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Mystery Boat Washes Up On Ireland’s Coast With A Strange Message


People living on the coastal shores of Ireland are not unfamiliar to the sights of strange things washing up on their shores. But, when they saw a suspicious mystery boat approaching the shore, both the authorities and the coast guard started investigating. Once they got on the boat the first mysterious thing was that there were no people on the boat, no crew members, nothing.

No one knew what was happening with the boat and how did it get there. They were impatient to find out where the boat actually came from, and who took it there in the first place. And once they solved the mystery and pieced all of the pieces of the puzzle together the mystery boat, became an amazingly big attraction for tourist from all over the world. If you would like to find out what did the message say, and how to entire mystery unveiled just keep reading.

The Start Of The Mystery

2016, Ireland, gloomy day. But this was not your ordinary gloomy day. There was a heavy mist all over the coast and the clouds were gray. Everybody was minding their own business and were going through their daily routines when all of a sudden everything seemed to stop, they could notice an object starting to appear in the water.

Credits: Yachting World

None of them could distinguish what the object really was. But, they all saw that it was something big and it was floating straight towards their shore. This is when a person of the crowd called the authorities and told them what was happening. They said that they will check what’s happening immediately.

Straight Towards Them

As we mentioned earlier, they could all see that the mysterious object was headed straight towards the Eastern Irish Shore. And as the object came closer to the shore people started realizing that it was a boat or some kind of a vessel. It didn’t look like it was steered or anything. In fact, it looked like the boat was riding the waves and it was letting them set the direction it was going.

Credits: Telegraph

Witnesses knew that they needed to do something or else, the boat was going to crash into the shore. And if people were on board on the big boat, then they sure were in a grave danger. So they decided that they are going to do the only thing that is right and that they could really do.

Do The Right Thing!

A lot of people were trying to contact the coast guard in order to report to them what was happening just off the coast. The people from the coast guard knew that they had to act immediately and so they did.

Credits: Pinterest

When they started getting closer and closer to the ship they started noticing that the ship did not look like it should be in those waters. The design of the ship looked like a caravan and those kinds of ships weren’t very durable. But, the most interesting things started happening once they entered the ship…

Something Out Of The Ordinary

Once the coast guard people started getting on board of the boat they started realizing that something was out of the ordinary. Namely, they couldn’t find a person on board even after sweeping the whole vessel. The investigation didn’t solve anything. In fact it started raising even more questions than before. What happened with all of the passengers, where’s the captain of the boat, what happened?

Credits: Above Top Secret

The people from the coast guard couldn’t believe what was happening. Everybody was talking about the event, and one of the people who were working on the case even said that it was the strangest case he had ever worked on. They had never seen that kind of a design on a boat and they were sure that the vessel wasn’t made for going out on the open sea.

Questions… Questions…

And even with the design flaws and the unorthodox choice of building materials the boat was still taken out on clear sea. But, the problem was that this still didn’t answer any of the questions, if anything it raised even more questions if we’re being honest…

Credits: Adventure Sports Network

Where did this boat come from? Where are all the people? How did it get there? These are just a couple of the questions that bugged the coast guard workers and all the people who witnessed the event.

Taking The Boat On Land

Tasks after tasks the coast guard worked on solving the case with the mysterious boat. Next, they were going to take the boat on land. They had no idea if the boat was stable and that is why they did not want to investigate the boat further while it was in the water.

Credits: Adventure Sports Network

The vessel didn’t look like it was in its best shape, I mean, yes it has gone through tough weather conditions and the sea in one piece but they didn’t want to risk it. The windows of the boat were all broken and there were boards broken from the construction of the boat all over the deck.

Still In Solid Condition

Once the coast guard managed to ground the boat, they immediately continued the investigation. Weird enough, despite the fact that the boat’s exterior wasn’t looking pretty good, the interior was still in solid condition.

Credits: ABC News

The boat was starting to look a lot more like a place where someone lived, but they couldn’t find any signs of people staying there nor any items of the people or the person who might have stayed on the boat. But, a message that they found on one of the walls in the boat shed a light on the case and gave them their first lead for this case.

