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Mom discovers huge blisters on baby’s feet, looks at the babysitter and demands answers


Kids are fun to spend some time with, and then leave them with their parents. But, having children is relatively different than just playing with them for some time. Parenting is not a game, and it oftentimes seeks a lot of attention and work.

A lot of people who are inexperienced and uneducated in the parenting realm think that parental leave would be a time for them to take a rest and go on an extended vacation from work. But, I, as well as many of you, know that this is not the case and that you get more tired on parental leave.

And, any one of you who has been home for an extended period of time with your kid/s could support my theory. Yes, you get some time to bond with your kid/s and give them the attention that they need. But, and I think many of you parents out there would agree with me when I say that you start to appreciate showers and going to the bathroom because that’s the only time when you actually are alone and get some peace and quietness.

It’s not about loving or hating your kids, and believe me there would be times when you feel like you hate them, every parent (no matter a mom or a dad) needs some time off, just a couple of hours (as much as you can squeeze).

And, that is why what the mother of today’s story did is perfectly acceptable. But, once she got home, she would find out that she made a mistake with taking some time off. She was expecting to get back to her smiling and happy six months old baby, but what she saw when she got back home was definitely not that.

Ismelda Ramos Mendoza from Bladensburg, USA, is the 36-year-old babysitter of the mother that we will be talking about in today’s story. Namely, the mother decided to get her couple of hours of alone time and left her daughter at home with Mendoza, the babysitter.

But, once she got back home and entered her house, she knew that something was not right. She heard that the baby was crying loudly and decided to inspect her daughter. After a thorough inspection, she found out that her baby’s feet were covered in prominent blisters. And, once she asked her babysitter what happened, and why does the baby have the blisters, Mendoza answered that she has no idea.

Image Source: Bladensburg Police Department

Suspecting Mother Calls 911

But, the mother didn’t believe Mendoza, and she alleged that her kid was actually abused by her babysitter. So, she decided to call the police and lodge a claim of child abuse.

After she was finished with the police and filing the reports, she decided to take her daughter to the hospital, where she found out what had happened by the true extent of the baby’s injuries. The baby was suffering from severe burns on both of her feet as though her feet had been cooked.

Image Source: Pixabay (The baby in the picture is not the actual baby from the story)

After the 36-year-old Mendoza had been arrested for questioning, the police report says that she became angry because of the fact that the baby wouldn’t stop crying while she was cooking, so as a punishment, Mendoza decided to put both of the baby’s feet in the frying pan. The Washington Post also reports this.

After reading this post, I think that a lot of the parents would think twice before they leave their babies with a babysitter. But, the truth is that the best way to be sure about it is to do your research and hire a babysitter from a good company.

It breaks my heart when I am reading about innocent and young babies being punished and abused by vile adults and abusive parents. I don’t even know how someone can even think of doing such a thing to a vulnerable baby.

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