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In 27 Hours, He Becomes A Father and Widower, This Is Matt Logelin’s Story


Love and life are funny things. One day we have it and the next day, both of them can be gone. And that’s exactly what happened to Matt Logelin when he married the woman of his dreams. The two had just started living their lives together, were expecting a bundle of joy, when the worst happened.

In a story of love, despair, hopelessness, endurance and strength, Matt Logelin’s life was changed in ways that some of us could scarcely imagine, far less, survive. If you’d like to read about the strength of a single father and how he managed to overcome his trials, just keep reading.

A Classic Love Story

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It seemed that Matt Logelin and Liz Goodman were destined to be together from the start. The two had both grown up in the relatively small town of Minnetonka, Minnesota and went to high school together. One day, Liz walked up to Matt and there was an instant connection, even if she did end up mispronouncing his name.

The two started dating and pretty soon after, you would not be able to spot one without the other; they were simply inseparable. But going to different colleges and having a long distance relationship would be the least of their concerns. The couple would be put through a horrible experience which had the potential to destroy everything they had worked towards.

Going Down Different Paths


The high school seniors soon had to say goodbye to each other to further their education. It was almost like they had met too late in high school and soon, their time together came to an end. As graduation approached, Matt and Liz made the most of their last few months together as they prepared to go to colleges, almost 2000 miles apart. Matt got accepted into the University of Minnesota, while Liz had to go all the way to California to start her degree.

But like true high school sweethearts, their love endured and they were able to keep their relationship going despite the distance. But that wouldn’t be the end of it. Matt ended up moving to Chicago to complete a Master’s degree and was considering doing a Ph.D. as well when he decided to go with his heart instead of his head.

No More Distance


The couple had spent too much time apart, in Matt’s opinion, so instead of going back to school, he decided to go meet the love of his life. And after all those years, Matt packed his bags and moved to be with Liz in Los Angeles.

Together, they built many beautiful memories together. They were both go-getters and took every opportunity that they could to make their love stronger. Matt and Liz were both big fans of travel and they went to many countries, deciding that seeing the world together would give them stories to tell their kids one day. And it was on one of those trips that Matt popped the question. He asked Liz to marry him while they were vacationing in Nepal.

The Perfect Couple

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And of course, Liz said yes. How could she not? The engagement was an extremely short one because the couple knew they only had eyes for each other. So on August 13th, 2005, the two said “I do” and pledged themselves to each other while surrounded by their loved ones and biggest supporters. Matt and Liz could not have been more excited to spend the rest of their lives together and it seemed like everything was falling right into place for them.

They were both doing very well in their professional careers too. Liz had gotten a job as one of the financial executives at Disney, while Matt was a project manager at Yahoo! With the great jobs that they had, the two bought their first house together and moved in shortly after the wedding. But the good news was far from over.

A Bundle of Joy

Absolutely Connected

Matt and Liz were still happily married two years later, but they wanted more. They knew that they both would make amazing parents and so, they decided that a baby girl or boy would make the perfect addition to their little family. So, in 2007, when Liz found out that she was expecting, the couple was absolutely over the moon about it.

Excited beyond words, Matt and Liz shared the news with just about everyone they called friend or family. It would not be long before they started to prepare for their baby’s arrival. But all their happiness was about to come crashing down in a heartbreaking twist of fate.

Liz Logelin’s Blog


Because this was the couple’s first child together and they were so far away from home, Liz wanted to find the perfect way to keep everybody posted about how her pregnancy was going, without having to make too many calls and having the same conversations over and over again. And they decided that a blog would be the best way to do that. On the blog, they posted pictures of Liz and her progress and also explained what was happening, as it happened.

Matt, in particular, was happier than he had ever been and he loved the blog just as much as Liz did. One of his many favorites was a picture where Liz was pointing at her growing belly. There was no couple in the world more ecstatic that Matt and Liz, but it would be short-lived, as tragedy would soon strike.

The Pregnancy Gets Difficult


The couple’s happiness was still very apparent, even when Liz’s pregnancy was getting more and more difficult as the days passed by. She had severe morning sickness, so much so that her doctors ordered her to be on bed rest for a few weeks.

Matt was extremely concerned about his wife and made sure to be a doting husband. Liz was a healthy woman who was usually very active, so he was a bit puzzled as to why she was feeling this way. So he kept an eye on her and took over the blog as Liz rested. But he had no idea the words he would soon be sending out to everyone who was rooting for him and his wife.

