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Man Risks His Own Life Trying to Save A Stranger


Most people who take public transit appear to be in their own world. It’s very rare when commuters greet one another with a warming smile or even make eye contact, let alone offer help. The majority of such individuals tend to zone out while on their journey.

Consequently, it’s almost impossible for them to notice something unusual when their music is playing loudly in the headphones. Sometimes this behavior can result in terrible incidents that otherwise could have been prevented if people were more alert to their surroundings. One of them took place in New York City a couple of years ago…

Jon Kulig’s Brave Act

In 2017, a terrible accident happened in the subway of New York City. Fortunately, one man called Jon Kulig was there at the right time and showed himself as a selfless individual. Out of many people present in the scene, he was the only one who acted quick enough and ran to rescue another human being in danger. Everyone else was standing paralyzed in fear while a young man was suffering. Kulig knew if he didn’t react fast enough, the outcome would be absolutely horrifying…

Credits: Youtube/Inside Edition

An Unusual Start of The Weekend

Kulig entered the subway in an unpleasant mood as his work asked him to come in for a shift on a Saturday evening. This was not the start of a weekend he was hoping to have, and Jon was thinking how unlucky he was then. He wished to have a relaxing weekend at home but instead he was about to start an evening shift. To make it even worse, the train he had to take to work was also late. How could so many things go wrong in one night? A subway station was the last place Jon wanted to be at that moment.  However, he had no idea what he was about to witness at the station…Soon he would feel grateful that fate brought him to this location at the right moment.

Credits: Twitter/Jonathan Kullig

Waiting To Get To Work

The 29-year-old Jon had taken this route many times before and was waiting for his L train in lower Manhatten as per usual. He was a young engineer employed by Con Edison who was at the time concentrating on arriving at his company’s headquarters on time. The clock on Con Edison’s building would always let the employees know whether they were late or not, making it just a little bit more stressful than it already was. Jon was a good employee and didn’t want to show up late for his Saturday evening shift at Con Edison’s headquarters. He was dreading to find out what the time was when he would finally arrive at his destination.

Credits: Mountains of Travel Photos

The Unexpected

Jon was lost in his thoughts while waiting for the train but not for long…He noticed a group of people nearby gathered around something and out of boredom he decided to go check it out. The train was not there yet anyway and worrying about being late would not change anything for him.

Horrible Discovery

At first, Jon assumed it was probably nothing special. But why did the passengers suddenly gather around? Something was off, and Jon made his way near the crowd of people. As Kulig got closer to the location, he discovered something truly horrifying…

Credits: South Station

Dangerous Situation

What he witnessed was unforeseen, a man fell into the tracks and wasn’t moving or trying to escape at all. Others tried talking to him and convince him to return to back to the platform. But the man wasn’t replying to anyone. It was hard to tell what was wrong with him and why he was behaving so strange…What he was doing was indeed very dangerous. It was apparent this man was in bad condition and needed help. A train could appear at any second and his life was at significant risk. Jon couldn’t believe that out of so many people watching the poor man suffering, and not a single individual offered help… How could people be so heartless?

Credits: Youtube/Marc Frazier

Running Out Of Time

If this poor man didn’t leave the tracks in the next couple of minutes, he would be killed by the upcoming train. No one was trying to rescue him, and Kullig knew he was this person’s last hope. Jon immediately looked around in hopes of seeing an alert so the conductor would stop but didn’t see anything. How could he save this stranger from getting run over by the subway train?

