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Mother’s Thank You Note To Ex’s New Girlfriend Is Taking The Internet By Storm


It’s never an easy thing seeing your ex getting with somebody new, and this is even harder for those of you that have a child with your ex. Getting jealous, insecure and in some cases even getting angry at your ex becomes easy, trying and getting over all of it, on the other hand, is very hard. Well, this 24-year-old mother from Virginia found herself in this situation and managed to rise above and get over this. Read on and find out how Audrey Loving presented herself in front of her husband’s new girlfriend and how she taught her daughter to be a better person.

Image Source: Audrey Nicole Facebook

Audrey’s Ex-boyfriend Met Someone new

Corey Henry, Audrey’s ex had been with her since she was 18 years old. She said yes to him, and they started a family with their daughter Riley who just turned 4. But, Audrey Loving and Corey Henry didn’t have it as pink as everyone thought. In fact, they couldn’t keep up with their long-distance relationship, so they brought theirs to an end. Now, Audrey got full custody of their daughter, but her ex is oftentimes there for the weekends so he can spend time with his daughter.

But, that’s not everything that’s changed now. Corey met someone new, and Audrey started feeling a bit nervous, just like anyone would, under these circumstances. She was more worried about the fact that she had never met her ex’s new girlfriend and she didn’t know anything about her. But, she wanted the best for her daughter, so she was determined that she was going to do what’s best for Riley.

Why she Wanted to do This for Riley

She stated that she grew up in a similar situation like her daughter, and she had step-sisters and that she had heard “the other woman” talk. She knew that this was not fair for Riley and most importantly she didn’t want her daughter to listen to those things. Because, as she says, kids are smart and it is easy for them to understand what’s happening.

Once she understood that her ex is going out with someone new she knew that she needed to set an excellent example for Riley, not one like she grew up with. And, she also felt for Whitney because she entered a relationship where she would parent a child that wasn’t hers.

Audrey was Happy With the Outcome

Audrey doesn’t like drama, and that’s why she didn’t create any around her ex and his new girlfriend. But, that is not where she stopped. She signed into her Facebook account and wrote a post that went viral. In this post, she thanked Corey’s new girlfriend. In the post, she wrote about how thankful she is to Corey’s new girlfriend because of the fact that when Riley is at her father’s new girlfriend takes care of Riley, feeds her, buys her things, etc. She basically takes care of Riley like she was her own. And, basically Loving was thankful for that.

Her post quickly grew in popularity and got more than nine thousand shares and two thousand comments. But, the numbers didn’t stop there, they’re continually growing from women that have found themselves in a similar situation. They said that they knew her situation and that they understand how hard it must’ve been for Loving to do this. They praised her for choosing kindness where others might’ve gone with hate!

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