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NASA is having tests that will hopefully prevent doomsday


When it comes to the conversation of the ending of the world, most of the time it comes to an end that it is all a hoax or looking and the calculations of ancient civilizations are false. But one NASA officer thinks otherwise and has been preparing for the end of the world since 2003. Lindley Johnson since 2003, has been helping NASA develop technologies for an end of the world scenario. And together they have been running experiments for a while now.

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Working on Another Problem

While we have everyday problems at work or at home, Johnson is primarily focused on protecting the world from dangers that may occur from space. He has made it his mission to find ways and develop technologies that will help the earth if and when that day comes. After Johnson served more than 20 years in the Air Force, he was highly qualified to join the fantastic astronauts at NASA. After he joined NASA, he became a leader of a team of scientists who together are developing a prototype model of New York City. They’re also coming up with options on how to protect the city if it comes to an end.

Johnson and his team with the use of analytics are continually trying to calculate the path of meteorites that can be a threat to Earth. Even though most of the space rock that travels close to the Earth is really small, there is always a chance that a big one can come towards us. With years of research, they have determined that if a big meteoroid is heading in a direction towards us, it will most likely hit somewhere in the ocean. Johnson isn’t satisfied with that result, so he continually pushes himself and his team to come up with a solution that won’t be a danger to the Earth. Humanity is so lucky to have this kind of people that are planning and coming up with ideas to keep everyone safe.

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Tons of Testing

With numerous tests that Johnson and his crew are running all the time, they want to see what can we do to prevent a big meteorite hitting Earth. Despite the fact that during this moment, we do not possess such a technology that could help us steer a meteorite away from the earth. We can plan how the Earth and the countries can handle the impact and prevent worldwide crises. Because some of his tests and ideas are possible and promising, NASA now has more money to keep on trying everything they plan on doing. The funding from Congress has been raised to 50 million dollars a year in 2015, which is a massive boost from the previous 5 million dollars a year. They will keep on testing and creating virtual scenarios on what will happen if a meteorite hits, for example, a big city. They want to know what will be the damage and how far can the impact be felt and how much will it affect not just that city, state, or continent, but the whole world. Even though we know that it can be couple a thousand years that kind of big space rock can come towards us, it is always good to be prepared.

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The Ultimate Goal

Having that kind of money at their disposal, Johnson and his team will continue to work on a solution for a doomsday scenario. They will have all the data they need and all the new and up and coming technology to come up and invent something helpful. We can’t really know and don’t have all the facts. But it is said that NASA until now knows and has identified more than two thousand space rocks and meteoroids that can be a potential threat to Earth. Because it is out of the question, blowing up a meteorite coming towards us, NASA is waiting for an on an idea that they can approve. The best idea that is theoretically possible, and can work against a meteorite coming towards Earth, is firing a vessel or some kind aircraft that will redirect the meteor or asteroid coming. Until another idea is approved and can be the potential prevention of a meteor hitting us, this is the best idea and option we have. But Johnson, won’t stop working and is determined that he and his team will come up with something better.

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