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Missing Three-Year-Old Who Reemerged Days After Getting Lost Was Reportedly Protected By A Bear


Ever imagined what would you do if you get lost in a freezing cold forest for a couple of days? Noticed the terror that immediately started crawling into your skin? Well, this is what the 3-year-old Casey Hathaway actually experienced. He was missing from his home in North Carolina for nearly three days. And according to his parents and the people who found him, he wasn’t going to make it if it wasn’t for this bizarre situation…

The Searching Party for Little Casey!

When this 3-year-old kid from North Carolina called Casey Hathaway went missing from his grandmother’s home concerns slowly started creeping into their community. First of all, the temperatures in North Carolina were pretty low, and those weren’t the most ideal conditions for little Casey. He wasn’t even 2 feet and 4 inches in height, and add that with the bad conditions that were only getting worse, only a miracle would’ve saved little Casey from certain death!

Image Source: NYPost/Craven County Sheriff’s Office

As it turns out, even the volunteers couldn’t keep on looking for the little boy. That’s how bad the conditions started getting. After nearly 3 days, one of the last standing believers that Casey is alive, a group of brave officials, found Casey in the forest. And despite the fact that he was merely frozen, and he was crying for his mother, he was looking pretty okay and what’s most important he was alive! So, the question that was on EMS Captain Shane Grier and the rest of the officials that were in the group that found Casey was, how the little boy managed to survive in those weather condition, and not too long after, their question was to be answered!

Casey’s Friend

The group of rescuers found little Casey not more than one-quarter of a mile from the place where he was lost. Everyone in Craven County was happy that the little boy was finally home. But a lot of people were asking themselves the same question that the Captain and his group was wondering about. How did the boy survive those harsh conditions?! And, none other than Casey was to answer this question with an amazing answer!

Image Source: WRAL

Casey stated that his friend kept him warm and away from danger in the woods. But, this friend of Casey’s wasn’t a human. Casey’s savior came as a bear. Yes, you might think that this is kind of bizarre, but there are other cases where bears saved other kids too! And with that question answered to them they kept feeling grateful for the fact that Casey was still with them, no matter how he survived.

Comfort Through The Cold

A while after Casey was rescued from the cold woods of Craven County, the sheriff and the police kept investigating his case. And despite this fact, Sheriff McFayden was thankful to the bear that decided to help out Casey and keep him warm until he was found by the rescuers. The people close to Casey are also grateful for the fact that he is now safe but also for the fact that the bear managed to keep him warm. They were pretty sure that the bear was Casey’s, Guardian Angel.

Image Source: Breanna Hathaway/Stirile ProTV

Heather Garris, a close family friend to Casey’s family, said that he started to recover quickly after he was found. The small community in Craven County were both grateful and amazed for the miracle that happened in their town. The miraculous story of Casey may have sounded pretty impossible, and the bear might have something to do with Casey’s survival, either way, the kid managed to survive and that is the only thing that matters..


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