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IV bags made less scary by the invention of “Medi Teddy” by a 12-year-old girl


The dull, boring and sometimes scary environment of a hospital can be a little too much for a little kid, even if you are an adult it can get a bit nerve-racking, with all the machines, doctors running around, the equipment making sounds, hearing other patients from the rooms next to your and being a little kid who may have to visit the hospital continually it can get really uncomfortable.

Suffering from a rare illness called idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura or ITP, Ella Casano, a 12-year-old girl from Fairfield, Connecticut has countless experiences in the hospital from when she was first diagnosed when she was only seven years old. On her website, you can see how her illness is affecting her, and she explains in details what is actually ITP and what are the risks if she doesn’t have regular visits to the hospital to treat her condition.

Once every 8 weeks she has to go to the hospital to receive her treatment. Even though, throughout all those years and countless visits to the hospital under her belt, it was still really stressful for Ella, so she had an idea on how to make her visits and time spent at the hospital calmer and less stressful.

After all those visits, she came up with the idea “Medi Teddy” to help her coping and feel relaxed when she received her IV’s. On her website she says that all that equipment can be scary for little kids like herself and that with all those visits she had seen more and more kids come to the hospital also to receive some kind of treatment, so why not help them too. She hopes with her invention of the “Medi Teddy,” it will help a lot of kids as it has helped her.

Basically, the “Medi Teddy” is a pouch in the form of a bear, and in that pouch or pocket, you can put the IV bags, either filled with medicine or blood that the patient needs. With the help of her parents, Ella patented the idea and create a GoFundMe page where people could donate to raise money to realize this idea. The initial goal was to raise 5,000 dollars so that 500 and more Medi Teddy’s could be donated to the hospital and other communities, but that number was quickly overcome, and now it has reached 23,000 dollars.

Because it got so many donations in such a small amount of time, Ella’s idea got noticed by media worldwide. And with all that attended the “Medi Teddy” started to be demanded by people and hospital all over the world. It is not surprising that “Medi Teddy” got popular even with older patients, and even people started getting them for their pet when visiting the vet.

Ella, on her website, has said that she is very grateful to everyone who donated and is really heartwarming to receive messages and emails from people who the “Meddy Teddy” has helped. All in all, that was the idea behind Ella’s idea to help other kids and people who are in a similar situation or the same situation as her.

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