Mystery Boat Washes Up On Ireland’s Coast With A Strange Message

People living on the coastal shores of Ireland are not unfamiliar to the sights of strange things washing up on their shores. But, when they saw a suspicious mystery boat approaching the shore, both the authorities and the coast guard started investigating. Once they got on the boat the first mysterious thing was that there were no people on the boat, no crew members, nothing.

No one knew what was happening with the boat and how did it get there. They were impatient to find out where the boat actually came from, and who took it there in the first place. And once they solved the mystery and pieced all of the pieces of the puzzle together the mystery boat, became an amazingly big attraction for tourist from all over the world. If you would like to find out what did the message say, and how to entire mystery unveiled just keep reading.

The Start Of The Mystery

2016, Ireland, gloomy day. But this was not your ordinary gloomy day. There was a heavy mist all over the coast and the clouds were gray. Everybody was minding their own business and were going through their daily routines when all of a sudden everything seemed to stop, they could notice an object starting to appear in the water.

Credits: Yachting World

None of them could distinguish what the object really was. But, they all saw that it was something big and it was floating straight towards their shore. This is when a person of the crowd called the authorities and told them what was happening. They said that they will check what’s happening immediately.

Straight Towards Them

As we mentioned earlier, they could all see that the mysterious object was headed straight towards the Eastern Irish Shore. And as the object came closer to the shore people started realizing that it was a boat or some kind of a vessel. It didn’t look like it was steered or anything. In fact, it looked like the boat was riding the waves and it was letting them set the direction it was going.

Credits: Telegraph

Witnesses knew that they needed to do something or else, the boat was going to crash into the shore. And if people were on board on the big boat, then they sure were in a grave danger. So they decided that they are going to do the only thing that is right and that they could really do.

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