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Looking For Romance? Timeless Relationship Advice To Consider In The New Year Ahead


A lot of people find relationships and dating to be pretty hard for them. This is extremely visible when you’re trying to start a relationship with someone, or when you’re trying to find someone. Yes, we’ve all heard the advice on building up a relationship, and what we should be looking in our significant other. We’re not used to following our instincts and there are times when we’re overthinking stuff. But there are a couple of advice that can help us in the area of dating, and we all wish we could’ve heard these ones much earlier than today!

Stop Proving, Start Waiting

Trying to prove to someone that you’re the one and that you can be the one for them is not the right way to approach relationships. Instead, what we would recommend you do instead is to wait for the right one to come, all you need to do is be yourself (cliché right?). Every person has their own burdens and reasons why they want a relationship, and at the beginning, you might overlook these things but they are also pretty important in the search of Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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Remember This: You Don’t Need To Be In Control

When you’re feeling that you need to change the person you’re dating, that is the time when the relationship is over. No one should change anybody, everyone should be themselves, and no one should control anybody. Both of you have to have your voice heard, and you should both play an equal role in the game called relationship. And you should leave anyone who is trying to control you, the actions you do, anyone who tries to buy you with gifts, or anyone who’s abusing you immediately when you see the first sign of it.

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Stop Looking For Your Significant Other

You should stop waiting for your other half, period! You weren’t born half a person so that you need someone else to come into your life and make you whole. We’re one person, and there is not a person in the world that can make us perfect. In fact, none of us is perfect, each and every one of us comes with their burdens and drawbacks. We just need to find the one that is willing to take us for who we truly are and accept us the way we are.

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You Can Learn A Lot From Breakups

No one likes breakups, but they’re a part of every relationship. They can hurt a lot, but they are a lesson for us not to make the same mistake twice. You can realize a lot for yourself from a bad relationship. What you should be looking for in the other person, and what kind of a relationship you don’t like being in.

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Don’t Try To Force Someone To Like You

No one can force you to love them, and you can’t force someone to love you. That’s just how things go in love. You shouldn’t force yourself to be with a  person you don’t like either. But, you should know that love is hard, and you will experience tears, fights, broken heart, yelling and arguing with anyone, even the person who is right for you. That’s just how it goes.

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