A Very Early Delivery


At 33 weeks, Liz’s pregnancy was already considered to be a high-risk one. She had a group of devoted doctors who were not taking any chances, so she was rushed to the emergency room, for the third time. The two previous times that she had been there, the baby changed his or her mind at the last minute and was not yet ready to come out.

But at 33 weeks, with the baby almost two months premature, Liz was ready to give birth. Her doctors had ordered an emergency C-section and the mother-to-be was wheeled into the operating room. March 24th would be a day that Matt Logelin would never forget, and it wasn’t just because he welcomed his first child into the world.

A Glimpse At the Baby


The doctors had said that the surgery went well and the couple would soon be saying hello to their daughter, who they named Madeline Logelin, Maddy for short. Because she was premature, she only weighed three pounds and 14 ounces, and her parents were completely in love with her. But she has to be whisked away quickly after the birth to the neonatal intensive care unit, to make sure that all was well and she got the immediate treatment she needed.

While this was being done, Matt took it upon himself to update the blog, writing, “Madeline is here! The proud parents will continue to update everyone on our beautiful baby. Look forward to even more good news.” But what followed was anything but good, and it was something that no one could have predicted.

The First Contact


Matt and Liz were happy that the difficult pregnancy was over and all they wanted to do was spend time with their daughter. Liz, in particular, had not held little Maddy just yet and was eager to take the baby into her arms. But the doctors had told her that she needed a full day of bedrest to get her strength back up and to begin the healing process. And when it was over, Liz was prepped and placed on a wheelchair where she would soon be pushed to meet her little girl.

Earlier in the day, Matt was right by her side, helping her practice walking around the room so she could do it while holding Maddy. They were eager to get some alone time with her and bond as a family for the very first time. But that moment was not meant to be and the worst happened right before Liz was supposed to meet her baby.

It All Happened So Fast


Matt, who was a devoted husband and was just as eager to see his daughter as he was to help his wife hold her, helped Liz into her wheelchair. As he was lifting her up, she whispered to him “I feel light-headed.” And then she collapsed in his arms. Not knowing what to do and panicked at seeing his wife so weak, Matt called the nurses. They entered the room, lay Liz back on the bed and tried to calm Matt down, assuring him that the symptoms Liz was experiencing were common in mothers who had just given birth.

But nothing the nurses said could ease the feeling that Matt had deep inside him: that something just was not right with the woman he had come to love. Soon, more nurses and doctors were called into the room to attend to Liz and Matt’s stomach sank more with each passing second. He was soon escorted out of the room, hoping and praying that everything would be okay.

1 Day, 3 Hours


Twenty-seven hours had passed since Liz had given birth and there was a flurry of activity in Liz’s hospital room. Matt remembers, “Suddenly there’s this ‘code blue,’ people rushing past me.” He had realized the worst at that moment and later told reporters, “All of a sudden it hit me, she was going to die, today, here in this hospital. And she was never going to hold her baby.” It was one of the most heartbreaking and heart-wrenching things that Matt had ever experienced and he had no idea how to cope with it all.

In the one day and three hours that Liz had given birth to her daughter, the doctors found out that a fatal blood clot had traveled to one of Liz’s lungs and had caused a rare and deadly pulmonary embolism. Liz was gone at just 30 years old, having never met her daughter. Matt was completely lost.

It All Comes Crashing Down

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In the space of 30 hours, Matt had gone from expecting a bundle of joy, to delivering her, then celebrating with his wife, to losing his wife. He became a father and a widower on almost the same day. What he was expecting was to walk out of the hospital with his daughter and wife in his arms, instead, one was lost to him forever and the other was fighting for her life in the ICU. Matt had hoped to log onto the blog and show all his friends and family his two favorite girls, but he could not. What he wrote would set in stone the tragedy that was now his life.

His last post on the blog, just days before, announced the arrival of Madelin and now, he had to sit down and let everyone know that Liz had not made it. Sitting down and writing the post was one of the hardest things Matt had to do, but he did and he started the post with, “Five weeks ago … things were perfect. On that same day, my world fell apart.” When he was finished writing, he named the post “Liz.”

Feeling At Odds


It was crazy to believe what had happened to Matt Logelin in the space of a few hours. Maddy was doing better as time passed by and he was more in love with her than ever, but at the same time, he had just lost his partner- the woman who had given him their beautiful daughter. It was like his emotions were at war with each other and he had no idea which ones to focus on. To make things worse, Matt realized that he would have to raise a beautiful baby girl all alone, and it floored him.