The Name On The Wall

The caught a break! The mysterious message that they found on one of the walls in the boat had a name written in it… this name wasn’t much for them, but it was a lead and that is what they needed. It could be the name of the person who built this strange boat, some of the people staying in it or someone completely else… What do you think what was it?

Credits: Facebook

“The shape, itself, is very unusual, because of the size of it. I initially thought it might be a caravan,” one of the coast guards commented. He added that the boat was, however, “inhabitable,” arousing suspicions on what its purpose had been. The plot was only beginning to thicken.

Other Side Of The Globe

Now, it was not important what the purpose of the boat was. What was important was to check out the name that they found on the wall in the vessel. After all it might be the person who built the thing. The name that they found was Rick Small. The problem was that Small wasn’t from around. In fact, he was from the other side of the globe!

Credits: Express

He was from Ontario, Thunder Bay. In fact, in Canada he was well known because he did things that were strange to other people. People who knew Small, said that he was a nice man but a bit eccentric. And, the question now was… Where is Small? Why isn’t he on the vessel?


While they did manage to dig up something about Rick Small they haven’t come nowhere near to solving the mystery. They found out that he is an environmentalist and he supports alternative energy sources – Solar Panels. They also found out that he himself has built a couple of solar bicycles and other vehicles as well.

Credits: The Star

Despite their success in finding the information, it hasn’t helped them in any way to solve the case of the mysterious boat. But, the message on the wall had more to it than just the name, and that’s what they decided to try and interpret next.

Piecing the Puzzle Together

They continued to research Small, and they found out that he wanted to build his own solar driven boat. What’s more interesting he wasn’t planning to build the boat to use it just for traveling. He had something bigger in mind. Namely, Rick wanted to make the boat his home.

Credits: The Star

From what they found out about him they knew that he was an ambitious person. Smalls did not build the boat just to travel the Canadian coastline with it. He was planning to travel through the whole Atlantic Ocean with it. But, at that time, he hasn’t even thought about how his solar energy love is going to change his whole live forever!

If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It!

Rick having his big dream in mind, started researching, asking around and developing a plan to help him build the solar driven vessel. He didn’t know anything about building ships, but with a bit of help by the local companies he started buying what he needed to build this boat.

Credits: The Star

His plan was to build the boat from lumber and polystyrene (a see through and tough plastic). Once the coast guard found most of the information, they started trying to find out where Small actually was and why did he write that weird message on the wall of his solar driven boat…

The Big Trip!

Rick Small worked tirelessly every day in order to finish the boat that he was making. When he finished the boat was 200 ft. long which is not a small boat when you consider that it was his first boat that he built. Once the boat was done, he only needed to prepare for “The Big Trip”.

Credits: Twitter

Once everything was ready, Small was doing his final check-ups before heading towards the Atlantic Ocean. So, considering that the boat made it all the way from Canada to Ireland, where was the person who created it and who should’ve been in it? Well, it was a bit hard for the coast guard to answer this question.


Before going on his planned trip, Rick wanted to inform the Canadian Coast Guard that he was going to sail through the Atlantic Ocean. Upon inspection, the coast guard decided that the boat was not safe enough for him, and that it might pose a threat to him if he set sail. They said that the boat wasn’t built for sea travels and long trips.

Credits: Times Colonist

Once he heard the information that the coast guard gave him he decided that it was too risky for him to go on the journey. So, if this is what happened, why was the boat on Ireland’s soil and how did it get there?! And, what was the message written on the wall of the boat saying, and who wrote it?

Things Didn’t Go According To Plan!

Sometimes things can go wrong, and not according to plan. This was what happened to the Canadian. Lots of theories surround his case, but, no one actually knows what the strange fate of the solar boat really was. What all theories have in common is that the boat somehow gotten loose in the dock!

