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Missing 4-year-old found in a car in the woods, 400 miles away from home


A four-year-old girl from Johns Island, South Carolina, was found in a car, which was parked deep into the woods, four hundred miles from her home. Heidi Renae Todd was found a day after she went missing by Rick Oliver, who is the police chief at the area where she was found. He got a call from some railroad workers that had seen a car parked in the wood, and they called the police because it was unusual to see vehicles that deep in the woods. When Chief Oliver got there, he saw a man sleeping in the car and a little girl sitting next to him.

Image Source: The A Post

It all started a day earlier when administrators from the school, got a little anxious when the mother didn’t come to pick up her other two kids, and they phoned the police to go and see if everything was fine at home. The cops quickly drove to the house, and what they saw was disturbing. The mother was lying on the floor, beaten really severely, and her youngest daughter wasn’t there, so the person who did all of this clearly kidnapped the child. All of this happened when the father was away, training with the coast guard.

Image Source: The A Post

They called an ambulance so the mother could be taken to hospital, where she needed some minor surgery and intensive care. A search was quickly started, form police and people from that area who volunteered to help find the missing girl. It wasn’t very successful because the person was thought to have driven far away as soon as he could. It all ended when railway workers stumbled upon a car that was parked deep in the woods, and luckily, they immediately called the police. Chief Rick Oliver didn’t even know that the girl could be inside the car, but when he approached it, he saw her sitting inside next to a man that was sleeping. When they woke up the man, he drove off but was quickly later caught near the Mississippi border.

Image Source: The A Post

Now that the girl was safe in the hands of police, they wanted to find out who was the man that did these multiple crimes. It turns out that Thomas Evans, a 37-year-old felon who was released from prison a couple of weeks earlier, was the man behind the beating and the kidnapping. News quickly arrived back in Johns Island, South Carolina, and everyone was relieved that the girl was found and was being brought back home. No one could tell if the attack was planned and if Evans new the family or it was all just a random act of violence. Chief Oliver has said in the press conference that this was the proudest moment in his entire career and that he is pleased that the girl was brought back home safe.

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