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Mother Didn’t Understand Why This Dog Threw Her Baby But Later Found Out Why


Dogs are known to be our best friends, who are always ready to play or cuddle with us. Unfortunately, there are some cases when dogs would show violent behavior towards humans. At the moment, there is a big debate going on about various dog breeds and whether or not they should be considered violent and be allowed near newborns, toddlers, and small children.

Catherine Svillicic was one of the many people who gave this dangerous breed a chance and welcomed the Doberman into her family despite its aggressive reputation. This one decision ended up changing Catherine’s family life forever. The dog began to throw around Catherine’s baby, and no one in the family could understand the reason behind the dog’s odd harsh behavior. Read below to find out why the Doberman was behaving so aggressively towards an innocent baby.

Young Family

The Svillicic family is residing in Cairns Australia and recently welcomed a baby girl Charlotte into this world. As soon as the little girl was born, the couple immediately fell in love with her, and she became their whole world. Catherine knew she would do everything in her power to protect the little girl.

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The one thing she didn’t expect though is having to protect her daughter at such a young age. Catherine was always near Charlotte…What could go wrong? No, it wasn’t a robber or a mean boy who hurt this girl. It was something very different, and the source of danger was actually living under the same roof as the Svillicic family.

Another Addition To The Family

Charlotte was the only child, and Catherine thought it would be a good idea to add another member to the family. That way, her baby girl wouldn’t feel so alone growing up and will always have a cute four-legged friend by her side as the couple was not planning to have another child in the future.


The mom was hoping for Charlotte to have a true friend when she was still very young, about 17 months old. A dog who would grow up with the girl and be there for her through the good and the bad. Catherine knew that no matter what, there will be times in her life when she wouldn’t be able to give her baby the attention and love she deserved. She believed having a family dog around would keep Charlotte occupied.

Choosing The Breed

It is never easy to decide what type of family dog you would like to have, especially when you have a small child in your house. Dogs’ behavior can be absolutely unpredictable sometimes which is quite dangerous when children are involved. While the child’s intentions are pure and kind, the dog might misread them for violence and act accordingly.

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When dogs believe they are about to get attacked by someone, they naturally react to the situation before they even realize whether they are in real danger or not. However, Catherine knew eventually she would find the right dog for her loving family.


Once Catherine decided to add another member to her family, she picked the adoption process. She wanted to give a dog that was rescued a chance of a loving home and headed to the local animal shelter.


Catherine quickly noticed one particular dog when she arrived at the animal shelter: a Doberman Pinscher. The shelter workers told her that this Doberman had a rough past and was actually about to get put down very soon.


The Doberman was adopted by the Svillicics and named Khan. This unusual pet name was the Mongolian title for a ruler. While some people believe that this breed is not ideal for families with babies, Catherine was more than confident about Khan becoming a part of her family.


If Catherine didn’t adopt the Doberman, Khan would have been put down shortly. This hopeful mom was sure Khan and Catherine would become best friends very soon and thought she could train the dog to act appropriately in the house.

Getting To Know Khan

Catherine began to carefully and slowly introduce Khan to her loving daughter Charlotte. The reason why she wanted her daughter to grow up with a dog so much was that Catherine herself grew up with one and she thought it would be fantastic for her child to go through the same experience.


As Catherine herself was growing up around a family dog, she acquired some experience regarding owning a four-legged friend and thought she could raise the Doberman Khan without a problem. This mom believed everything in her life happened for a reason and her family and Khan were meant to unite. Little did she know what was about to happen…

The Past

When Catherine visited the animal shelter, she had a conversation with one of the workers about Khan’s past. She found out that the Doberman was indeed purebred who was neglected and later got purchased from a breeder. The workers learned that Khan was also very malnourished.


“When Kerry Kinder (Doberinling Boarding Kennels owner) rescued him, he was starving, had broken ribs and had been beaten – he was an abused dog,” Catherine shared. Khan could easily lash out as soon as he feels like he or his owner is in danger.

Horrible Past

Such a problematic past meant Khan’s behavior could be very unpredictable and things could get bad at some point in the future. Dogs who had been through what Khan did could easily get violent as soon as they feel threatened. They feel like they need always to be alert and defend themselves in case of danger. Though Catherine felt that Khan was different and wouldn’t have the same problem.