He had never imagined in a million years that he would be raising a child without Liz. He always had it in his mind that the two of them would take on the world together, and coping with the thought that she had lost her life before they could start it with their little girl consumed him.

All These Emotions


Matt continued to experience his rollercoaster of emotions. He had lost his partner of 12 years. He told himself that it wouldn’t have been so bad if there were signs and if he had some time to prepare. Of course, he would still be devastated, but it’d be much better than her leaving him with no warning. So he decided to turn to the one place that he knew he would feel virtually no sadness. With a heavy heart, he made his way to the ICU where tearful nurses and his beloved daughter awaited. Once there, he picked her up and held her for the first time, all the while thinking that his late wife had never and would never get the chance to.

Soon, it was time for the funeral, a moment Matt had no idea he would be planning this early on in his life. He took care of all the arrangements, said goodbye to Liz for the final time at the ceremony, then rushed to the hospital to feed his daughter. It was a difficult day for Matt, but soon, he would start to feel better as Maddy was finally being released from the hospital. Matt remembers, “when I finally got to bring Madeline home for the first time, I felt the house alive again.”

Liz Was Everywhere


Matt had finally come to terms with the idea of raising Maddy all alone. It was far from ideal, but he would make Liz proud and do the best job he possibly could. But it was difficult and not for the reasons one would expect. In the first few weeks without Liz, Matt remained strong even though it was the worst pain he had ever felt in his entire life. He took her wedding ring and wore it on his pinky finger and every Tuesday at 3:11 pm, he was brought back to the moment that changed his life for the worst- the time Liz died.  But he endured.

Even though it was difficult to be in their home with all her things there, painfully reminding him of what he had lost, he devoted himself to Maddy. He took her out on walks and strangely found himself comforting strangers who had asked for her mother and had discovered that she died the day after Maddy was born, as Matt had told them.

The New Normal


Matt’s grief was like a weight he held over his shoulders. It was vast and he felt it during his every waking moment. But he found comfort and strength in the fact that his daughter relied on him. Not only that, he knew that a part of Liz was in Maddy. There were many things Matt regretted, but what hurt him the most was her absence. He said, “The hardest thing about being by myself after Liz died was just not having her around me when she wasn’t here to share in the joys of having our brand new daughter with us.”

Wanting to make Liz proud, he made up his mind that he would do his very best raising their daughter all alone. And his first step would be to find a way to let out some of what he was feeling- so he turned to the internet. He found a parenting forum hosted by The Minnesota Star Tribune (his hometown newspaper) and started posting there. And that was just the beginning.

Letting It All Out


Matt also went back to his and Liz’s pregnancy blog and revamped it into his own, so that not only could he be surrounded by what Liz wrote, but he could continue his writing journey online. He logged on often and poured everything he was feeling into the blog, making it the outlet he so desperately needed. But then something he did not quite expect happened.

Matt knew that turning to the internet could relieve some of what he was feeling, but he didn’t expect it to work so well. He found the relief he was looking for by letting his feelings out and he also got advice from parents who came to care about him and his daughter as well. Things weren’t perfect, but he was allowing himself to carry less and less each day.

The Transformation Begins


Matt was a great man and turned out to be an amazing father, more so because he was doing it alone. He poured most of his time and energy into keeping his baby girl happy and even more into making sure she stayed healthy. And he made Liz a promise too. He promised his late wife that their daughter would know all about her, even though she was gone. Matt said, “I have great memories of Liz and I can tell her all about these things.”

He continued, “Some minutes, I am extremely happy and there are other minutes when I am so down I don’t know what to do. That’s what I try to convey through the blog.” It would be this very same blog that would begin to transform and blossom again into something new; something that would stay with this family of two for the rest of their lives.

A New Beginning


When Matt changed the blog for the second time, he called it “Matt, Liz and Madeline: Life and Death, All in a 27-Hour Period.” He thought the name would sum up one of the most beautiful and devastating times in his life and that’s exactly what it did. His other hope was that his daughter would be able to find comfort in it when she grew up. The one thing he never expected, however, was that so many people would love it; Matt’s blog became an internet sensation.

Mothers and fathers all over the country and the world helped Matt learn the everyday things he needed to know about having a newborn. They helped him learn thing like how to use nasal aspirators and what to use for diapers rashes. But the blog did something more. As tragic as Matt’s situation was, he knew that he was not the only person on the planet to go through something like this and his blog attracted people who had walked in his shoes. His activity on the forum attracted thousands upon thousands of readers per day and over a million every month, and Matt was absolutely stunned.

