If You Still Have These Old Toys, You Could Be Rich!

Toys are amazing entertainment tools to keep our children quiet… But, have you ever thought about them as money-making machines? Namely, there are lots of toys that might grow in value as they get older and older. The big problem is when the kid starts playing with the toy it usually rips open the box and eventually breaks the toy. If you’re one of the lucky ones and actually kept the toy in its original box and if the toy itself is relatively in a good shape, then you’re looking at probably making a small fortune if the toy has a good value! Following are some amazing toys that still have great value!

1. Vintage 1959 Barbie

Barbie dolls, one of the most well-known toys for young girls. There are tons of Barbies you can find, but the only one which keeps its value is The Original First Edition. If you have one of these in good condition you’re looking at making around $23 thousand dollars.


You’ll know that you have the first original edition Barbie if you can see a retro hairstyle, along with some zebra bathing suit, as well as her usual high heels and hour-glass body. There are only two other Barbies that sold better than the first edition one, those are De Beers 40th Anniversary Barbie which was sold for $85 thousand dollars and the Stefani Canturi one that went for amazing $302 thousand dollars.

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