“It was borderline on whether or not he should be put down because he was in such a bad way,” Catherine added. After getting familiar with the dog’s troubled past, she couldn’t bring herself to leave Khan at the shelter and eventually get euthanized. Khan deserved a chance to live a normal life.

Best Friends

Catherine was right, Khan and her daughter quickly got along and became very close. The dog would always watch 17-month old Charlotte and follow her around the house like a personal bodyguard. Everything was going smoothly…but would it always stay like this?


Khan was always friendly and gentle to Charlotte, and there was never any signs of violence or aggression in the dog’s behavior. Nevertheless, Catherine couldn’t stop worrying that one day something in Charlotte’s behavior could trigger Khan and he would snap at her. Unfortunately, one day it did happen…

The Day

One time when Charlotte was playing with Khan in the backyard as per usual, the horrible attack took place…Catherine saw the entire incident from the kitchen window and froze in shock unable to move or do anything. What she witnessed was her worst nightmare, and it just became a reality.

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What Catherine saw in the window was horrifying: Khan kept pushing her little girl until she fell on the floor. What could have caused the dog to act so violent all of a sudden towards his new best-friend, Charlotte? What did the little girl do to provoke this? Sadly, this was only the beginning…

What Happened

Soon after Khan starting pushing the little girl, she fell on the ground. Poor Charlotte couldn’t even get up as the dog quickly began trashing her diaper with anger. Khan was at least three times her size, and the little girl was unable to do anything other than swinging back and forth on the floor.

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At first, Catherine just stood in front of the window completely shocked, and within the next few seconds, she ran outside to save her poor daughter from Khan. Though this was not it, something even scarier occurred after she rushed to help her child.

Poor Charlotte

“Khan was really concentrating and was acting aggressively towards Charlotte. He kept trying to nudge her, but it wasn’t working. So he grabbed her by the back of the nappy and threw her over his shoulder more than a meter like she was a rag doll,” Catherine said.

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When finally Khan was done torturing Charlotte, the Doberman released a very high pitch scream as if he was in a lot of pain. Then, the dog slowly proceeded to walk back to the house and collapsed as soon as he got inside. Catherine quickly realized something was very wrong with Khan and his life was in danger.

The Consequences

Mrs. Svillicic quickly ran outside to help her beloved daughter who was lying on the floor meters away from where she was before. She had no idea what Khan did to her child, did she have any broken bones or bites from the Doberman’s horrible behavior?


Catherine became even more confused when she saw that her daughter seemed completely fine without any visible injuries from the attack. Of course, Charlotte was in as much shock as her mother was but didn’t look like she was injured at all. The girl’s attacker seemed quite tired and even lifeless. His eyes appeared to be closed while his tongue fell out from his mouth and he fell to the ground.

Mom The SuperHero

Mrs. Svillicic knew right away that if she wanted to save Khan’s life, she needed to come up with an action plan as soon as possible. Usually, she wouldn’t be able to carry Khan herself, but time things were different…


She felt the adrenaline rushing through her body, and with all her strength Catherine was able to pick Khan up under her arm and Charlotte under the other. Then, Mrs. Svillicic proceeded to run towards her car holding her daughter and the Doberman. What she didn’t know that something else was about to happen that would put all of their lives at significant risk…

What To Do

Catherine seriously didn’t know what to do. So many horrible things happened within minutes: her daughter was attacked by someone Catherine trusted to be around Charlotte, and the attacker also appeared to be injured and could die very soon.

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She got in the car and drove as fast as possible, practically ignoring other vehicles on the road. Luckily, she made it to the vet clinic right on time and save.

Quick Action

Catherine was really hoping she acted fast enough to give Khan time to be saved. As soon as she ran inside the hospital, doctors quickly understood that the Doberman needed urgent care and rushed to help Mrs. Svillicic. One look at Khan was enough to tell he needed urgent care as soon as possible.

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Sadly at this point, the dog appeared to be fully paralyzed, and his eyes were shut. The doctors could tell right away what was happening to Khan. The Doberman got bitten by something very poisonous on his leg which quickly began to spread to the rest of his body.

The Possible Cure

The doctors learned Khan got bitten by a poisonous snake and the venom was flowing in the Doberman’s veins. They quickly treated Khan with strong anti-venom, but even then it was hard to tell whether the dog would survive or not. Was there still a chance Khan could survive?

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Whether Khan was going to survive or not depended on several factors: what exactly had bitten the Doberman, how much venom was now flowing in his veins, his body’s ability to produce enough antibodies to fight the venom, and how fast it spread in his body.