His Online Community


Out of Matt’s heartache and grief came an inspiring community of people who were not just there for him, but also there for each other. While it was still Matt’s outlet and a place he could seek advice about raising his child, it was also a place where he could let Liz’s memory live on. Although they were strangers, there was a sense of family that tied everyone together and made Matt feel like he wasn’t alone.

Now, this had never been his intention. All Matt wanted to do was to transform some of his pain into words. But what ended up happening was people rooting for him and cheering him on. Some people were so touched by what had happened to Matt that they sent care packages to him to help ease the pressure of him being a recent widower and a first-time dad.

Care Packages

If Matt thought that he would just get one or two care packages, then he was mistaken. People he didn’t even know sent him things, and it was items he had no idea he needed. Not only did he receive stuffed animals and other kinds of toys, but he was also sent baby clothes. He got some necessities too and they came in the form of formula dividers, diaper bags, nail clippers and even hair accessories- and this was all because he told his community that he was worried that he wasn’t doing Liz proud with the way he was dressing their baby girl.

And he received even more gifts, so much so that his living room was absolutely stuffed with them. Matt said, “I never imagined that people would care about us the way they do.” He was extremely grateful for all the help and decided to do something that would amaze his community even more. He called on some of his most avid readers and set up a charity in Liz’s name.

The Liz Logelin Foundation


Inspired by the giving nature of the people he had shared his feelings, doubts and hopes with, Matt created the Liz Logelin Foundation- a charity run by volunteers and one that was meant to organize fundraising events like runs and walks in Liz’s memory. One of their very first raised $4, 400, money that was meant to be gifted to Matt and Maddy, but the father had other ideas. Ideas that would honor his wife in a much better way.

One of the foundation’s executive members, Rachel Engebretson recalled, “Matt asked me if it was OK if he gave away all the money that had been raised for him and Madeline to the widows and widowers he had met through his blog. They didn’t have the same network of support and he wanted to help them.” And that’s exactly what Matt did.

Liz’s Memory Live On


But Matt did not stop with the walks and the runs. He soon included an activity which he named the Celebration of Hope gala, which he scheduled to be on the weekend closest to September 17th, Liz’s birthday. The gala included a 5-K walk held close to Liz’s hometown, along with events, including auctions, which were set up to raise funds for and benefit the foundation. And still, Matt wanted to take it further.

He created another event which he called the 5K Walk/Run/Hope Around the World where the idea was that people all across the planet would be able to buy race packets and run or walk in their hometown, or wherever they happened to be. He decreed that all the profits made from that event would go directly to the foundation and it was a touching gesture considering that Liz was such an avid runner. But the story was far from over.

A Love Letter to Liz


Matt continued to focus on his blog and Liz’s foundation and before he knew it, time was flying by. What stunned him was how much Maddy was beginning to look more and more like her beloved mother every day and it comforted him that he could see her so clearly in their child. It was in one of these moments that Matt realized that the blogging he did was for a much greater purpose. Yes, it helped him survive when he was at his lowest, but it also chronicled the way he felt about his daughter and late wife. “In many ways, it’s a love letter to Madeline and Liz,” he said fondly.

He continued, “Liz will never read it, of course, I want Madeline to know that her dad didn’t just curl up in a ball and start drinking heavily. I want her to know I was out there, doing as much as I could for her, and trying to make her as happy as I could.” But as happy as the blog made him and those who loved reading it, it was not something he planned on doing forever.

The One Year Mark

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Matt had transformed Liz’s blog into something he had never dreamed of. No longer was it a blog telling people just about his family. It was a place where widowers like him could now vent, show that they needed help and find support, even if it was with strangers. But the one thing Matt knew just before he started was that the project could not last forever. He knew that he would shut it all down a year after he began. But its popularity and the haven it became for others changed things.

Even after all this time, he was still shocked by the response he had gotten. But more than that, he was floored by the doors it opened for him, his family and people who needed his help. It allowed him to make a change in people’s lives; something he would be ever grateful for. But Matt’s life would soon take another turn.

The First Birthday


It wasn’t long before Maddy’s first birthday came along. And something even stranger happened just before the special day. Four numbers popped into Matt’s head and he realized that it was the PIN for Liz’s bank account- something he had long forgotten about since his life changed so drastically.

Matt found a little surprise in his late wife’s account and he used it the best way he knew how. He threw Maddy the best first birthday party that any little girl could have. It was a bittersweet moment because her birthday would always be followed by the day her mother died.

