of how great their shows really were. And, the executive producers of the show came up with an amazing idea that would make an impact in TV shows!

Crazy…? Don’t You Think So?!

The show was really famous, and their appearance made it even better. But, a phenomenon that happened at the end of 2009 made the show bloom – Namely, all three of the sisters got pregnant at the same time! The people couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Once they got pregnant the show started featuring them even more frequently.

 Photography: Linnea Lenkus Fine Art Portrait Studios

Lovely Story for Lovely Triplets

The triplets gave birth to amazing children within weeks from one another. And, that is not the most amazing thing that happened with them. They all gave birth at the same time and they all gave birth to amazing and beautiful baby girls. You have to admit that this is kinda weird, don’t you think? Jaclyn said “It must be that triplet bond” in an interview for Playboy. She went on to say that they’ve all been so fortunate and blessed! The producers of The Doctors decided to let them be for a bit, and settle into motherhood. Now, in 2017 they called them with their amazing idea!

We Need To Tlak.

The producers of the Show along with Jay McGraw told the idea to the triplets somewhere at the start of 2017. A journalist from Inside Edition was to be brought so that she could investigate the DNA. And even after having the fact that nobody has ever tested the reliability of the kits of identical triplets in the past in mind, it was still a strange and shocking idea that they came up with. And the results of the tests would be even stranger!

Popular DNA tests

DNA tests and ancestry tests have been more and more popular in the recent years. I mean, who doesn’t want to learn more about who they really are and where their roots really are. We even got to the point that two companies became leaders at these things – 23andMe and Ancestry are the names of the companies. These companies are great for people to learn what their heritage really is and to actually find out their ethnicities. The tests are not that expensive and as their names suggests they are pretty easy to do at home!

Let’s Do It!

So, the point of the tests is that you get a saliva kit in the post, you provide them with a small sample of your saliva, and then they decode you DNA and tell you more about your heritage. There even have been people tracking down their long lost relatives with these tests… They gave their samples, and shipped the kit back to the company. They didn’t even have an idea how the results that they got would go on to shock the world.


The wait game wasn’t really long, as it takes just a couple of weeks in order to get the results back.  So theoretically, the triplets are identical, so there shouldn’t be any differences on the tests… But, the journalist from Inside Edition, was even more impatient to see the results as she was pretty dubious with these testing kits.

Little Did They Know

When the triplets applied for the modeling job at Playboy at the beginning, they had no idea that their lives would turn out like they did. They never would’ve imagined that they’d be taking DNA tests for a TV Show watched by millions of people, in order for them to prove or disprove once and for all how identical they are. They started out as three identical sisters from Minnesota, and they got to sitting on the couch of “The Doctors” waiting for their DNA tests…

DNA Seems to Fascinate Them.

With the fascination for medicine, and taking the fact that they actually went to nursing school into consideration. We can assume how fascinated the Dahm triplets really were by genetics and DNA… But, what they didn’t expect, was that they were going to be really shocked when they see the results of the DNA tests. They sent out the tests to 23andMe and the results were to be read on air in a special episode of “The Doctors” in March 2017.

Okay That’s to Be Expected.

The triplets, as well as the audience were not really surprised of the first batch of results that came through… They showed that the triplets were identical, nothing to really be excited for there, right? In fact they can even open each other’s safes because of how identical their fingerprints are. Crazy…? Right…? But, that’s not all…

Heritage and Ancestors:

The second batch they took was going to show them more than how and if they were identical or not… This one is going to show them their heritage, their ancestry, the ethnicities each of them belongs to and more.  And having in mind that the first batch of results came up showing that they were identical, the sisters didn’t expect anything exciting in this batch of results. But, boy they were wrong….

Is That All?

The first, the most basic results were showing that the triplets were all 99 percent European. So, they were identical right. No, when they broke down the DNA further they got results that Erica was 16 percent British and Irish. But, in Nicole’s results, they saw a WHOLE 2 percent INCREASE in the British and Irish ethnicity. And as they delve deeper and deeper into the DNA they got even more and more confused.

How Can It Be…

The next results showed even greater differences between the sisters, the 23andMe test showed them that Nicole had 11% of French, Jaclyn was at 18% and Erica had a whole 11.3% increase from her “identical” sister. Both the girls and the Doctors from the show couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact that three siblings with identical DNA could get such mixed results. And with more numbers showing on the screen, the audience along with the sisters and the Doctors gasped even more.


They kept getting shocked with each and every result that came through… When they got to the Scandinavian they saw that Erica and Jaclyn were both 7,4 percent Scandinavian. But, Nicole was 11.4%, which is almost whole 4 percent more than her two sisters. None of them knew how could this be… And they were all shocked to find the differences in the results.

How Can It Be?!

None of the people there could believe the results they were getting, and none of them could really hide the shock that they were experiencing. They couldn’t explain how they got those results. Nicole said that she was surprised because they all came from the same egg and they have the same DNA. After these results, the host of the show – Dr. Travis said that these tests shouldn’t be used for scientific purposes and that they should only be used for entertainment

That Doesn’t Seem Logical?

