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Mother and her blog followers left in awe after her daughter teaches her a valuable lesson


Having kids at home is never easy, and this mother shares every experience she has, good or bad with her audience on her blog. Mary Katherine Backstorm shares her day-to-day struggles of being a parent and how she keeps learning to be a better mother. Sharing everything from her kid’s tantrums to how she gets on with potty training her two young children. But in a recent post that she wrote, she revealed what her young daughter said to her that shocked her and the people reading the post.

Mary is a mother of two, Ben who is five-years-old and Holland, who is three. On her blog called “Mom Babble,” she shares funny, inspirational stories, and she even offers advice to her followers who are now more than two hundred thousand just on her social media. Mary says that she started the blog and sees it as a journal and wants to share and help other moms that are going through parenthood, Mary is even open to communicate with other moms as much as she can. She says that through the blog, she and other moms can help each other. Mary loves seeing them giving advice on what to do and what not to do, positive or negative experiences, every bit of advice helps and that they can get through the early part of parenthood which can be the most difficult. She says that no one is perfect, and by sharing her stories, someone can find humor in this challenging time in their lives.

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Mary recently shared a story on her social media about putting little Holland to bed. She said that is an hour battle with her to get her to lay down and go to sleep. After she finally got her to stop fighting about her toys, Mary said that that was enough and that she doesn’t want to hear anything else from her that night. She tucked Holland in, said that she loves her and continued to walk out of her room. Frustrated and tired, Mary just wanted to rest, but before she got the chance to leave the room, little Holland got up from bed, wiping her tears from her eyes she yelled at her mom that she forgives her. Mary was confused and even didn’t think she knew what that meant, so she asked Holland to explain what that meant. Little Holland said that it meant that you were wrong and that she didn’t want to go to bed mad at her, so that is why she said that to Mary. Also, she said that she didn’t want to have a tummy ache in her heart, so she wanted to sleep comfortably. Mary said that she was so shocked that her three-year-old daughter would know what forgiveness is and that she didn’t expect it at all. She couldn’t believe that her daughter thought her a lesson about forgiveness and that it is never good to go to sleep mad a someone. She continued saying that after that she went back to her and got into bed with her to give her a big hug. She joked by saying that she really didn’t want o go to bed with a “tummy ache in her heart” and that her daughter was right.

After reading the story on her social media, Mary’s comments were filled with positive comments saying how much were they amazed by the words that Holland told her. Some of the comments said, how precious and pure can little kids be and understand things that adults struggle with every day. To others, the story made them cry and was really moved by Holland’s words. Another woman shared that even if she didn’t have kids, she could understand how much those words meant to Mary and that everyone can learn how much forgiveness is essential. There were hundreds of comments praising Holland and wishing her to grow up being this wise and kind. They all joked and about how no one will have a tummy ache in their hearts after reading the post and said that the story made their day a little bit happier. Hollands words can and must be a reminder of how vital forgiveness can be even if you are not up for forgiving someone.

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