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MacKenzie Bezos signs pledge to give away more than half of her $36 billion fortune


After she divorced the richest man in the world, MacKenzie Bezos, Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife became the fourth richest woman in the whole wide world. But, unlike her husband, she doesn’t want to spend money so that she could make more money, and today, we are going to talk about how Amazon Founder’s ex-wife plans on spending the fortune that she got after the divorce with Jeff Bezos.

35 billion dollars is a lot of money for MacKenzie, so, she decided to do something nobody expected her to do with the assets she got.

In a letter, MacKenzie Bezos decided that she is going to spend her money wisely. She isn’t a businesswoman and she doesn’t know how else she could spend the money, so she decided to turn to philanthropy. In the letter, she signed “The Giving Pledge” where she committed to giving away more than fifty percent of her fortune.

In the letter, you could read that she acknowledges that her fortune came through a lucky break, and knowing that not many people have that lucky break she decided to give some of the money away. She stated that she can’t do anything else for the world, so she would like to help with the disproportionate amount of money that she got. She continued by writing that her approach to philanthropy is going to continue. And, she added that although it might take some time and effort, she is going to continue giving money away until her safe is empty!

As we mentioned earlier, yes MacKenzie added her name to the giving pledge, but still, one name is missing from it. Her ex- husband, the richest man in the world is still to sign the pledge. And despite the fact that he has donated millions upon millions of dollars to charities and even spent 2 billion dollars to fund homeless families, he is still to sign the pledge where he would give away more than half of his fortune.

But, he expressed his sincere support to his ex-wife on Twitter.

This pledge, “The Giving Pledge” was initially started by Bill and Melinda Gates back in 2010. Later Warren Buffet decided to join them and back then more than 40 Americans have signed that pledge. And we’re not talking about your regular American. These were 40 of the richest people in the world.

Today, this pledge is signed from more than 200 of the richest people in the world. Families, individuals, couples, and companies from more 23 countries around the world have pledged to give away more than 50 percent of their fortune.

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MacKenzie Bezos decided to join some of the wealthiest people in the world in order to help the ones that didn’t have their fortune.

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