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Is working from the comfort of your home better?


More and more people today are starting to work from home. Avoiding the boring office atmosphere, laying on your couch, laptop next to you and without the thought of what boring topic your colleague will start to talk about. It all sounds perfect, and why wouldn’t it? Being in the comfort of your own home and working is the dream for most people today. Some of the people who choose to work from home are more willing to work and put a lot of effort into it, some even more than the people how to go to work in the office. Is this new trend better for companies, and are they getting the most out of their employees?

Commuting is not your Issue Anymore

One of the benefits of working from home is not worrying about travel. We all know how stressful it can be being stuck in traffic or traveling for hours with public transportation, such as buses and trains. You won’t ever worry about being late because you got stuck in traffic and you don’t have to apologize to your boss. Working from home saves you time and money, travel requires you to get to work. You are always close to your computer and won’t worry about paying for gas.

Less Disease Threat at your Home

The chances of getting sick at work are far bigger, then getting sick at home. Office spaces are more likely to be filled with germs, and even sometimes, your colleagues come to work sick, and you can catch whatever they have. But when you are at home, the chances of getting sick are smaller with you staying inside. Even if you get sick at home, you can still work because you are in your comfort zone and you don’t have the pressure of your boss telling you what and how fast it needs to be done above your head.

Image Source: The Kiwi Report

The Options for Learning are Endless

Working from home sometimes means working with people just like you. Having the luxury to work with people around the world, you can gather a team with the knowledge that you require, and that can help you figure out things faster. You have more people and more talent on the internet and can find people with qualifications from anywhere in the world and don’t have to hire people with wrong or people with fewer skills that you need.

You won’t Get Injured as Much

Another benefit of working from home is that there is less chance of injury. Being able to stand up whenever you like and stretch without your co-workers staring at you like you are crazy. You are in the comfort of your own house and can walk around and not having the chance of getting back pains from sitting on the chair in front of your desk all day. Slipping on wet floors, tripping on loose carpets, weak chairs, are some of the examples and most common things that people can get injured at work.

The Flexibility of your Work-Hours

One reason that many people start working from home, especially people who are starting families. You can always be there to help out with your kids and spend the majority of the day with them. You no longer have to find nannies to watch your kids, and that is one expense less. The jobs that you are working from home, the working hours are more flexible and are not the standard 9-to-5.

Image Source: The Kiwi Report

People who Work from Home are Proven to be More Productive

Research has been done all over the world, and a lot of people who work from home say that they work harder, and they get that work done quicker than if they had to go to the office and work there. Of course, they say that it takes a lot of self-control, not getting sucked into social media, or scrolling through your phone. If you manage that it is always better then dealing with bad office atmosphere, annoying co-workers, or the noises of the computers, copiers, lights, phones at the office. A lot of businesses nowadays don’t have working spaces or offices, they just hire people to work from home, and the companies are running great.

It is not just lying in bed in your pajamas all day and not worry about getting up earlier, getting dressed and praying there is no traffic on the way to work. You still have the same work do to as if you are at the office, but you are defiantly more comfortable and less stressed. There are a lot of career paths you can take that you can get a job to work from home. If you don’t like the office space and annoying co-workers, then working from home is the option for you.

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