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Little girl returns rock that she took home from a national park


When we go on a vacation, every one of us takes photos or videos, and in the end, we want to take a souvenir of some sort, so we have more than just pictures and videos from that place. But, unlike going to a souvenir shop and buying something. What if you take something that shouldn’t be taken. One little girl felt guilty for taking a rock out of a park, and she wanted to return it. So, she wrote a letter of apology.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s rangers one day got a small package and didn’t know who it was from because of the fact that it didn’t have a return address on it. Once they opened the box, they saw a small heart-shaped rock inside and a letter below the rock.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

In the letter, it wrote that a little girl a little while ago visited the national park and when she went to Tom Branch Falls, she really enjoyed the visit that she wanted to take a small souvenir home with her. But after she got home, she felt guilty by ‘stealing’ the rock and tried to return it and apologize for taking it.

The rangers that opened the package and read the letter were amazed that Karina had mailed the rock so they could take it and placed it back. Before they went and did just that, they took a couple of photos of the rock and the letter and shared it on their social media.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

They also with the uploaded pictures thanked Karina for returning the rock, and they also uploaded a drawing that Karina did of the National Park and Tom Branch Falls. They explained that everyone has to help in preserving the park even if it is taking back a small rock. They said that if every visitor that comes to the national park yearly takes just one stone with them back home, they will lose eleven million stones.

Katrina did the right thing, and her small gesture can really make a difference form everyone that goes to visit the national park in the future.

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