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The Shocking Behaviour Of Bystanders

To his surprise, none of the passengers nearby were trying to help the poor man. Everyone was standing still holding their phones or simply staring at him. How come these people preferred to use their phones instead of helping him? Some people even appeared to be taking photos of the incident…

Credits: Intelligencer

The Sad Reality

This man was about to be killed in one of the worst and painful ways ever, and no one was doing a thing about it. Even the people who were the closest to him didn’t try to rescue the man. Jon was not very near to where the man was situated, but unlike the others, that didn’t stop him from running to his rescue. But before running to help the guy, there was something Jon had to do…

Credits: Youtube

 Proceeding To Action

Luckily Jon was very familiar with the train tracks due to the subway maintenance safety course that he took as a part of his current job with Con Edison. He knew exactly where on tracks it was safe to step and where it wasn’t. He quickly began to remember as many details as possible and use this knowledge in practice. The clock was ticking, and Kullig knew he didn’t have much time left. He needed to save him now. Would the experience from the subway maintenance safety course help Kulig in his heroic action?

Credits: Youtube/New York City Files

Some Difficulties On The Way

Despite the knowledge acquired from the course. Kulig still experienced some trouble in the process. The third rail turned out to be the biggest obstacle for Jon. He didn’t have a problem passing the first two rails as they were held up the passing trains, but a large amount of electricity powered the last one. Even a light touch against the third rail would result in instant death. Jon was aware of how risky it was for both of them to touch this tricky rail. Nonetheless, Jon kept getting closer to the man while keeping this fact in mind.

Credits: Corporate Compliance Trends

Even More Trouble

Jon was aware of this danger and proceeded to cross the rails carefully. Once he reached his destination, Kulig saw an unconscious man who was probably in his early twenties. The worst part of all was the fact that he was lying in a pool of water and this could very well result in a fatal electricity accident at any second. How did this happen? Was he still alive? Many questions were running through Kulig’s mind at the time, though he knew this wasn’t the best time for theories. Instead, Jon concentrated on bringing the young man back to the platform.

Credits: New York Post/Helayne Seidman

The Clock Is Ticking

Jon carefully lifted the young man into his arms and carried him away from the rails. The stranger was quite heavy, but fortunately, Kulig had enough strength to hold him and slowly move him towards the platform. He was using all of his power to carry the man, but they were moving way too slow. Jon knew they were running out of time…The train could appear at any second. Would Jon and the unconscious man make it back alive?

Credits: passanger’s camera roll

Just In Time

Later, when Jon was already near to the platform, two other passengers offered some help and together they were able to put the unconscious stranger on the platform. Kulig also hopped on the platform right after. Everyone present at the station was finally relieved. Jon and the man made it safely to the other side. One of the bystanders even managed to capture this precious moment on the phone. Jon just saved a life and didn’t even realize it. But why was the man unconscious?

Credits: CNN

One Minute Later

The train arrived and passed by the same spot where the man was found a minute after Jon managed to get him on the platform. It was crazy to think that sixty seconds ago they were both struggling to get back to the platform at the same place where the train had just passed. If Jon didn’t jump to rescue him fast enough, the man and perhaps even himself wouldn’t be alive right now. If it weren’t for Kullig, everyone on the platform would witness a horrifying scene of a young man’s death. This was the first time Jon was happy his train to work was late.

Credits: 6sqft

Strange Circumstances

Soon after Kulig saved the young man, EMTs and Police arrived at the location. They needed to know the whole story of what happened at the subway station. Of course, what Jon did was brave and amazing; he saved a life while risking his own. But the main question was why the man was laying on the subway tracks in the first place? He wasn’t trying to escape from the upcoming train. Was he drunk or perhaps ill?

Credits: Flickr/Treasure

The Real Reason

The results showed this young man wasn’t intoxicated; it was something much more severe that resulted in him being trapped on the subway tracks. The 23-year-old had experienced a stroke while waiting for his train on the edge of the platform. Then he lost his balance and fell on the trails. He was paralyzed and helpless. If it weren’t for Jon, this man wouldn’t be alive now. But what happened to Kulig?

Credits: Storyblocks

A Real Hero

Kulig continued with his journey to work after he made sure the victim was in the hands of ambulance workers. Despite his train being late, Jon managed to arrive at the office on time. He didn’t tell a single person what he managed to do at the subway station minutes ago. Instead, he proceeded to go on with his shift and was happy that he arrived on time. Kulig had a regular day work, and no one knew back then that he was a superhero!