Credits: Facebook

This is when the vessel gotten detached, some speculate that this happened in a storm, and started drifting away in the waters! Namely, all the theories speculate that the drifting boat actually managed to make it through the Atlantic Ocean, and all the way to the Irish coast where it was found.

The Message!

The Canadian island of Newfoundland is where the boat most probably got detached drifted all the way to the County Mayo, Irish Coast. That’s more than 2000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. This is where the Irish Coast Guard found the boat and read the strange message

Credits: ABC News

The message was written on the wall of the boat and it was saying: “I, Rick Small, donate this structure to a homeless youth. To give them a better life that Newfoundlanders choose not to do! No Rent, no mortgage, no hydro.” What was Rick trying to say with this message?!

Donate The Ship

To be honest no one knew how the ship got to the Irish coast, what they knew was that the Canadian environmentalist tried to use the boat for something good. Because of his background he surely had a soft spot for people who didn’t have a place to live in.

Credits: Mirror

Once he realized that he wouldn’t be able to use the ship he built for taking it across the Atlantic Ocean, he decided that he is going to donate the ship to a homeless person to use it as a shelter. But even then he wasn’t aware how this small project and his love for solar energy were going to turn his life upside down.

The Power Of Good News

The news about the Canadian and his boat started spreading across all Ireland and all over the world. People loved the generosity of Rick and his kind hearted nature as well. And when you realize how the boat traveled through the Atlantic to Ireland by mistake… But, there were more info about Small that weren’t familiar to the people.

Credits: Facebook

Tourists from everywhere started to flood the place where Rick’s boat was. It started becoming a tourist attraction. But, the Irish had much bigger plans for Rick Small’s vessel and this was only the beginning.

What To Do…

At the beginning the Irish Coast Guard didn’t know what they wanted to do with the boat. Some were saying to leave it where they found it. But once they realized that the boat has become a great tourist attraction and how people from all over the world were gathering to see it, they came up with another idea…

Credits: Facebook

Lots of companies have tried to buy and restore the vessel in order to get it back to its best condition. They wanted to make it an official landmark in the Atlantic Way tour because it would help the area improve the tourism. But, authorities decided that this was not going to happen… at least not in that period of time!

Where is Rick Small?

The authorities from Ireland stashed the boat in a storage unit, and are waiting if Rick Small will come to claim his boat, because he is the owner of this vessel. But, he is nowhere to be found. Lots of people are trying to find where Small is since the story became famous, but no one had luck in the pursuit.

Credits: Newsner

There are a lot of folks who are claiming that they’ve seen Small before the boat story, but since then no one has seen him. Another mystery surrounding Rick Small’s project is the fact if the boat was intentionally released and detached from the dock, or it really was an accident as a lot of people are claiming.

Solar Bikes!

The boat is not the first time that Rick Small tried promoting alternative energy sources. Before the boat, he actually built a solar-powered bike with three wheels, and it was a great hit on Canadian news headlines. Like the boat, he also built this solar-powered bike for an unusual purpose.

Credits: Net News Ledger

As we said earlier he loves solar energy, and he loves promoting it. So, he decided to take a 4000 miles ride, on his solar-powered bike, across Canada. So what do you think did he actually make it all the way?

Achieving the First Goal

To be honest, he achieved his goal and he managed to ride his solar powered bike from British Columbia, Canada (West Coast) all the way to the island of Newfoundland, Canada (East Coast). But, the trip that he took was not as easy as it seems…

Credits: CBC News

It took Rick Small whole 114 days to complete the whole trip across Canada. He passed somewhere in the vicinity of 4000 miles and here’s what he said during his voyage: “The hard days are cloudy days, when it starts to rain and stuff, so I’ll have to pull over and set up and camp for the day”.

“If I Can Do It, You Can Too!”

Even in the hardest times he had, Rick said that riding his solar powered bike throughout Canada was amazing and that he loved it. He was holding strong to his point despite the fact that his bike was barely able to get to 17 mph. and despite the inability to travel when it was raining.

