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Mom Falls In Love With Anonymous Sperm Donor 12 Years After Giving Birth To Daughter


Today we’re going to talk about the relationship that developed between Jessica Share, and her sperm donor. The relationship wasn’t always like that, in fact, they didn’t even know each other because the bank kept all its donors anonymous. Up until the day that they finally met, 12 years later as a result of a DNA testing that she decided to do. Once they met each other, both of them instantly knew that they should continue the relationship, and not too long after they began one of the sweetest love stories.

How it all Started

Back in 2005 when Share decided to have a baby with her now ex-wife they turned to a sperm bank in their location. They decided that they are both going to carry a baby and once their oldest one was born (A girl), their marriage has come to an end. This resulted in Shares ex-wife leaving with her youngest girl. A couple of years after, 10 to be exact, Alice, their oldest child, Alice, decided to take a look at her ancestral tree and found out the name of the anonymous sperm donor – Aaron Long. The 23andMe test that she took showed her father’s name, and once she saw that, she decided to contact him…

Image Source: BBC News

Finding and Meeting the Father

The DNA website is where they found Long’s contact information and started trying to contact him. Once they got to him, they started interacting and talking on social media. They decided to look at how many children might Long be fathering, and the website said that he had 10 children., but Long himself thought that there might be 67 children. They decided to meet each other in Long’s hometown of Seattle. It didn’t take Share too long to start connecting with her daughters’ father, and soon after she was going to realize something about that meeting.

Image Source: Jessica Share/Facebook

Starting Their Own Love Story

Well, it didn’t take Share long to fall for Long, and the same could be said for Long too! They started dating, and they have been dating for a little over a year now. They got tons of requests by media outlets to share their story, and they have been interviewed by multiple media outlets including some of the best ones, such as “The New York Times”.

They are crazy for each other and Long even calls their love story “Modern Love”. They both knew that they had a strong bond from the beginning and that’s why they decided to start seeing each other.

To find out more about this amazing love story, and the unique family that they have, there is a documentary by Matt Isaac and Craig Downing. The documentary is about Long’s long journey to find his children and it’s called ‘Forty Dollars a Pop”. In the movie, all of his children have one thing in common that is unique only for Long. That is that they all have his nose. That’s how they know that they’re his children!

Image Source: Jessica Share/Facebook


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