Difficult Times

The vets did everything they could to help Khan fight the venom. But afterward, it was all up to Khan’s ability to pull through and survive. The whole family was, of course, devastated with the thought of Khan passing away.

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Even though Khan was only living with them for four days, the Svillicic family considered him a part of their family. Charlotte had gotten very attached and close to the Doberman and even called him her best friend. Would Khan survive?

The Perpetrator

So what exactly hurt the Doberman? The doctors were able to figure out what kind of perpetrator bit Khan. The dog’s perpetrator was a Mulga snake, a deadly king brown snake that was hiding in the grass of Svillicic’s backyard exactly where the girl was playing with Khan.

Credits: Naturally South Australia

How dangerous is this deadly snake? Well, very very dangerous even when compared with other snakes known to be present in that area. Mulga snake is actually the second most venomous snake in the world and causes 60% of all snake-related deaths in the entire country.

What Really Happened

What Catherine saw from her kitchen window was Khan repeatedly attacking her daughter by pushing her around and even kicking meters away. In reality, Khan was not trying to hurt the little girl he was actually trying to protect the little 17-month-old toddler!

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The Doberman noticed the deadly snake slowly moving in the grass where Charlotte was playing and stood in the middle between the perpetrator and the little girl. The reason why Khan kicked Charlotte was that she didn’t react when he started pushing her in the direction opposite from the perpetrator, so the last thing this poor dog could do was throw the toddler away from the king brown snake.

Saved A Life

This family dog saved Charlotte’s life and allowed the snake to bit him instead of the little girl. Since Catherine’s daughter was still tiny, if the snake were to bite her, the outcome would most likely be fatal. The Doberman himself wasn’t that big either, what would that mean for him?

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The Doberman was bigger in size than the girl, but it didn’t automatically mean he was going to be okay. Khan was a real hero who saved this innocent toddler’s life and took in all of the pain on himself. The family was stressfully waiting at the veterinary hospital and hoping to hear some good news for the first time in what seemed like forever. Unfortunately, things were not looking promising at all.

Long Stressful Night

The family stayed at the clinic until it was closing time. The vets told the Svillicic family that they helped Khan as much as they could and this night was going to be very long and tough on the poor dog. Khan was given all of the necessary medicine to fight the venue, and now they just had to wait and see whether he survives or not.

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In order to survive, Khan’s body needed to produce enough antibodies to fight the venom and stay strong in the process. The rest of the family had no choice but to return back home to Cairns, Australia. It was a very stressful night for them as they waited for updates on Khan’s condition and in the morning they drove back to the clinic.

The Morning News

That night Catherine couldn’t sleep at all knowing her family dog is suffering. The thoughts in her head kept racing, what if Khan wouldn’t survive? The Doberman had only been with the Svillicic’s family for a few days, but they already loved him deeply. She couldn’t imagine saying goodbye to Khan now.

Credits: Eastlake Vet Hospital

Catherine was ready to do absolutely anything to save her beloved dog. She felt so much love for Khan and was very grateful that he saved her little daughter from being attacked by a deadly snake. She knew right there and then, Khan deserved the world and needed to be saved. Then, the morning finally came…

The Morning After

The whole family woke up early and started preparing for the big day. This was the day they were going to learn whether their family dog would survive or not. Catherine chose the same route again to get to the hospital as quick as possible. Everyone was indeed very stressed and couldn’t wait for the clinic to finally open. At 8:00 am, the doors opened…

Credits: Bondi Vet

Catherine felt anxious while driving the same road to the veterinary clinic as the day before. She immediately remembered Khan being fully paralyzed suffering right next to her. Nevertheless, the woman was still hoping to hear good news. She and the rest of the family wished for Khan to get better and return home as soon as possible. They couldn’t imagine living without their beloved dog.

At The Clinic

The Svillicic family were the first visitors to the clinic that morning. As soon as they parked the car, they rushed to the reception to hear the big news. Finally, they got the answer they were hoping to hear: Khan had a very long and hard night, but he was doing great! The whole family immediately felt relieved. They weren’t going to lose their hero!

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The Doberman was feeling much better and even managed to eat breakfast that same morning! The doctors noticed he was gaining his strength back, so things were looking pretty well for this boy. They happily told the family Khan was going to make a full recovery and could return home soon. Just a few hours ago, no one was sure Khan would survive…Charlotte and her best friend were going to be together again!

