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Innovative Teen Becomes Viral Sensation After Making Working ‘Bionic Arm’ From Legos


Prosthetic limbs can be pretty expensive at times, but as with everything else, there are some ways to try and lower their price in order to make them as accessible as possible for the ordinary people. And one bioengineering student decided to take this a step down from the modern 3D printing that is oftentimes used to create them. He decided to build these prosthetic limbs solely using LEGOS. A lot of people ( I would call them artists) have created different things from Legos including some impressive city landmarks, robots and even some more difficult to make models. And with every day the small colorful toys increase their implementation in the area of innovation and creativity.

Different from The other Kids

The young David Aguilar from Andorra is just like any other teenager except one thing. He was born with one forearm that wasn’t fully developed. As years passed by and David got older, he started to increase his interests in creating different things. And with constant research and discovering he managed to build his first robotic arm at the age of nine.

Image Source: Hand Solo / YouTube

With his first model that was fully functional the young teenager from Andorra only improved the first model with every other iteration of the prosthetic arm. What I love about this young teen is the fact that instead of whining about the fact of being different from others he came up with a solution to his problem, and that is a quality that not a lot of people can brag about.

Iron Man

His prosthetic arms really started to get some traction with his first video that he put up on YouTube that started going viral on YouTube and got to 10 million views on the platform alone. He named his product “Hand Solo”, and he is happy to be the motivation that drives people forward into solving their problems.

Image Source: Right This Minute

The models of the robotic arms are named MK before a number that is linked to the suits that the Superhero Iron Man made – The MK suits of armor. He continues to WOW the public while also improving the “Hand Solo” with each of its iterations.

Thinks Bigger

The affordable and creatively designed prosthetic arms are a great start for the industry to go forward. And despite his plans with his university, he can sure see himself in a better, brighter future outside of the classroom.

Image Source: Albert Gea / Reuters

Today, David is on the fourth iteration of the Lego-built prosthetic arm which has been significantly improved from the first one that he made. He is happy to come up with even more affordable materials to use for his prosthetic limbs and likes the challenge of being different.

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