Credits: CBC News

What he was trying to prove with these two trips (one that he made and one that he didn’t) is that he wanted to let people know that using alternative energy is a good alternative to using carbon based fuels. He said that he would love to see more people use alternative energy as their primary source. He added that if he could manage the rough weather conditions, and travel all across Canada purely on solar power, you can too! And this is why he actually made the weird looking vessel that was found in Ireland. But, that was not all, there is more!

The Starting Of The Boat:

Once he ended his voyage through Canada, he settled in St. John’s, which is the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is here where he decided to set up shop, and start working on his new idea and new project – The solar powered boat, the project that got him famous!

Credits: The Star

Since November of 2016, once Rick’s boat washed on the Ireland shore, no one knows whether He was located or not. And because he is an environmentalist, and they are trying to keep themselves under the grid, it is a hard guy to locate! But, as we said earlier, this wasn’t the only case of some strange thing washing off shore in Ireland…

Things That Washed Up On Ireland’s Soil

Ireland’s shore is known for the strange findings that washed off there. People have found lots of strange things, and the solar powered boathouse is not the strangest thing, believe it or not. Another boat has drifted from an astounding 4000 miles away…

Credits: Coast Monkey

This boat was actually a Cuban boat transporting refugees, and it washed out on the Silgo Beach, Ireland. It was a homemade boat according to the experts. The main body of the ship was rusty and the bottom part of the ship was actually covered with barnacles. There are no previous records of such a ship washing up in Europe.


There are also some things that people have found washed up on the Ireland’s coast which were proven to be pretty dangerous. In a week and a half, people found 4 metal objects, that were proven to be mortar shells which were not exploded.

Credits: Coast Monkey

Experts say that the mortars were leftovers from the World War 2 and that they still are able to explode at any given time because of how unstable they were. It’s speculated that the mortars were thrown in the sea because of the fact that 2 000 000 tons of equipment was thrown away in the sea around Britain. But, there’s more!

Beach Full Of Starfish

Back in 2009, a bizarre turn of events led to more than 10 000 starfish to be washed ashore on the Sligo Beach. Experts estimated that there were less than 50 000 star fish on the shores of the Sligo Beach. This sight isn’t something you see every day! It was a pretty rare sight to be honest!

Credits: National Post

Despite the fact that starfish are not uncommon in Ireland and on the north Atlantic, no such event was ever witnessed by scientists and experts from all over the world… The cause of death of the starfish is speculated to be extreme weather. And in 2015 there was something even stranger found just off the coast of Ireland.

Pretty Odd Looking Helmet

It was Christmas Eve back in 2015 when an Irish man from County Waterford was strolling on the beach when he noticed an object that caught his attention. The object that he saw turned out to be a helmet which judging by how it looked it sure was in the water for quite a long time.

Credits: Irish Post

He didn’t know where the helmet came from, but he could see what it looked like a Latin phrase and he could notice the crest on the helmet. The Latin phrase was reading “Saluti primum auxilio semper” which translates to “Safety first, service always”. It turned out that the helmet belonged to the Canadian Coast Guard.

Pretty Odd Looking Turtle

Back in 2009, in County Clare, people saw a pretty odd looking turtle that washed ashore. This was only the second time that people find this kind of a turtle on Irish land. Experts said that the turtle was in coma.

Credits: NOAA

Witnesses called the rescuers who collected it and tried to save the poor little thing. They said that when they found the turtle it was suffering from hypothermia. They managed to keep the turtle alive and once it rehabilitated they returned it back in the ocean where it belonged.

A Pretty Rare Artifact

And, last but not least, back in May of 2016, a strange wooden object was seen on the shore of Ireland, on the island of Tory. The artifact looked like a fork, and there was a face engraved at the top of it. It is believed that this artifact belonged to some African tribe once.

Credits: Coast Monkey

The people who saw the artifact weren’t thinking that it was a special artifact, and thought that they’re seeing an ordinary stick. They actually used it as a branch and played fetch with their puppy. It took them a while to realize what it actually was. They took the artifact to a museum for further examination.

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