Back Home

Soon after the good news, Khan was able to come back home and be together with his family. He even received a special hero’s welcome back into the home. Catherine shared that from that time on, their beloved dog would be known as “Khan the Wonder Dog,” perfect title.

Credits: Kiwi Report

A dog who was previously neglected and abused ended up saving his new best friend’s life. Khan repaid his new family who loved him dearly in the best possible way: he saved their child’s life. The Svillicic family would never forget such a gesture. Charlotte was alive and healthy because Khan protected her from a deadly perpetrator. If it weren’t for Khan, she would not be alive right now. Though, this is not the end of it…

It Runs In The Family

Kerry Kinder, the man who saved Khan the Wonder Dog from the previous owners, mentioned that heroism acts run in his family. Apparently, the Doberman’s grandfather saved a young child like Charlotte from a deadly snake bite before. It seems like “Wonder” definitely run’s in his family.

Credits: iStock/JamesBrey

“He was starving for attention and wanted to be loved because he came from an abused home, so I’m not surprised about what he has done at his new home,” Kerry shared after learning about the Khan’s heroic act. The whole family is pleased and grateful for what Khan has done. Catherine believes everything happens for a reason, including bringing him home. If Khan weren’t near Charlotte that day when she was playing outside, the girl would most likely not be alive today. Now, Khan is showered with attention daily.

Living Like A King

As of now, Khan is living his best life with the Svillicic family who loves him a lot. He will forever be a hero for them. The Doberman quickly became famous after his story went viral on social media and appeared on international headlines. How could he not? This King deserves the whole world! Though Khan probably doesn’t even know how famous he is now. He is still living a great life with humans who love him dearly.

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“If Khan wants a gold bowl, Khan gets it. We owe him for the rest of his life,’’ Catherine stated to reporters. The family will spoil Khan for the rest of his life, and he really does deserve the best of the best. But how did this dog manage to survive the bite of a very deadly snake?

Doctor’s Explanation

The doctors who treated Khan at the clinic revealed that the deadly snake who bit the Doberman didn’t inject him with enough venom for him to die. Though this doesn’t mean Khan didn’t need urgent care after the attack. If Catherine didn’t bring Khan to the clinic on time, he could have stayed paralyzed for the rest of his life.


Charlotte and Khan are still best friends today. They were undoubtedly meant to meet and grow together. If “Khan the Wonder Dog” weren’t there at the right moment, then Charlotte wouldn’t be living today. Fortunately, she had her best-friend who almost died saving her.

Australian Wildlife

Most people know that Australia is known to be a home for some of the most dangerous animals in the world. Humans in Australia are always in danger by a vast variety of bees, frogs, spiders, and snakes whose bites can be deadly. The most dangerous spider in Australia is the Sydney funnel-web spider. Anyone who is a victim of its attack requires immediate medical attention in all cases.

Credits: Animal Spot

However, Australia is not the only country full of dangerous animals; a similar situation can also easily happen in America where another dog saved a human’s life at the right moment.

Just a Usual Walk

Cole Lewis from Lancaster, Calif was ten years old at the time when he took his dog Nala for a usual walk near his house on a warm sunny Autumn day. Cole was walking on a trail close to his home with Nala and a bike by his side. He had taken the same path many times in his life and knew his way around quite well. Cole and Nala frequently visited this place before without anything wrong ever happening to them. But this time, something went very wrong…


October 15, 2017, was a critical date for both: Cole and Nala. Though back then it seemed to be just a typical regular day. Cole was planning to have his usual walk with the family dog, but this walk ended up turning both of their lives around. It was a terrifying day after which Nala became a real hero.

Another Snake Attack

Nala and his owner were walking around as per usual when suddenly a lethal attacker appeared in front of them. It was a Mojave Green Rattlesnake. The snake tried to attack the boy, but it missed him and hit his bike instead.

Credits: ABC 7 screenshot

Unfortunately, the snake didn’t give up when it missed Cole. Its venom is known to be the strongest one in all of North America and is especially threatening to people. Mojave Green Rattlesnake was desperately looking for pray and Cole was the perfect candidate. That’s when Nala showed her noble qualities: she positioned herself in front of the boy, preventing the snake from hurting him.

Loyal Nala

During this horrible moment, this precious, brave dog allowed the snake to bite her instead of Cole. Mojave Green Rattlesnake took this opportunity and injected Nala with its venom. As soon as this happened, Cole ran home to get help from Anthony Borquez, the stepfather of the boy.


