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Mother Visits 6-Year-Old Son At Lunchtime To Find Out Teachers Have Been ‘Publicly Shaming’ Him


Every parent’s least favorite activity of the day is getting the children ready for school and dropping them off on time. After all, when you think about it, there are kids to be chased so that you can clothe them, then they need to get their bags ready, and you need to cook breakfast for them to eat. And you need to do all of this in a really short time span. So, this means that a lot of the time, we don’t get to drop our children off at school on time.

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There are millions upon millions of ways of dealing with a kid that’s late for classes. Some schools are trying to work things out with the parents so that they stop further late arrivals. Other schools, take a more severe way of punishing the students – by sending them to detention.

This is exactly what happened to this six-year-old boy from Oregon, Grants Pass when the school decided that this was the last time that he should’ve arrived late at school. Hunter’s mother was aware of the fact that her child will face detention until lunch, but once she arrived at the school to check on her son, she was shocked by what she saw there.

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When Hunter’s mother got into the school she could see her kid sitting alone on a table. But, this wasn’t the worst part. Her kid was surrounded by a cardboard partition and Hunter’s school called that partition the Confidential Cubby. And, as the cherry on the top Hunter also had a plastic cup with a big letter D written on it, this was supposed to mean that he was detained.

Once Nicole, Hunter’s mother saw how her son was treated, and how severe his punishment was she got really angry with the school. She decided to take a picture of how her boy was feeling and looking from the side and send it to her mother.

Image Source: The A Post

Once the picture of distressed and lonely Hunter got to his grandmother she also got angry because of the fact that her grandson was getting punished severely. So, she decided to take some action, and rather than just getting angry with the school, Hunter’s grandmother decided to post the picture all over social media. It didn’t take long for the picture to start going viral and in less than a day the picture started getting traction.

Once the picture got thousands of likes shares and comments, the Grants Pass community started noticing the cruel punishment and started gathering around and supporting the Cmelo family.

And wait until you hear the reason why Hunter was late for his classes to get the severe punishment. Hunter’s mother didn’t feel well during that day so she needed to stop by the hospital. But this wasn’t the only reason. Namely, the car that Hunter’s mom was driving was in really poor condition so, it was pretty hard getting there in time. That’s what the community of Grants Pass thought too. And one auto dealership in the area the “Kelly’s Automotive Service” decided to help. So, once Nicole went there to pick up her car, she was happy to find out that the dealership decided to gift them a new minivan.

This was a great story to show all the naysayers that good people are still around, and these good people can do a lot for somebody. It’s a heartwarming story of a whole community helping and supporting their members. Make sure to share it and tell your friends and family that good people always win in life!

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