Credits: YouTube

The Truth Came Out

However, the footage of Jon’s brave act went viral just a few hours after he arrived to work. He wasn’t planning to tell others about his heroic act, though since it went viral, he had to say something regarding it. “If I didn’t pick him up, that train would’ve got him. Cause there wasn’t really anybody else that was jumping down to do anything,” said Jon. Kulig didn’t think what he did back at the station was special. For him, it was a reasonable thing to do in a situation like this. He saw a man who needed urgent help and rescued him. However, it surely was a big deal for everyone else, Jon Kullig saved a life.

Credits: Fox5 NY

Amazing Opportunity

Jon refused to think of himself as a hero, but others, on the other hand, thought his act was terrific. That same year, HYPD honored Jon with the 2017 Russo Hero Award during a community meeting. Jon was, of course, thrilled by this acknowledgment, though there was something else that especially excited Kulig. He was offered a fantastic opportunity as a perfect candidate for Love Connection, a reality dating show! He got the chance to work with beautiful girls on the show and even spend time with Andy Cohen! Jon would have never expected to end up on a famous dating show, but everything happens for a reason in life.

Credits: Facebook/Jon Kulig

Another Amazing Rescue

People like Jon certainly restore our faith in humanity; a lot of lives could be saved if we showed more enthusiasm in helping others. Emily and Phillip Ocheltree also agree with this statement. This family went through a very traumatizing incident, and if it weren’t for a few kind-hearted people that they were lucky enough to meet that day, they would not be alive right now. One day while the couple was driving down the highway in an SUV, a tornado touched down in Dallas, very near to their hometown, leaving them frightened.

Credits: The Darkroom

A Young Family In Danger

Phillip and Emily were together with their children at the time: a 4-month-old Marshal and 18-month-old Addy. They were trapped into their seats of the car when the incident took place. Everyone in the SUV felt utterly helpless as the van hit the wet highway road. Tornados take many lives away, leaving buildings and even towns torn apart. Now, imagine one young family trapped inside of their car during a hurricane…They needed to escape as soon as possible. The worst of all, the tornado left the car positioned upside down. Would they be able to get out on their own?

Credits: Youtube

How It Happened

When the tornado hit the highway road exactly where the family was driving at that moment, Phillip soon lost control of the SUV, which resulted in the van flipping upside down on its roof leading to the roadside. The family was now inside of their car positioned upside down with the water flowing past each door and the window. What could be more terrifying than not being able to escape? There had to be a way for them to make it out alive, but how? They were sitting upside down inside the SUV surrounded by water everywhere…Emily and Phillip were panicking and trying to think about how they could all escape this disaster.


A Failed Attempt

Emily and Phillip tried opening the doors of the car to escape to a safer place altogether, but the flooding was so intense that they couldn’t achieve any results at all. After some time, the water started leaking inside the car…It was the beginning of a horrible nightmare. A few more minutes and the whole SUV would be filled with water. They needed urgent help. What ended up happening to this poor family?

Credits: Giphy

Shouting For Help

“It was pitch black in the car,” said Emily. “And you can’t see anything. You can’t find your kids, you panic.” They were all trapped inside the car that was slowly feeling up with water from the outside. The water was accumulating extremely fast, and Emily knew they didn’t have much time left. She started yelling for help and banging on the roof of the car in hopes of someone hearing her. She knew the chances were extremely low that someone could hear her, but this young mother didn’t want to give up on her family. She did everything in her power to attract attention, and she succeeded.

Credits: YouTube

Another Hero

Emily’s prayers were answered, fortunately for them, there was someone outside walking in the pouring rain close to their car. It was a man called Thomas Mitchell. He saw a van on the side road and went to check it out. At that moment, he had no idea whether someone was still inside but wanted to make sure anyway.