One of the Doctors on the show, DR. Stork said that the tests weren’t advanced to get the whole 100% of the things right. He also went on to say that despite the fact that we have gotten this far in the technology of testing our genes, you still cannot get all the results with a single spit in a cup… And knowing that the journalist Lisa Guerrero was not sure in the DNA tests, was this the end for the tests, did both of them disapprove the tests and their kits?!

The 2nd Test:

Well, yes, the reporter was kinda reserved about the tests in the beginning, but, on the show she actually said that she would like to try those tests herself at some point in the future. Despite the fact that she knew that she was English on her dad’s side and Latina on her mom’s, she didn’t really knew what were the percentages. And despite the fact that the tests aren’t that advanced that she would still want to give them a go and investigate a bit more about her heritage.

You Can Do It Better!

Yes, Lisa said that she would like to give the tests a try, but she also said that she would like to do something with a doctor, something that is more accurate and advanced. And, yeah, those tests might be a bit more pricy, but they have the ability to dig deeper and be more accurate too! But, both Lisa and Dr. Stork said that they could see why the tests became so popular… People love discovering things about themselves that they don’t know and these tests (even if they’re not accurate enough) they give them the possibility to do just that!


None of the three identical girls did think that they’d get this shocked by the results that came from the tests. They are also glad that they could help raise awareness for the tests. Lots of things have changed for the girls since the “Test Episode” on the show. They have gone much further than their hometown of Jordan, their first modeling gig at Playboy and they even surpassed the appearance on the couch of “The Doctors”. And I know that you want to know where they are now and what are they doing…

Isn’t it Strange?

They haven’t aged a bit…. They are as beautiful as ever, and they’re still alike… Just a couple of years after having their daughters within a couple of weeks of one another, the gave birth to cute boys as well. They also got pregnant around the same time. And as we told you in the beginning, they still do it. They do everything together… They are all married, they all have one daughter and they all have one son.

Rumors Oh Rumors…

Everything is not great in a public life, as the triplets can tell you. There are always some kinds of rumors, hate comments, or news stories that are pretty much fake. Erica and McGraw are always in the focus and everybody is rumoring their divorce. The same thing’s happening to Dr. Phil (McGraw’s dad) and Robin (McGraw’s mom).

Wedding From Your Dreams.

You can’t go wrong with a Beverly Hills wedding. That’s what Erica and Jay had in 2006 at his father’s property. A small ceremony, an intimate wedding and their personal vows told in front of 400 witnesses. Robin, Jay’s mother admitted that the whole thing was an emotional event, she even said that she noticed how her husband was tearing up and seeing that made her cry tears of joy!

Seal The Deal!

Jay didn’t spare us from all the detail on how he actually asked Erica to be his life partner. He decided to start talking about it on an episode of his father’s show. “I took Erica to Dalls, Texas, I got down on my knee and took out the ring and asked her if she would like to spend the rest of her life with me” said Jay. The ring that he got for her was a 5 carat platinum, two green emeralds and some diamonds. Let me tell you, she is pretty lucky to have him.

Can You Brag With Identical Bridesmaids?

The cherry on top of the cake was that Jaclyn and Nicole were Erica’s bridesmaids. Now, let me ask you something… Who can say that you had identical bridesmaids on your wedding? Raise your hands…Bradley Bayou designed their dresses. The bride’s gown was designed by Chado Ralph Rucci, and it was unique ‘cause he designed it for her!

The Children are Our Future:

We mentioned before that Erica has a daughter and a son same as all of the Dahm sisters. Aver Elizabeth is the name of Jay’s and Erica’s daughter. And only after a year they had their son London Philip back in 2011. They love sharing photos of their children on the social media accounts, I mean, don’t get me wrong…Who wouldn’t want to show off with these adorable angels.

Jay’s Best Man…

Jay’s father Dr. Phil is around his son and his daughter in law all the time. In fact he has been with them since the beginning. And once Jay told Phil that he is thinking of proposing to Erica his father was delighted. Jay also decided to ask his father to be his Best Man. On his father’s show Jay actually said “My parents love Erica almost as much as I do”

Let’s Turn Our Attention To Jaclyn…

Jaclyn married a lovely and great looking man. She says that he’s the man of her dreams and the name is Billy Dolan. The loving family loves sharing their loving moments on their social media and they also spend a lot of time on vacations with Erica and Jay.

They Wouldn’t Get Here Without The Playboy Test Shoot:

I can’t stress this enough. The girls said that they cannot believe how many doors the Playboy test shoot actually opened up for them. Looking back before their success, back in their hometown the sisters “It’s something you never experience when you’re from a small town of 2,000 people, and all of a sudden you’re in a magazine all around the world.” Erica added that having her sisters by her side and knowing that they all did it together is amazing!

Reality TV

Reality TV was job that all of the triplets actually decided to try out after the famous Playboy test shoot happened.  Recently they could be seen in Relic Hunter on Canadian TV. The show talks about a person trying to return artifacts that are pretty important back in a museum.

A talented trio

The triplets have a lot more talent than Modeling and TV appearances. They also love cooking. In fact they have their own YouTube Channel. They discover recipes and try them out, and they even develop some recipes themselves. The Channel name is TripletGorumet if you want to check them out.


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