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Love To Snuggle Up With Your Pet In Bed? Top 5 Reasons Science Says It’s Good For You


Pet owners oftentimes enjoy unconditional love from their pet cat or pet dog, and that benefits them hugely. After tons of debates and years spent researching if it is good to let your pets sleep in the same bed with you, there are pretty strong proofs that it does more good than bad. You might suffer from a couple of pet hairs on your furniture, but as long as you keep your pet on top of the covers it is safe to let it sleep in the same bed with you.

It Helps Eliminate the Chronic Pain

Snuggling up with your pet can be a pretty enjoyable feeling for both you and your pet. A study that was held in the University of Alberta, they gathered people that were suffering from chronic pain and sleep disorders. They wanted to find out if those people would have fewer problems if they slept with their pets in the bed. The study showed that spending the night with your canine or cat can be pretty beneficial simply because it can increase the feeling of relaxation, safety, and happiness.

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Start Sleeping with Your Dogs!

This is especially true for women that sleep with their house pets. The ISA journal (International Society for Anthropology journal) conducted a study which showed that women that have slept with their dogs have an uninterrupted sleeping cycle compared to when they slept with a man or a cat. Dogs are especially good because of the fact that they offer natural body heat which can help you sleep better, but also you feel safer because you know that if there’s trouble your dog will start barking.

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It Improves Mental Health

As we already mentioned before, science says that cuddling with your furry pet friends is a clear go. This can improve your mood and help you feel better. The University of Missouri, Columbia conducted a study that shows the tons of positive benefits that come with sleeping with your pet. Not only will this help you feel good, it is also going to significantly improve your emotional and mental health.

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Improving the Bond

We assure you, your pet feels just the same as you do and it would do anything just to sleep close to you. It will improve your health but it will also strengthen the bond that you and your pet have. If you’re one of those people that don’t have enough time for your pet, letting it sleep on your bed can significantly improve your relationship. A study that was conducted on pets showed the impact when the humans let them sleep with them. This increased the feeling of happiness in the pets, but it also improved the bond between the pet and the owner.

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Improve Your Sleep

A lot of problems including anxiety, insomnia and/or stress keep millions of people awake at night. Your pet can help you sleep better, and improve your sleep cycle. Lots of people find it calming when they hear a dog or cat’s rhythmic breathing. A study conducted by a Mayo Clinic from 2015 showed that people that sleep with their pets in their bedroom get a significantly better night’s rest.

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