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Mom 36 weeks pregnant when husband abandons her – opens over door and finds $10,000 wad of cash


2017 needed to be Amanda’s year. At least, that is what she was expecting. She could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and she could see her being happy in love, and even a couple of her dreams might come true.

One of the dreams that she had been daydreaming about for three years was to fall pregnant. But, she was struggling to do this for three years without any luck. And, this year she had finally conceived. Amanda and her husband were living in a small house in Sydney, Australia, but they decided that they should move out using all of the savings they managed to save for the past two years.

She could finally feel safe and happy in her perfect place. But, just when you think that your life has given you a break, everything comes crashing down on you. That’s precisely what happened to Amanda.

The Unexpected Happens

Her whole life started turning upside down when one day, her husband left her out of the blue without any reason. She was now alone with and in debt because of the house that they bought. And, don’t forget that she is in her eighth month of pregnancy.

With her baby on its way and no real ways of earning money, the future mother was starting to panic about her life. She was left heartbroken, without any income, and panicking about her and her baby’s future. So, she decided something that anyone would do – She turned to her friends in order to find some help. This was when one of her friends suggested that Amanda could write a letter to a radio station that was situated in their part of the town called “KIIS 1065.” Anna, the friend that suggested to Amanda to contact the radio station, told Amanda about a segment that the radio station was holding named “Giveback.”

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As soon as the people in the radio station heard about the problem that Amanda was facing, they decided to do something about it. They wanted to give hope to the young mother-to-be. They wanted to show her that good things can happen. And, in order to do that, they decided to find local businesses that could help Amanda’s situation.

Amanda and her friend, Anna, were soon invited to a show in KIIS 1065. And nobody knew what was about to happen except the people working on the radio. In a short interview, Amanda shared her problems with the radio hosts. And she listed the uncertainty facing her unborn child as one of her biggest fears about the future.

She shared with the hosts that it has nearly been five weeks since she was alone and that one of the feelings that she is feeling is pure fear and shock.

Image Source: YouTube / KIIS 1065

Once the whole interview was done and Amanda finished talking to the hostesses, one of them turned to a TV Screen in the studio and asked Amanda to take a look. On the TV screen, there was a footage playing of the new house that Amanda and her now ex-boyfriend bought. But, she could notice that not everything was like she left it. She could find a couple of items that she didn’t leave there.

After the initial shock, the cameraman decided to take a tour of the house. There were a couple of gifts that left Amanda speechless. These items were donated by amazing people and businesses to help Amanda.

She could notice a couple of things in her new house. For example, there was a vacuum cleaner that symbolized a free house cleaning for the following six months. Next, there was a pledge from the business “Eat Fit Food” that for the following three months, she would get meals delivered to her house for free. But that wasn’t all. She could also notice that there were tons of baby supplies – four thousand dollars to be exact, and there was a one thousand dollars voucher for baby photos.

But, this still wasn’t all. The icing on the cake came when the cameraman panned to the door, and Amanda noticed a stack of cash – $10000 for her to pay off the mortgage.

Take a look at the following video and listen to Amanda’s full story:

Make sure to share this amazing story of Amanda and her friends over at KIIS 1065. Good people still exist; you just need to find them!


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