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London Marathon Replaces Thousands Of Plastic Water Bottles With Edible Water Pouches


London Marathon – One of the most significant running events all over the world. And when a lot of people are training tirelessly in order to be prepared for this moment, others are not interested in getting anywhere near, and that it for one simple reason. A lot of activists and people, in general, don’t want to go to the London marathon because one simple reason and that is that there’s too much plastic waist around for them. But, this year, the organization for the London marathon decided that they were going to exclude the plastic bottles of water with something much more innovative. Read on and find out what that is!

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

There was too Much Plastic Waste on the Streets

This might not be believable to a lot of you, but last year, after the London marathon was finished, the people that were clearing the mess, reported that they found 920,000 plastic bottles left by the runners that participated in the London marathon. While they are speeding down the running line, a lot of people don’t have time to throw the bottle away, so a lot of them just drop their bottles on the ground. The sad fact is that plastic takes more than a thousand years to degrade, so that’s what made people think about this year’s London Marathon.

This Might be the Right Thing for Them

The organizers of the London marathon decided to change that this year, and they surely hit home with this year’s solution. Namely, at the 23rd mile, the runners received edible water pouches instead of the bottles that they were receiving the years before. So, this way, they didn’t have anything to drop on the ground, and the people cleaning the streets had much less work to do. The runners could simply eat the pouch because it didn’t have any taste, or if they decided not to eat it, they could drop it, and it would degrade in less than six weeks.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

How are the Pouches Made?

Well, Skipping Rocks Lab is the name of the company that invented the Ooho water pouch. These pouches are actually made from seaweed, which makes them the perfect solution to switching the water bottles for events like the London marathon. There have been a lot of festivals also showing interest in this invention, and a lot have already taken them in order to allow their visitors to stay hydrated without leaving any waste at the spot.

Even more Difference!

The company that stands behind the pouches, the Skipping Rocks Lab, wants to make an even bigger difference in the world now that the first product was such a success. So, in order to do that, they decided to start inventing for replacing the bags of hardware items as well as trying to invent something to swap the nets for fruits and veggies. The edible bags sure made us say “goodbye” to the plastic bottles we’ve been trying hard to stop using all these years.

Reports say that the number of plastic water bottles collected on this year’s event was significantly lower than the ones collected last year. This means that the edible pouches might be something that everybody should consider. Share this story in order to let more people see that there Is a way of disposing of water bottles. If you liked this article make sure to share it on your social media!


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