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Man gets help to get back on his feet and not give his dog away


In life, we all have to go through hard times and in those times we are required to make difficult decisions, and sometimes those are not the decisions we want to make but we fight through to make everything alright again. One of the hardest decisions this man had to make was giving away his dog so that he could be taken care of. Fortunately, good people were there to help and stop the man from giving his beloved dog.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Because Mr. Williams had to move out of his home in Georgia, everything he owned he had to put into his car. With only 40 dollars to his name, he didn’t have the money to rent a new house or pay for a hotel. He knew that he and his dog wouldn’t have the space to sleep in the car, so he was forced to go to the shelter and leave his dog to be taken to a new home. One of the workers in the shelter, Katie Corbett, was heartbroken when she heard his story and decided to try to help out. She wanted to find someone to take Lucky, the 14-year-old dog so that he can be taken care of until Mr. Williams got back on his feet, she just couldn’t imagine him giving his dog up forever. Katie Corbett decided to make a GoFundMe page for them and she was surprised how much people donated. Over 10,000 dollars were donated so that Mr. Williams could rent a room in a hotel and they even had the money to take Lucky to a foster home until they could be together again.

Mr. Williams has decided to go and find a car in which both of them can fit comfortably, and he said that with the rest of the money he will buy medicine for Lucky’s bad joints. Lucky is still living in the foster home and he is waiting for Mr. Williams to get his car so that they can be together.

Image Source: The Ninja Journalist

Katie Corbett never thought that they would be able to get so many donations and that the pair would be able to be together. But tons of people, like Katie, didn’t want the man and his dog to be separated, so they kept donating until they hit 10,000 dollars in just a couple of weeks. Everyone wanted Lucky to be taken care of until Mr. Williams could take him back.

It is good to know that there are so many people willing to help others in need. It would’ve been devastating if the pair couldn’t be together after so many years and so many memories made with one another.

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