Credits: Youtube

More Helpers

It turns out, he was not the only one who was concerned about Emily and Phillip’s vehicle positioned upside down right next to the highway. Despite hearing sires nearby telling the residents to find a safe location, five other men went to examine the SUV. And as turns out later, this extra help was very much needed. Would the men be able to save this family?

Credits: Youtube

The Rescue

Shortly after everyone got closer to the car, one of the men called Korry Prox heard screaming coming from the inside of the van. He immediately panicked and proceeded to smash windows and help whoever was crying inside. Initially, they thought that perhaps it was only a driver who was trapped in the van, but as they soon found out, there were three more helpless humans in the SUV. Korry Prox and the rest of the helpers learned there was a whole family with small children trapped in the vehicle. They were horrified and screaming for help. The men knew what they had to do next…


Struggling To Escape

Emily and Phillip tried their best to save the children on their own, but they were failing as there were so much pressure and stress at that moment. It surely felt like a never-ending nightmare. The helpers attempted first to pull the parents under the wreck, but the mother had a different idea…

Loving Mother

The kids always came first for Emily, and she wanted them to be rescued before her and Phillip. “Give [Addy and Marshal] life before you try to help me,” Emily was begging the men. She thought, “I’m fine. I am an adult. I can manage…I will figure out a way to get out of this vehicle, they cannot.” She said. At that time, all Emily wanted is for her children to be in a safe place. She wasn’t even thinking about herself and whether she would make it alive or not. Marshal and Addy meant the absolute world to Emily. Would her plan succeed?  

Credits: Phillip Ocheltree/ Facebook

Escaping The Nightmare

The couple climbed through the broken window of the van. They were feeling very helpless and weak. Marshal and Addy, however, were still inside of the van trapped to the seats. Luckily, the rescuers knew how to save their beloved children and Thomas even filmed the scene. Emily and Phillip were anxious, would their children be okay? Would the rescuers save their lives?

Credits: David Schecter/Facebook

Marshal Is Saved

One of the rescuers managed to get inside of the Suv and used the knife to cut off the kids’ seat belts. A few seconds later Emily and Thomas saw their baby Marshal in the hands of the rescuer. The parents were slightly relieved when they saw Marshal. But what about Addy? Could they save the second child too?

Credits: David Schecter/Facebook

 Critical Condition

“I got a baby!” screamed the rescuer. “Call 911!” He was holding Addy who was still strapped to her seat. The girl was in critical condition…The color of her skin was bluish grey, and she didn’t appear to be breathing. As soon as Thomas realized the girl’s life is on the line, he placed the phone away and immediately ran to perform CPR. Would he succeed?

Credits: Youtube

Some Good Luck

Fortunately for this young family, one of the men who offered help in rescuing was a former firefighter in Guatemala. His name was Jamie Martinez, and even though he was working as a musician at that time, he still remembered his rescue training. He rushed over to the little girl to perform CPR. Emily and Phillip gained some hope and were praying for the best.

Credits: Vice News

Heroic Action

“It just kicks in,” Jamie explained. He managed to keep Addy alive and then passed her over to the first responders who arrived a few minutes later. Marshal and Addy were then both administered to the hospital.


Waiting For The Update

Unlike his sister, Marshal only spent one day at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Addy was there much longer and was fighting for her life. Just a few days later, her Phillip made an update on his daughter on social media. Would Addy be alright?

Credits: Youtube

The Final Update

She made it! Emily and Phillip felt forever grateful for everything the rescuers had done for them during that awful time. “I just want everyone to know she is definitely on the road to recovery,” Phillip said in his update. “I want to thank each and every one of y’all who have prayed and donated everything to help us.” He was eternally happy knowing there are still good people left in this world. Those six rescuers saved his entire family and gave his children a chance to live. “Life comes at you in a blink of an eye,” he said. “I can’t thank you all enough who came into the water and saved my children; you’re a blessing. Thank you all so much.” Jamie, the hero, also visited Emily and her family at the hospital. “I am really so happy that you are okay,” he told her. “And the babies, too.” He shared.

Credits: Youtube

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