Mixing New Memories with Old Ones


In 2009, Matt made a big decision. He still had his job in addition to working with the foundation, but he quit to pursue something exciting. Matt took his daughter on a once in a lifetime trip to India, a place where he and Liz had visited after their wedding. He and Maddy spent months there and Matt began a special project which would give life to all he had been through thus far.

And so, Matt and Maddy settled down in India, where he wrote a memoir that he named Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love. Matt was proud of his creation and so were others because it was an instant success. It even went on to become a New York Times bestseller.

Life As A Single Father

FlickrMatt’s time in India with Maddy was invaluable. He bonded with his daughter in a place that he and his late wife loved and he was inspired. Soon, he was asked about life as a single father and he said that he found it odd that people were praising him for doing his best. He said that it was no different than what any other parent would do with their child, but he was also thankful for all the help he received.

After he returned to the United States, he chose to be a stay-at-home dad and he spent his time raising his daughter for the early years in her life. And it was extremely fulfilling to him.

Giving Love Another Chance


Matt had found more to smile about than the success of his book that year. He had gotten close to one of the volunteers at his wife’s foundation and her name was Brooke Gullikson. It was a welcome feeling, liking someone again, but Matt took things slow since Maddy was still young.

In fact, he took things so slowly that it had been a full year before he asked her on a date. Matt and Brooke had met the year before during one of the runs that the organization had put together. Their first date happened close to Thanksgiving and by Christmas, Brooke had met Maddy.

Things Were Getting Serious

Despite taking baby steps, Matt and Brooke had gotten serious enough that she left Minnesota to live with him in Los Angeles. Because he had been so open and honest with readers about his life thus far, he decided that it was best to explain to everyone (in one of his blogs) that he had, in no way, replaced Liz. As he explained the situation, he ended with this line, “But even in my darkest … moments there has been happiness and with Brooke now in our lives, there’s even more happiness.”

Matt and Brooke had initially planned on keeping things quiet but the word got out. Most of Matt’s supporters were excited that he had found new love, but some had things to say- things like Matt had “swept Liz under the carpet.” And while he was happy for the support, the negative comments hurt a little.

Maddy and Brookie


Maddy and Brooke had hit it off wonderfully. And it was then that Matt knew that he had found something good. Matt was even more pleased when Brooke made it clear to his daughter that she would never replace her mother. In fact, Brooke talked to Maddy about Liz.

Their relationship blossomed and people were curious to find out just what Maddy called Brooke, to which she replied “Brookie.” But as much as Brooke enjoyed her time with Maddy, it wasn’t very easy for her to transition from being a single woman to a mother-figure in such a short time. But Brooke said that she valued their relationship and that she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Being with A Widower


People were curious about Brooke’s feelings too and she was asked what it was like being with a widower. She said that the first thing she did was read. She read Matt’s own memoir, as well as Joan Didion’s “The Year of Magical Thinking” so that she could get an idea of what life as a widow was like. She read it in the hopes that she would better understand Matt.

But like Matt who found help in his blog, so did Brooke. She found a friend in a widower and the two helped each other in whatever ways they could. They talked so much that they were soon very close friends. But what about Matt and Brooke? How were things going with the new couple?

Media Attention


With the spotlight on their new relationship, Matt and Brooke were being interviewed by many different reporters. In fact, Brooke had done one with who wanted to know how she felt being the “replacement mom.” Unfortunately, the relationship wasn’t built to last and by the summer of 2013, Brooke and Matt were over.

Matt, feeling like he owed the world an explanation, turned to Facebook to confirm that they had split. But  washen’t broken by his lost love. What he didn’t know was that love was not completely lost; he would just have to wait for it to come along.

Many Adaptations


Many companies, including those who controlled film agencies, had heard about Matt and Liz’s compelling story. So it was only natural that the next step would be for them to want to recreate it on the big screen. In 2012, Lifetime had considered turning Matt’s book, Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss & Love into a film. But as promising as it all seemed, it just did not come to fruition.

A few years later, it was said that actor Channing Tatum would make an even bigger budget version of what Lifetime had in mind. He was supposed to be the movie’s executive producer and may even make an appearance in it, but plans are still underway. New sources say that Kevin Hart is also interested in Matt and Maddy’s story. But what would it mean for the father-daughter duo?

More for Matt and Maddy


After Matt had released his Two Kisses for Maddy memoir, he had, in a way, found a love for writing. He remembered his blog writing days and decided to write another book, but instead of one filled with heartache, he decided to make this one a happy one. So he joined forces with Sara Jensen, a creative director, and they created a book which they names Be Glad Your Dad… (Is Not an Octopus!).

