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Inventions that have changed the world


Humans are continually coming up with ways to make their own lives more comfortable. That’s why they are inventing something all the time. And where some of those inventions did improve their lives by a little bit, others left a significant mark in human history by changing the way that we do things. These inventions are easy to point out, and as we go back in time, you will remember all of them.

That’s why we decided to dedicate this post to all of the inventions that made a significant leap forward in the field that they were created for. I am sure that if it weren’t for these inventions, we wouldn’t be able to recognize the world that we would’ve lived in. Lots of these inventions actually improved over time and are now noticeably better than they were in the moment that they launched. In the next couple of paragraphs, we’re going to talk about some of the more significant inventions that changed the world.

The Invention of the Wheel

Maybe one of the best inventions and one that has had a significant impact on lots of people’s lives is the wheel. This invention changed everything, from how people travel, to the transport of goods. I am pretty sure that the world wouldn’t be the same if the wheel hadn’t been invented. The earliest wheel that has been seen dates back to 3500 BC in Mesopotamia. And, since the first wheel has been invented, there isn’t a civilization, society or even a person who hasn’t seen some kind of benefit from it.

Image Source: Kiwi Report

The Invention of the Railways

There are some inventions that had a direct impact on some others. This is the case with the wheel and the railways. Now, some people might think that the automobiles are a better invention, but, we felt that railways sure changed a lot of people’s lives back in the days and that they might have had a more significant impact on the society as a whole. Yes, trains are some kind of automobiles because it takes the basics of this category, but the creation of the railways is a much more complex system which allows people to go through bigger distances in smaller time span, the train didn’t require them to drive, and the trading industry saw a significant increase since then.

The Invention of the Airplane

Imagine your life if you didn’t have access to the Airplane nowadays… Yes, some of you might not agree on this one, but a lot of people actually use the Airplane as a means of transport and they couldn’t imagine their lives without it. Airplanes, when they were invented by the Wright Brothers, decreased the time needed to get from point A to point B significantly. It impacted all the people in the world, and now, I am sure that people can’t imagine their lives without one.

The Invention of Smart Phones

Yes, we would’ve been okay with just putting the telephone as our last invention that changed the world, but smartphones reinvented how people communicate. Smartphones changed the game for all of us, and almost everybody uses them now. It took one great invention, the telephone, and improved it by a lot. Today, we have smartphones that have better specifications than even some of the computers. We have, a pocket computer!

Image Source: Kiwi Report

Here are the inventions that we think made the biggest impact on the world around us. We’re sure that they had a massive impact on everybody, and we wanted to choose some that changed the way people do things entirely. And, without these inventions, we know that the world wouldn’t be the same!


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