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The Kindness Of Strangers Blows Away Overwhelmed Mom During Stressful Flight


Each and every one of us has at least once in their lives experienced a flight with crying and whining children on it. We know it can be quite annoying, and we keep thinking to ourselves will they ever stop that child. But what we’re not seeing is the point of view of the parent and how embarrassing it must be for them.  And we won’t understand that until we become that parent with the crying children on the flight! This was the case for the mother of two, who didn’t need anything else except the kind gesture of a stranger to keep her children quiet!

Exhausted and Sleepy

The name of the mother is Becca Kinsey. She and her two children the five-year-old James and the two-year-old Wyatt. She recalls how she was traveling without her husband, and that all of them were pretty exhausted.

Source: Becca’s Facebook Profile

She recalls the day like it was yesterday. They were waiting in the security line and they were all pretty worn out. Her two-year-old was crying and her five-year-old was quite worn out, so he was winy too!

Everybody Want To Help Her!

While waiting in the security line, exhausted from the long day, she heard a woman in front of her tell her that she can go in front of her and take her place because she knew how she was feeling. Another one took her luggage and also let her go in front of her and a third one helped her with the kids.

Fly A 380

They were all helping her out in some way or another, and the ones who couldn’t help her let her go in front of them in the waiting line. They were decided that Becca was going to board the flight in ease.

The Kind-Hearted Stranger!

When the young mother had already boarded the flight, taking her two children with her, her youngest started crying and screaming. After a while, he then fell asleep. And that is when a kind stranger appeared and offered her some help.

Namely, the woman offered to help Becca out by taking her kid and holding it while he sleeps. And she did just that, she held the little boy for the remainder of the flight, and at the end gave him to his father after he got to their destination.

Source: Becca’s Facebook Profile

Becca said that she was so touched, and surprised that she couldn’t believe what happened. A random stranger on the flight offered to help her with her crying baby? She couldn’t believe it! She felt the need to share this story with her friends on her Facebook profile. And, she used the positive and kind attention from the Facebook post going viral to raise people’s awareness about the “Kidd’s Kids”. This group helps out kids with deadly diseases by gifting them a trip to visit Disney Land with their families!

That was it for today’s post. If you ever see a parent with a crying child in their hands just offer your help! It sure would mean the world to them!


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