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Man finds out he has been using 4,000 year old relic as a toothbrush holder


Karl Martin was in for a big surprise when he noticed that a jar that he had been using as his toothbrush holder turned out to be an ancient Afghan relic.

Getting the Antiquity

The 49-year-old man says that he bought the ancient relic from a car booth for not more than 5 bucks. And, not noticing that this is something special he went on to use it as a toothbrush holder for about 5 years. I don’t know how it didn’t pass his mind that this possession might be a valuable one, especially because of the fact that he is a passionate antique evaluator. He started suspecting that he has some worth in his toothbrush holder only after he came across something pretty similar to his toothbrush holder. The piece he recognized was actually sold in the place where Martin works as an antique evaluator.

It Actually is an Antiquity

Once he consulted with some of his colleagues he actually realized that the jar he was keeping his toothbrush in was actually an Afghan relic from 1900 BC. He stated that he got it simply because it looked nice at the car boot sale back in Derbyshire. And despite the fact that it looked kind of old to him, he didn’t think that it would be that old. And now, when he’s remembering back to the day when he realized that he was holding a relic back home he says that when he was helping one of his colleagues with unloading a truck he saw something that looked familiar to him. According to his colleagues, the antique jar was somewhere around 4000 years old and it was created back in 1900 BC which is nearly 2000 years before our era!

The Origin of the Jar

He says that he is amazed by his discovery. And he also adds that despite the fact that he is an antiquity evaluator, he actually specializes in the British History relics and antiquities. And with the knowledge he has from the world’s history, he never would’ve realized that he has something that worthy if he didn’t notice the jar in the truck. James Brenchley, the head of antiquities at Martin’s workplace, actually said that the jar originates from the Bronze age and that it was made from a civilization that was located in northwest South Asia. And, when asked how he thinks the jar got its way into the UK, he said that rich travelers might have brought it in.

How much Money did he make?

When he realized that he owns this old relic he actually started feeling guilty because he was using it as a toothbrush holder. He even left some stains from the toothbrushes on it. When he took the jar out of the bathroom, he decided to put it up for sale. So, once he sold it, he made a profit of $95, and yes it is not a lot, but when you realize that he only bought it for 5 bucks that’s nearly 20 times less than what he made from it.


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