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Little girl gets terrible burns and scars after getting a tattoo on a trip with her family


The saying goes, kids will be kids, and almost every kid gets hurt when they are young, by running, playing, and doing crazy things. No parent wants to see their child get hurt, and when they see them crying or in some kind of a pain in a way, they feel the pain too. Well, what do you do when you are the cause of your child’s pain? Either accidentally or just from lack of information on the thing you allow your kid to do. One dad felt that when he let his daughter get a henna tattoo when they were on their family vacation in Egypt. His daughter, only seven-years-old, would go through something that he didn’t expect, the scars could last a lifetime.

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Everything started when Sylvia Gulliver, the 43-year-old mother, fell ill and had to be taken to the hospital for a couple of days. Martins, the dad, was left with the kids at the hotel and said if they behave well until their mom got back that they could have a reward. So Madison, the seven-year-old, wanted to get a henna tattoo, she really liked them and saw a lot of people had them when they took tours on their vacation. A Henna tattoo is a traditional eastern culture skin painting. They can be applied with thin toothpicks, or the powder of the plant is mixed with water or tea and placed in a piping bag and put on the skin. It is common to get these kinds of skin paintings during an Asian of Middle Eastern weddings.

Image Source: En News Ner

After the mom got back to the hotel feeling much better, Martins rewarded his kids by taking them both to get a henna tattoo. Madison’s older brother Sebastian got his henna tattoo, but after a while, it started to itch and started getting irritated, so he washed it off with water. The same thing happened to Madison, but she didn’t want to wash her henna tattoo off. When the family got back to the UK to form their vacation in Egypt, Madison’s hand started to irritate really severely. Time passed, and the irritation and itching got worse, and on her skin, blisters began to pop-up. The blisters started forming because inside the mixture that the artists use to paint the tattoo on your hand, they put in paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which makes the black color more visible. They got so painful that Madison’s parents took her to the hospital to be checked by a burn specialist. After the examination of the blisters and burns, the doctor said that they could be permanent and that the scars would last a lifetime.

Image Source: En News Ner

Madison’s father, Martins, said in an interview that he didn’t know and that nobody at the salon warned that this kind of thing could happen. When they told the artist about it, he strongly denied that it is because of the tattoo. He said that it must be because of the skin of his daughter. He said that before painting someone, they should at least give a warning that this kind of thing could happen and that now after the damage has been done his daughter could be scared for life form the tip of her fingers to her elbow.

Martins has also blamed himself because he allowed his kids to get this kind of tattoo and didn’t know anything about them. He has said that also the travel agencies should inform about the dangers of henna tattoos and have also asked how are salons allowed to use dangerous chemicals that could potentially hurt you. He went on a couple of morning shows telling the audience they should be careful with henna tattoos before you allow your children to get one.

A skin specialist has given Madison to wear a pressure bandage for at least six months to try to limit and make the scars less visible.

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