The book was a collaboration between the two friends who had come to find out that they had the same kind of parenting style. It was illustrated by Jared Chapman and it turned out to be a hit with parents and children alike. But Matt had even more planned.

Looking Toward the Future


Matt had gone through more grief and pain than the average person. And that grief brought him to places he had no idea it would. It wasn’t something he’d ever thought would happen to him, but he found strength in what his life became and in turn, he became a shining light for others. Matt proved that tragedy did not have to keep you down forever.

He had shown that he could overcome a seemingly impossible situation just by surviving and making sure his daughter was well taken care of. He’d also learned to come out of his shell a lot more. Liz had been the more outgoing of the two of them and in honoring her memory, he became more so. In fact, Matt had come out of his shell so much that he started speaking at summits for widows and grief and he even found work with Glamour magazine as a guest columnist.

Maddy Logelin

Lizzie Molyneux

And Maddy has been doing just fine as well. On March 24th, 2018, she turned ten, and it was a celebration of both her and Liz’s lives. It was a bittersweet moment, but Matt had made sure that for every one of Maddy’s birthdays, she was surrounded with love, happiness and support.

In those ten years, he continued the blog, surprisingly, as it was only meant to go on for one year. But Matt did have one promise that he made for himself and his daughter, “The minute Madeline says stop, that it. The plug gets pulled.” The years that followed without Liz were indeed difficult, but Maddy knew the kind of person her mother was. Matt made sure she saw videos, heard stories and saw pictures.

Having Doubts

Corselet Fashion

Despite doing a great job with his daughter, Matt still had his worries and concerns. He was afraid that Maddy did not have enough of a female influence in her life, a concern that came about when Matty asked her father to crop her hair into a short cut. Once again, he took to his blog to share his feelings.

For the first time, Matt had received some negative feedback about the way he was raising his child, and it all had to with Maddy’s “boyish” sense of style. At first, it was a major concern of his, but then he let it all go and said that Maddy was “the kind of kid who challenges perceptions.” With this realization, he encouraged his daughter to be exactly who she was and even backed her up, saying that people should ignore outdated gender norms. And as he wrote this post for the world to see, he ended it by saying that he was only concerned about Maddy’s happiness.

Maddy Does Charity


As Maddy grew, she fell In love with giving back to others, just as her father had when he barely had anything to live for. She was already familiar with her mom’s charity and she knew she wanted to follow in her dad’s footsteps and live up to her mother’s legacy. So as soon as she was old enough, she began attending all the events held by the charity, even participating in a few every now and again.

Matt was very proud of his daughter’s decision to help out and give back and was right on board with her when he helped raise money for Hurricane Harvey and Irma victims back in 2017- charity work that was out of the charity’s usual activity.

Camp Widow

Matt already had a lot going on in his life, but there were a lot more charitable things he wanted to do. He created an annual weekend which he called Camp Widow- a program geared towards supplying fellow widows with information and tools they needed to get them back in a good space.

By 2011, Matt became the presenter and held workshops for these people. People who were in the same position as he was when Liz had died. One of the most important things he taught them was the necessity of not letting their loved one’s memories fade; that it would help to revisit places that were special to the couple when the deceased partner was still alive. In fact, Matt shared his own experience of visiting India with Maddy, one of the locations he and Liz loved the most.

Another Soul Mate?

Ace Shadows

Matt’s dating life was almost non-existent after he and Brooke ended. But it was only a matter of time until he found love again, and this time, it was with a woman named Lizzie Molyneux- a writer for the popular animated TV series, Bob’s Burgers. They had attended one of the charity’s events together in the fall of 2016 and love blossomed from there.

For the most part, they kept their relationship private; he wanted to try things differently from when he was with Brooke. But fans came to find out that Matt and Lizzie had said “I do” to each other in February of 2018 in Palm Springs, California. And rumor has it that a bundle of joy followed shortly after, something they also kept on the low.

Never Forgetting


Maddy, who was just as inquisitive as her mother was when she was younger, was curious about what her parents did for fun. One day, she asked her father a question that made him very emotional. She said, “Daddy, did you hold my mommy’s hand when she died?” It was an innocent question, but it was unexpected.

He explained the situation as best as he could, and let his daughter know “but what I said will never take away what happened that day.” When he was finished explaining, his daughter said the one thing he needed to hear: “Daddy, I love you.”


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