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Mom Walks In To Comfort Anxious Son After Surgery And Discovers Nurse Snuggling Him In Hospital Bed


There are times when people feel like they would need a lot in order to feel better. And, in reality, all they need is for someone to do a good deed for them to show them that they are important and that there are people that care for them. That was the case with this five-year-old boy who found himself alone in the operation room with no one to comfort him, until…

It wasn’t an easy year for this five-year-old boy named Slade Thompson. He already underwent a critical surgery for the removal of his tonsils, and this time when he was admitted Williamsport in Pennsylvania, in the Susquehanna hospital, it was already his second surgery that year.

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When you’re in the hospital, and they are operating on someone you love, there is nothing you can do except walk around the halls and try to calm yourself. This was precisely what Slade’s mother was doing while the doctors were operating on her son. She was constantly feeling anxious and couldn’t wait to go into Slade’s room and tell him how much she loved and cared for him. She was hoping that the operation is done every time she heard the door opening or closing.

She was under stress, and she continually told herself that everything would be okay and that the doctors are doing everything they can in order to finish the procedure on her son as soon as possible. Once the procedure was done, and her son awakened the doctors, and the nurses needed to do one last check for his vitals before they could let her get into her son’s room.

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One of the nurses that took care of Slade was named Annie Hager. And before checking his vitals, she made sure to comfort Slade by telling him that there would only be a few more minutes after his mother is allowed into his room. And, while she was comforting the boy, the youngster decided to ask Hager, the nurse, for a favor.

Once Layla Thompson, Slade’s mother, was finally allowed into her son’s room, she was nearly shocked into tears by the sight that she saw. The nurse was holding her son tightly into her arms to calm his fears. Layla made sure to take a picture of the moment and later uploaded it to her social media. On her Facebook account, the picture got shared a couple of thousands of times, and it started going viral.

Image Source: The A Post

The hospital shared the picture from Layla’s Facebook profile and stated that comforting their patients is essential to them as much as taking care of them and giving them high levels of medical care. They gave all the credit to Annie in their post.

A couple of weeks later, Slade and his mother, Layla, decided to go back to the hospital and thank the nurse for taking such good care of Slade. And, Slade decided to return the favor that Annie made for him, and returned her the hugs she gave him.

What do you think is the nurses’ job only giving the medical care to the patients, or they should also be sentimental and support their patients emotionally. Annie sure didn’t think twice before giving Slade the best emotional and medical care!

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