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Looking At Your Phone Before Bed? It Might Be Harmful!


These days it seems like everyone is concentrated only on their phones. This is our portal into the social world, this is how we digest our news, and this is how we contact people. There have even been some people that don’t consume new by the traditional media, and it only digests them through their phones and social media. I bet you have found yourself in the situation where you’re waking up and as soon as you open your eyes you take your phone and stare at it for hours. But everything has its own limits and drawbacks. And today we’re going to talk about those of our smartphones, and why you should leave them before going to bed.


We’ve all read about the fact that the blue and white lights that our phones emit might be damaging our eyes. But, do you know that they’re also damaging our sleeping cycles? Yes! Those two lights are similar to the sunlight, so our body keeps thinking that the sun is still up, and doesn’t prepare for sleeping. Try and leave your phone before going to bed, at least half an hour before would be ideal. Don’t turn it on, if you forgot to do something, just leave it for tomorrow, or you can also use the Voice Recognition feature that most of the phones have if it’s applicable.

You might argue that the blue light filters, night modes, and dark themes are helping you and aren’t shining those two lights, but the best bet would be just to close your eyes and try to sleep!

Getting A Healthy Sleep

People tend to take sleeping patterns for granted. What we’re not taking into consideration is the fact that just by taking a look at our phone we might be disrupting them, and that might result in pretty unhealthy sleeping patterns, which might endanger our overall health. It can decrease our focus and don’t even think of driving if you didn’t have a healthy night sleep the night before. It also affects our metabolism and, in some cases, it might even result in some weight gain. So, make sure that you leave your phone away before going to bed, and get a good night sleep, for a productive and healthy day!

Turn Them Off an Hour Before Bed!

Yes, yes, I know, we are all attached to our smartphones, but tell me: Would you risk your health and sometimes maybe even your life, for 30 minutes to an hour more on your phone? I wouldn’t say so. I am sure that you’ll be just fine leaving your phone half an hour earlier and it won’t hurt you, believe me! The only thing that it is going to do is improve your productivity and overall health!

So, there you have it. Why you shouldn’t be using your phones before going to bed. What are the problems that it might bring and even some tips and tricks in case you forget to do something! Hope you enjoyed!

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