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Natural ways to keep a cold away


Health problems can get pretty serious sometimes. But when we’re talking about the less serious and more common ones you probably had a cold and the flu at your mind. Despite the fact that they are not as serious as some other health problems, they can cause some chaos in your regular day. You can get infected by simply touching some of the items that a sick person touched. But, the transmission can also be aerial.

The Symptoms

The symptoms of a cold or the flu are pretty straightforward and can happen as little as 2-3 days after you have been exposed to the virus. Headaches, throat ache, fever, sneezing, and coughing are just some of the symptoms that represent the cold. And to recover from this state all you need is the right medicine and a week of rest. And if you don’t see any changes after 1- to 15 days have passed, then we would strongly recommend you to visit your doctor because this might lead to some more serious problems, like pneumonia!

The Beginning

The cold starts off right after the virus has entered your body. Once our body notices that something is wrong it sends signals to our immune system which then sends out white blood cells to fight the virus off. And the more time it takes for our body to eliminate the virus the more tired we feel.

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The Remedies

There are a couple of great homemade remedies to assist your body in fighting the virus. In the following couple of paragraphs we’ve decided to include some of them:

Mix Warm Water with Some Basil and Honey

Mixing in some warm water along with some basil and honey can help you with your throat problems and it can eliminate a cough. This remedy is one of the most used ones to fight off a cough.

Consume as Much Vitamin C as You Can

Vitamin C is also a great weapon to use against the cold. The vitamin C can help you improve the immune system and that will decrease the chances of getting colds or coughing. Once you’re infected use the vitamin c along with a lot of fluids in order to help your immune system to fight off the virus.

Mix Some Lemon juice Along with Honey

Warm water, honey, and some lemon juice would go a long way in the fight with the cold. The antibiotic properties of the remedy are going to stop the cold in its tracks, this remedy is best if you consume it when you start feeling the symptoms. You will notice the improvement right away!

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Use Some Flaxseed

The seeds for the Flax are also a great ingredient to use when you feel like you have a cold. This ingredient is known for its great medicinal properties. You can cook it along with some lime juice and honey in order to get an amazing tool against the cold as well as a tasty treat!

Include Some Ginger

Ginger is also one of the better known natural ingredients. It’s used in many homemade remedies to fight off colds and the flu. You can enjoy the anti-virus properties of the ginger by including it with your tea!


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