“When my son had told me it was light green, I knew that it was a Mojave green (snake). They’re extremely poisonous, way more so than a diamondback,” Anthony shared during his interview with station KABC on Los Angeles TV. The family dog was already in a horrible state when Cole and his stepfather ran back to get her.

She Needed Help

The venom quickly began to spread to the rest of Nala’s body after the attack. “She waited until we were safe. She stood her ground. She didn’t like whimper or anything when she got bit,” the boy added during the interview with KABC. The poor dog was also bleeding.

Credits: People Magazine

The next thing these two did was making sure Nala gets medical help as soon as possible. Cole’s stepfather immediately picked Nala up and brought her to the nearest clinic. The drive was full of terror and stress as neither of them knew what was going to happen to their beloved dog Nala. This could be her very last day…

The Effects of Venom

Nala was in a terrible state after the snake attack and doctors told Cole and Anthony that she was in a critical condition. The chance of Nala not making it was very high, but her family wasn’t planning on giving up just yet. They knew the next couple of days are going to be very hard for everyone.


Nala was under constant care for 24 hours after she had been brought to the clinic. The doctors gave her a strong dosage of Antivenin Crotalidae Polyvalent, which is a potent anti-venom medicine. But was this enough for Nala to survive the horrible snake attack?

Stressful Period

After Nala received a dose of Antivenin Crotalidae Polyvalent, she remained in the hospital for a whole day placed in a hyperbaric chamber. The medicine was taking effect on Nala’s body. Cole and his stepfather anxiously waited to hear the final news on their family dog. It was a tough time for them as no one knew what was going to happen to Nala.


Unfortunately, soon they heard some bad news… The medical care for Nala was costly. To pay it off, Anthony had to create a Go Fund Me page for Nala to raise enough funds to cover the bills. Luckily for them, people quickly reacted to the situation, and soon they were only a few hundred dollars short from their end goal of $5,000.

Good News

Soon, they received some excellent news. Nala was going to be okay and make a full recovery. Cole and Anthony went to the vet clinic to bring Nala back home. What a wonderful reunion! It was even captured by the crew from a local news station!


Nala was so happy to see her owners after such a horrible incident. Anthony and Cole were even more thrilled! They were so grateful for Nala that she’s alive and saved Cole’s life. “We got her from a rescue. We rescued her, and she rescued us,” Anthony said.

Some Problems

As much as everyone wished this was the end of Nala’s suffering, unfortunately, it wasn’t. After she was taken home from the clinic, the owners found out she was actually allergic to the medicine she was given at the veterinary clinic. But since the Go Fund Me page hasn’t had any recent updates, Nala is probably just fine.


It turns out when Cole left home to get some help; his bike ended up being stolen. For Cole, this wasn’t such a big deal at all as the most important thing is that everyone is okay now. “She saved my life,” the boy said. “I just want to hang out with her now because she’s my hero,” Cole proudly added. These two also decided to take some precautions to avoid this from happening again.


After the horrible situation, Cole and his stepfather decided to avoid visiting that area in the future.

Credits: Facebook/Anthony Borquez

Also, Cole’s stepfather made a Facebook post to warn others about lethal snakes in the area. His post quickly gained a lot of attention online. So what are the precautions that should be taken?

The Right Time

Anthony grew up in the area and was very familiar with the protocol. The man did the right thing by bringing Nala to the hospital as soon as possible after the attack where she received the much-needed treatment.


ABC 7 later revealed that rattlesnakes could frequently be seen during Spring and Autumn seasons. During those two seasons, residents should be cautious and stay alert and all times while being outside.

What To Do In Case A Snake Bites You

The clinic which treated Nala said that there were about 150 other cases of snake bites in pets that year. The University of California had shared some precautions people can take to avoid being attacked by a rattlesnake.


Wearing long pants, boots, and hiking on paths will reduce the chances of being attacked by such snakes. Keeping away from weeds and bushes is also a very good idea. Avoid touching a snake, even if it looks dead. Hiking with someone instead of doing it alone will do you good in case of an emergency. If a snake does bite you, always seek medical attention as soon as you can. Taking a photo of the attacker will help the doctors find the right antivenom faster. Applying ice on the bite area is not recommended. Instead, wash the area with water and soap. Lastly, make sure the watches and bracelets are removed from the wrist.

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